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Suit For Filing

Nisandi Silva, ISM Spring 2018, Mrs. Click

Some Information is from outside
Mentor Introduction  Practiced for 27 years

Slide  Went to South Texas College of Law-Houston
 In 1991, graduated and went immediately into private
 Practices mostly family law but handles probate and
criminal cases as well
Mentorship Site:
1322 Space Park Drive Suit c201-c Houston, Texas
What is ISM? What Are The Course Requirements?
What is ISM: Upper classmen students explore their career interests and work with a mentor to gain real
world experience as part of this course.
Course requirements:
1. Complete an in-depth mentorship/study in an area of interest
2. Document a minimum of 3 hours of mentorship each week (Mentorship Activity Log)
3. Complete a Journal Entry each week documenting mentorship experiences (ISM Journal)
4. Complete an ISM Professional Portfolio (online format/Weebly) showcasing assignments completed
during the course and the final project
5. Complete all of the required assignments
6. Complete a Mid-Term Presentation
7. Develop a final product and presentation at the collegiate/professional level that is presented to a panel of
graders at the conclusion of the semester. The final presentation will count as the FINAL EXAM Grade for
this course. The grade is based on the Mentor’s Evaluation 50% and Grader Evaluations 25% each of the
Why I Chose This Career
Choice And Project Topic

I knew at age five becoming a lawyer is what I wanted to do. I knew that
because I also knew I wanted to help people. I think I could best impact
peoples lives as a lawyer…I chose this career to be mentored in not only to
gain experience on my life long career choice but also to learn ways I could
make a difference in various peoples lives. I chose my project to be about
family/divorce law because I when I become licensed, I want to practice this
Key Point 1:
How To File A Petition
Key Point #2
How To Determine Parentage
Key Point #3
What Does The Child Support System Do?
Key Point #4
Which parent typically gets custody?
Key Point #5
How long do custody battles last and how much money is
The emotional aspects of
fighting for child custody
How is the amount of
time a child spends with
each parent determined?
How and what is need for
a parent to prove that they
are fit to take care of a
How much of the child’s
opinion in which parent is
fit matter?
• I will make a video
Current Event
• Scarlett Johansson’s Custody Battle: What Happens Next? March 9, 2017
• Summary: This article talks about the two-year marriage of Scarlett Johannson and Romian Dauriac’s that came to end and the conflict
in gaining child custody of their two-year-old daughter. As of now, according to the article, the two legal teams have been negotiating a
settlement privately. The article states that Johansson wants the New York Court to decide on the matter and not the one in France, where
Dauriac is from. The article supports her need by giving evidence from the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Enforcement Act, which
states that the court of jurisdiction is wherever the child has resided for the past 6 months. Afterwards, the case got transferred to a New
Your family judge where the judge appointed someone to help evaluate their child. In the past, it was near impossible for fathers to get
custody. Mothers tended to have the upper hand. Times are changing and both parents, ideally, have an equal chance for custody.
• Project Topic Connection: My project is about filing for parentage. This article is connecting to my project because the parents are
fighting for parentage over their child. Although, my project involves paternity tests to determine parentage, but the common goal in my
project and this article is to determine who gets custody and who pays child support. In my project, I am going to explain all the steps
parents take part in to get custody which was briefly mentioned in this article. The difference is that they know who the father is and
there was conflict on which court, either New York or French court to decide. There might be slightly different way of going about child
custody with paternity tests but I will learn if that is true as I continue my mentorship. But, I believe its mostly the same.
• Personal Response: I didn’t know Scarlett Johansson was married or had a child. I commend her decision to fight for New York Court to
decide who gets custody. It might have given her an upper hand but I’m not saying the father shouldn’t get custody at all. It is obvious
that the legal teams are negotiating privately. However, I was surprised to read about what the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction
Enforcement Act was. I didn’t know that was a thing until now. The divorce wasn’t uncommon in my opinion. Many celebrities before
her have gotten divorced with a nasty battle for child custody, take Kelly Ruthford for instance. She lost nearly all her money due to her
losing the battle of custody over her two children.
• Citation:
• Puente, Maria. “Scarlett Johansson's Custody Battle: What Happens next?” USA Today, Gannett Satellite Information Network, 9 Mar.
Many people, including myself, believed that when they become
an attorney, its exactly like what you see on television. I thought
there are a lot of high profile cases and that lawyers are in the
courtroom all the time. The day to day tasks are much more
mundane than what you see on television.
Thank You!!
I would like to thank Ms. Michael for taking time out of here busy schedule to mentor me.
I’d like to thank Ms. Click for selecting me for this class. I’d like to thank my parents for
searching for a lawyer that was willing to mentor me. I had a wonderful experience and
learn a lot of what it is to be a lawyer!
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