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1. Why this institution?

2. Why this course?.
3. Tell me about yourself?
7. What is your philosophy towards work?
10. What skills do you have that will help you succeed on this course?
Why this institution?

The Technical University of Munich (TUM) is one of the best universities in Europe and also
one of the top three universities of excellence in Germany. I believe that his performance
in international and national rankings is proof of his commitment with the society, I follow
his philosophy to serve, with the progress and innovation in the fields of science we can
promise to the world improvements in life and coexistence of people.
The programs for foreign students also call my attention, because this university
understands internationality as a connection between the country of origin and the world,
also has important alliances around the world. I share his point of view of an integral
professional too where mental and emotional creativity, cultural sensitivity, and social skills
are as important as professional sovereignty and entrepreneurial courage.
2. Why this course? An effective and efficient transport system is key to economic growth of
urban areas and regions. Planning and management of urban transport is complex and
requires a comprehensive understanding of various sub-systems like roads and railways,
modes like public, private and non-motorised transport, passenger and freight mobility, and
the other related dimensions of land use, travel behaviour, energy, affordability, financing
and governance. It is only when an integrated approach to achieving transport solutions is
adopted, that cities will be able to move towards efficient and sustainable mobility. This
Master of Science Program in Transportation Systems (TS) understand that idea, provides
the necessary knowledge and skills to deal with these challenges. Teach us to design and
operate modern transportation systems and integrated multi-modal transport
management systems with a multicultural point of view.

8. Are you applying for other courses?
Civil engineering has a lot fields of applications, other options that I considered was the
structural line, I also thing that it´s an efficient way to help the growth of a society and now
days many problems are a consequence of a bad and irresponsible engineering that
doesn’t think in the safe of others. The MIT has a good program in that, but I believe that
my skills work better for the transportation analysis and with the support of this institution
I can make important contributions to the quality of life to the people.
9. What Would Be Your Dream Job?
I want be useful and help the society, my country needs better management on differents
issues and if I can be part of the solution I wont refuse to help, so hope that in the future
with appropriate the theoretical and practical knowledge I will find myself in a government

10. What skills do you have that will help you succeed on this course? . Sharing my knowledge with conferences and congresses also have my attention.position and maybe be at all levels of that.