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IS 106 Final Project

General Instructions:
1. Follow correct project folder structure. Use external JavaScript. (expected output 1 html file
[index.html] and 1 js file for the functions)
2. Submit a zipped folder with a file name <lastname>_<firstname>_<yr&sec>.zip.
3. Send all zipped files to on or before April 11, 2018, 12nn.

Project Specifications:
1. Modify Exercise #3 in the sample.html in JQuery Files Activity.
2. Originally, exercise number 3 only accepts 2 numbers with its predefined input fields.

(a) Your task is to add a buttonwhich upon clicking adds another input field to accept a number to be
(b) Add a button for addition and substraction.

3. Sample Output will be:
4. Upon clicking on the “Add Input Field”, sample output will be:

5. Note: There’s no limit on the number of fields that can be added by the user.