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Tehuacán Puebla 16 de febrero del 2018

. the project was born from the need to implement a charging system for cars and this was based on the existing idea of what is wireless charging which is used in devices with a low electrical load requirement. and in this way it contributes to the improvement of road safety with a great decrease in accidents. relating in the field of cooperative services between the vehicle and the infrastructure. which evaluates its dynamic charging system by induction. which invades roads and cars. This project was carried out by Qualcomm. Likewise. it determines that the services will facilitate the exchange of information between the traffic management centers and the devices installed in the vehicles. This project is one of the largest European initiatives for the development of new road transport technologies. Technology advances and with it changes in transport developing new systems that implement advanced technologies. On the other hand. and will provide a better flow of traffic on the roads due to the fact that its entire system will be monitored together for a correct communication between the actors involved in road transport. A significant example is the implementation of devices on the roads which provide significant advances such as the road that charges the batteries of electric cars while they are on the road. which benefit people and meet needs such as the example of the European project called FOTsis that develops new technologies that will enhance communications and collaboration between vehicles and infrastructures with the aim of improving traffic safety and fluidity. as long as they are used correctly . since it will significantly reduce CO2 emissions. which is a set of knowledge ordered to create and design goods or services that facilitate adaptation to the environment and the essential needs of people. because these advances in technology allow the application of other technologies that have been developed over time. adapting in such a way to the protection of the environment and satisfying important aspects of people that cover a wide range of technology criteria.APPLICATION OF NEW TECHNOLOGIES It should be noted that technology is a science applied to solving specific problems. The technology applied to roads has evolved over time according to our needs. Nowadays the panorama in the road field is dominated by technology. electric cars with a stretch of road provided with inductors under the asphalt. cars have computers able to mark the right course and intelligent systems that allow a more comfortable driving. It is worth mentioning that the application of new technologies on the roads has been influenced by the technological advance in the means of transport. this project emphasizes that it will have a positive impact on the environment.

in this the efficiency is to minimize the lost energy in the process of transmission and in the conversion. so the inductive load in the transmission of electricity without wires.This wireless transmission of electricity was also carried out by Nikola Tesla who began to perform tests for the transmission of electrical energy in cables in the 19th century. This system is developed by the company Qualcomm in such a way that they are implemented by a program of the European Union FABRIC which promotes the use of fully electric cars. this idea was due to the fact that Tesla had as an obsession transmit electricity through the air and that anyone I could have it at your disposal. likewise Consider which technology helps to generate a positive impact to our natural environment. . It should be noted that there are various technologies that are applied to the construction of roads. Finally. in such a way that they evaluate in what magnitude and in what scale it will be affected or benefited. this transmission of electricity offers two possibilities. which are from loading a vehicle when it is parked on a base. however it should be mentioned that these technologies have different controversies which are indicated by factors such as what is the global economy of each country which does not allow the development of this type of projects. In the case of roads and applying this technology to electric cars. which help us to have a better ground transportation system. Nowadays wireless charging has been limited to low power electrical devices. so it is considered important to note that one factor to be taken into account is the environment and that decisions are made about which tools to implement without affecting this. it is considered important to know how each technology can be implemented in the construction of roads so that in this way a broad panorama of knowledge can be obtained to help determine which is the best option to satisfy the needs of the people. which based on mechanisms of various types implement technological advances. to the dynamic wireless load that consists of loading the vehicle when it is It finds in movement. the energy is transmitted from the transmitter base to the receiver in the form of electromagnetic field. as well as the limitation of power as main challenges.

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