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Progress & Effort


Due to the twists and turns that I’ve encountered along the way of trying to figure out my
original work, none of my original work-specific goals are applicable. And seeing as I’ve
already completed much of the project from having worked on it since January, there’s not
much I have to do goal wise besides set when I want to have my final poster done by and what
do accomplish with the show of process, which I think I’ll have done within a week and the
show of process likely will be completed rather close to May 18 due to the possibility of the
expansion of these posters to a theme/wider concept.


Thus far since January, I’ve researched, planned, sketched, and iterated on many, many
concepts of this poster for a mock exhibition for Ricardo Bofill, a renowned Spanish architect.
These countless hours spent working on a poster that reflects Ricardo Bofill in its own unique
right while also portraying the image of a museum exhibition in a new and different way has
definitely paid off, as I’m at the middle of the end of the creation of this poster, with (nearly) the
final layout chosen and the colors being tweaked in order to really pull the poster together,
making these few steps the last ones before getting it printed. Additionally, Ryan and I plan to
maybe push this project into a new area that I haven’t explored yet, possibly turning the poster
into a more abstract idea to be transferred into a wall of supporting posters to create a more
immersive and meaningful experience instead of a single piece, granted I complete the poster
soon. Additionally, to support my experience I’ll be attending a graphic design student
conference in Dallas on April 13-14, to not only teach me more concepts for what I can apply
to this poster but also to network with other college students, see what kinds of work they’ve
been doing and hopefully learn more about graphic design in general through the keynote
speakers and breakout sessions, which I’m very much looking forward to.