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 the identification of the area/aspect of literacy you are choosing to develop/support

and an explanation of how you determined this need within the class you are
teaching, including references to curriculum, student performance, and classroom
o I worked with students determining character traits in a biography. This
book was about Martin Luther King Jr. Earlier that day I had taught a
lesson on finding character traits in biographies. The teacher informed me
that this was her struggling group of students, so they would need extra
assistance when finding character traits. The teacher already had guided
reading groups based on reading levels and performance, so I worked
with this group. I had a graphic organizer with slots for the trait they chose
in the middle and on one side it gave a spot for explanation and the other
was for examples from the text. I had an anchor chart with the organizer
that I filled in with them.
 the materials required to implement this instruction, including student and teacher
o The resources to implement this instruction was a biography on the
students reading level. The teacher and students both need a copy. Also,
the students need a copy of the graphic organizer and the teacher will
need an anchor chart with markers to reflect the same graphic organizer.
 the intended/hopeful outcomes of this intervention
o The intended outcomes of this intervention were to guide students through
finding character traits in biographies. Given that the students were
assisted with a graphic organizer, the goal was to model for the students
how they would do independently therefore I guided them through the
process while I prompted them.
 a reflection on the results (both successes and challenges) of the implementation of
this intervention and modification you would make for future implementations (to be
completed after clinical experience)
o I really enjoyed this experience as I really did not have any challenges
with it. I found it intriguing and was very enthusiastic to offer help to the
struggling students. As I prompted the students to find the information for
the graphic organizer and broke it down for them, it was nice to see more
of an understanding. They grew to understand the skill more when we
finished up the graphic organizer. I loved this intervention and would
implement it in my future classroom.