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Unit 1 & 2: Task 3:Writing task forum

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Field soccer in children the play the i. Beach Mott along walk the family h. You COOKED a wonderful dinner d. Mike and Tina SAW a movie on b. Charles bed last night go late to a.Stage 1: Going on a trip (1st week). Tito MISED the train g. Charles WENT late to bed last night b. I BOUGHT a pair of jeans at the last week c. Dinner you a wonderful cook j. Hotel stay an they expensive in h. PRESENT SIMPLE PAST TENSE a. Post the indicated activities (pronunciation and Writing) from the unit in the forum. They STAYED in an expensive hotel e. Lie tan in out sun we and get the a g. It WAS very cold last night f. Train miss the Tito . The family WALKED along the Mott f. Very it last be night cold j. The children PLAYED in the field the soccer i. Mike see on Tina movie and Wednesday Wednesday a c. Buy pair I a mall jeans week at of the d.4. Go to unit 1. We LAY out in the sun and get a tan last e. Go on a trip in the Knowledge environment and develop the following activities: a.

John and I are having a wonderful time here in Ireland. When we RETURNED we usually HAD a very big Irish breakfast which normally CONSISTED of two eggs. ate beans. I was there 15 days with my family. We always SLEPT well after that. We traveled by train through the city and met many nice and very nice people On the last day of vacations we watched the dawn. I played soccer. joker. I really liked being there because I swam in the river. They WAS very nice. danced with my friends. toast and jam. Stage 2: What's the weather like? 1. Write a short note in the forum telling what you did last vacation/holidays/weekend. The next day we made the film route including harry potter. After breakfast we sometimes go swimming in the river. We ate fish and rice on the beach. At night we nearly always DRANK a few pints of Guinness in the pubis bar before we WENT TO bed. On weekends I played domino. On Sundays I went to church with my mom I came back to viterbo in July because I have to work in the city of pasture. We had breakfast at 7 am and then went to visit the forest parks.3 . We usually ORDERED a cup of coffee after breakfast: Colombian coffee. visited my friends and rested from my daily tasks. I can assure you. The last vacation I went to Viterbo Caldas. Jhon and I had a spectacular time in Ireland. Every day we GOT UP early and go for a long walk in the country. three slices of bacon. We often MET children who like to swim there. b. of course.

What should we do when there is a thunderstorm? Complete the following dialogues. Give a solution to the following problems using the subjunctive and these subjects: Children We People Schools City Officials They You Problem 1 is done for you: Problem 1: What should children do when there is a thunderstorm? Solution: When there is a thunderstorm. it is important that children not go outside. What’s the weather like? in the Knowledge environment and develop the following activities: a.Go to unit 1.3. Problem 2: What should people do when it is sunny? Solution: When the sun rises it is important that people use sunscreen Problem 3: What should you do when it is windy? Solution: When it's windy it's very important that I take care while driving Problem 4: What should city officials do when a hurricane is coming? Solution: City officials it is important that they activate an emergency plan when a hurricane arrives Problem 5: What should we do when there is a blizzard? Solution: When there is a snow storm it is very important that we use warm clothing .

You should keep your passport! in the Knowledge environment and develop the following activities:  When traveling abroad you should know the language of the place where you travel  When traveling abroad you could choose the clothes according to the climate of the place you are going to visit  When you travel abroad you have to vaccinate to prevent some diseases  When you travel abroad you do not have to carry very large luggage .) Describe the weather in the place you visited and use the following vocabulary: The climate in Viterbo Caldas is very warm.2 (3rd week) Go to unit 1.Problem 6: What should schools do when it is extremely warm? Solution: When it is very hot schools should give hydration to students Problem 7: What should they do when it is cold?.2. in the morning it is sunny and at night it is very cool c) What do you recommend to do in your city? It is recommended that people in Viterbo Caldas use sunscreen. Solution: When it is very cold it is important that they get vaccinated for the flu b. hat and umbrella mainly at midday the sun is stronger Stage 3: You should keep your passport! 1.

piktochart. When traveling abroad you should not carry food or some flammable items due to the risk  When traveling abroad you can not use your cell phone .