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is difficult to estimate. 1. Which of the following concerning deferred tax liabilities are true? a.


tax liabilities are created when an event occurs now that leads to lower income tax payments in the

future. b. Deferred tax liabilities represent money a company will never have to pay in taxes. c. Deferred

tax liabilities arise because of differences in U.S. GAAP and the tax code. d. Deferred tax liabilities are

reported, but deferred tax assets are not reported because of conservatism. 1. Myers Company leases a

boat on January 1, 20X9. The lease qualifies as a capital lease. The lease covers four years, with

payments of $20,000 annually, beginning on January 1, 20X9. The expected life of the boat is six years.

Myers incremental borrowing rate is 4 percent. What amount of depreciation (rounded) should Myers

recognize on the boat on December 31, 20X9 if Myers uses the straight-line method? a. $18,875 b.

$12,584 c. $20,000 d. $13,333 1. Which of the following is true concerning leases? a. Lessees would

prefer to classify a lease as a capital lease than as an operating lease. b. Capital lease liabilities are

shown at their present value. c. Interest is recorded on both capital and operating leases. Saylor URL: 625 d. Most capital leases are ordinary annuities. 1. Hyde

Corporation has long-term liabilities, such as bonds, notes and leases, for which interest expense must

be accrued. During 20X7, Hyde had earnings before interest and taxes of $45,890 and interest expense

of $9,920. Which of the following is Hyde’s times interest earned? a. 1.28 times b. 21.6 times c. 78.4