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Mac OS X Terminal 101
July 29, 2012 / 

Mac OS X Support Essentials Command Line

Mac OS X iOS 8 Spring Animation
command-line September 26, 2014

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April 26, 2014
Finder command line
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administrators sudo root PHP phpMyAdmin
command-line script
Terminal “ ” April 2, 2014


March 2, 2014

app man man man command-name ls man ls ▲ ▼ / Q . Slick2D Command Line March 1. 2014 “ $” Command Name Options Arguments Extras Options . Options ls -lA ls -l -A Arguments Extras Junk michelle$ rm -R /Applications/Junk.

” cd ./. Mac OS “ ” folders command line “ ” directory UNIX / forward slash /Users/michelle/Public/Drop Box command line Terminal command line home folder Public/Drop Box html “ . cd .—— man -k command line command line Finder command line iTunes itunes iTunes....

command line pwd ls cd 1. | \ “ \ ” back slash cd Punlic/Drop\ Box/ cd "Public/Drop Box" —— Finder Terminal Tab Complete Tab Complete command line cd home folder cd P tab home folder P tab Terminal P Public Pictures U tab Terminal Public/ Tab complete / / ~ tilde command line home folder ~/Public/Drop\ Box/ . cd “change directory” home folder [] ! $ & * . ls “list directory contents” 3. pwd “print working directory” 2.

-a michelle$ ls -la -l . command line Finder Finder command line Finder command line command line ls . -a -A .. .

&nbsp. command line root volume command line Volumes home folder Time Machine Mac bogon:~ renfei$ pwd /Users/renfei bogon:~ renfei$ cd /Volumes/ bogon:Volumes renfei$ pwd /Volumes bogon:Volumes renfei$ ls Macintosh SSD &nbsp.Time Machine . &nbsp.

bogon:Volumes renfei$ cd Time\ Machine/ bogon:Time Machine renfei$ pwd /Volumes/Time Machine Command-Line cat .txt >> “Extras” less less cat less ▲ ▼ / Q V vi which . which . file find man cat cat “concatenate” Terminal cat cat >> cat . less .txt textTwo..txt textOne.txt >> textTwo./textOne.

which le file PNG .

nd find Spotlight find .

doc2. …. doc9 . -x /Volumes 2.tiff ti ? Question mark —— b?ok book brook [] Square brackets —— [Dd]ocument Document document doc[1-9] doc1. Soptlight mdfind Wildcard Characters Asterisk —— *.1.

cp . rm . mv . -r -R -R ls mkdir . rmdir vi mkdir “make diretory” mkdir -p cp .

“copy” cp -R cp mv “move” mv mv cp rm “remove” command-line rm rm srm rmdir rm -R rmdir “remove directory” CLI rmdir rmdir rmdir rm -R vi “visual” vi vi command line vi vi Mac OS X nano .

=_= vi vi less vi Terminal “command ” vi vi A command esc command Z shift enter command :quit! return Command-Line su su “substitute user identity” su who -m Terminal exit sudo sudo sudo “substitute user do” “super user do” sudo root administrator .

because he is an administrative user. However.txt: Permission denied bogon:~ renfei$ sudo cat secret.txt Password: This is the contents of the secret.txt cat: secret. she can use the sudo command to envoke root user access and read the contents of this file. sudo sudo !! sudo sudo Tab completion sudo sudo Shell root shell root sudo -s .txt text file that the user account renfei does not normally have access permissions to read. sudo root root sudo Terminal —— sudo bogon:~ renfei$ cat secret.

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