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Beginner A1_1011V_EN English 1


■ Practice introducing

■ Learn vocabulary and
phrases to introduce
yourself 2

Hi, I’m Peter.
How are you? 3


Hello! Nice to meet you. 4

.lingoda. Hi! My name is Peter. Hi! My name 5 . What’s your name? www.

com 6 . What is your name? I’m Jessica.lingoda. What is your name? www.

How are you? How are you? I’m doing fine. 7 .

I’m fine. I’m 8 . www. thank you. 9 .Introductions Hello! What is your name? Hi! I’m Paula.

My name is Emily. How are you? I‘m fine. thanks. Nice to meet you.Introduce yourself 10 . What is your name? I‘m Ken.lingoda. www.

Unscramble the three words and make one question H 11 .

Who _______________ you? 4. What is your _______________ ? 3. name are www.lingoda.Choose the correct answer 1. What is her _______________ ? 5. My _______________ is 12 . How _______________ you? 2.

Nice to meet you. thanks. Jenny. How _______________ you? I’m _______________ . Bye! 13 .lingoda. And you? I’m Cory. Complete the dialogue Hi! What is _______________ name? My _______________ is Jenny.

com 14 .lingoda. we’re fine! www. yes Yes.

no 15 .lingoda. I’m not fine. www.

com 16 . www. She’s my friend. This is… This is Caroline.lingoda.

com 17 . I’m Peter.lingoda. www. This is Caroline.Introductions Yes.

I‘m not happy. This is Marco. Yes.lingoda.Introduce yourself My name is 18 . Nice to meet you. www. He‘s my friend. I am happy! No.

Find the opposite yes __________ 19 .

How 20 . Fine c. Hi b. Her b. _____________ are you? a. These 2.Choose the correct option 1. a. This c.lingoda. _____________ is my sister.

Introduce yourself Introduce yourself to a classmate. Use words and phrases from this lesson. 21 .

com 22 .lingoda. Where are you from? Nice to meet you. Where are you from? www.

I’m from… I’m from 23 . www.

Goodbye! Goodbye! See you soon.lingoda. 24 .

lingoda. Bye! Bye! See you later! 25 .

I’m from the countryside.Where are you from? I’m from a big 26 .lingoda. www.

lingoda.Introduce yourself Hello. Where are you from? I‘m from 27 . Goodbye! See you soon. www. And you? I‘m from Mexico.

It’s a country in the United Kingdom. _______________ are you? 28 . I’m from England. Where _______________ you from? I’m doing fine today.Complete the text Hi! My _______________ is Natalie.lingoda.

lingoda.Complete the sentences 1. _____________ are you from? 5. 2. I‘m _____________ Canada. _____________ are you? 3. www. Hi! _____________ Claire. I‘m _____________ . 29 .

I’m from… Where are you from? How are you? 30 .lingoda.

com 31 .lingoda.Talk about yourself Ask someone two questions.. Share your answers with everyone. www. My name is… I’m from… Where are you from? I’m from..

com 32 .lingoda. yes no _______________________________ _______________________________ _______________________________ _______________________________ www.Reflect on the goals Go back to the second slide of the lesson and check if you have achieved all the goals of the lesson.

What were the most difficult activities or words? The easiest? + _______________________________ _______________________________ + _______________________________ _______________________________ – _______________________________ _______________________________ – _______________________________ _______________________________ If you have 33 . go over the most difficult slides again www.Reflect on this lesson Think about everything you have seen in this lesson.

13 your – name – are – fine Exercise p.11 How are you? Exercise p. I’m – 2. How – 3.lingoda. are – 2.28 name – are .com Exercise p. c Exercise p. name Exercise p.34 www. b – 2.29 1.12 1.20 1. from Answer key . fine – 4.19 no Exercise p. Where – 5.How Exercise p.

com 35 .lingoda.Homework www.

4. 3. Spain. How… c. d. your name? 36 . to meet you. 7.lingoda. Where… e. I’m from… g. My name… a. I’m fine. is John. www. are you? 5.Match the sentences 1. What is… b. Nice… f. thanks. are you from? 2.

lingoda. Give your lists a 37 .Vocabulary lists Check the last five words of the lesson. Sort them into two lists. List 1: _____________ List 2: _____________ www.

Vocabulary lists Check the words of this lesson again: are there more nouns. verbs. adjectives or adverbs? Can you find three words for each list? Nouns Verbs Adjectives or adverbs 38 .lingoda.

lingoda.My favourite words Choose five words from the lesson and note them in your list of My favourite words. Word one Word two Word three … 39 .

My favourite words Write a sentence for each word you have just written in your list of My favourite 40 . • Word one: Sentence one • Word two: Sentence two •… www.lingoda.

Copy them and write them about yourself.Sentences about myself Choose five example sentences from this lesson. I like apples → I like bananas … 41 . Examples: Hello! My name is … → Hello! My name is John.lingoda.

b – 7. a – 6.lingoda. e – 3. c – Exercise p. d – 4. f – 5. g Homework answer key .42 www.36 1.

com 43 . Who are we? Why learn English online? What kinds of English classes do we offer? Who are our English teachers? How do our English certificates work? We also have a language blog! www.About this material This material is proudly provided by and can be used by anyone for free and for any purpose.lingoda.