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1)How many empires 1)Who murdered 1)In which continent 1)Which were the first two
were involved? Franz ferdinand? did most of the war countries to declare war?
A/ 10 A/ Gavrilo Princip take place? A/Austria and Serbia
A/ Europe
2)Which empires were 2)How many fronts 2)What triggered the 2)When was the treaty of
involved? did Germany have to sequence of events Versailles?
A/ German E, British fight against during that lead to the A/ January 10th 1920
E, French, Italian, the war? 1WW?
Russian, Ottoman, A/ 3. east front A/The assassination of
Austro-Hungarian, (Russia), West front the archduke of the
Portuguese, Belgian, (France) and the Austro-Hungarian
US South Front (Italy) empire Franz
3)Which two 3)Which colony 3) Was Germany a 3)Whose assassination on 28
countries had allied contributed the most stable country? Why? of june 1914 sparked the
trenches? in the war? A/No because it was war?
A/ France and GB A/ India. They sent very divided by the A/ Franz Ferdinand
more than 1 million different and total
soldiers opposite ideals of the
4)How were the 4)In which side was 4) How long were the 4)Who was the Prime
trenches build? Italy at the beginning trenches? Minister who after much
A/ Built in a zigzag of the war? A/400miles agonising took Britain into
pattern, so that if an A/Italy was neutral so the war?
enemy assault none of them A/David Lloyd George
penetrated the trench
they could not shoot
directly down it
5)What was the 5) How did the 5)When was usually 5)What were the planes of
length of the allied Austro-Hungarian the time to attack? the 1WW made of?
trenches? Empire start WW1? A/At night A/Wood and cloth
A/ Allied trenches A/ By declaring war to
were 2 to 3 mts deep Serbia for the
and 2mts wide assassination of their
archduke Franz
6) When did the war 6)What was 6) What did soldiers 6)Which were the
finish? Geremany´s main normally had for disadvantages of French and
A/ November 11th ally? breakfast? british trenches?
1918 A/ The Austro- A/ tea A/Built on land less pleasant
Hungarian empire than the germans. Shallower
and more prone to flooding.
Trench foot
7)What were the 7) Who were the Big 7)How were the 7)How were constructed the
trenches? Three? trenches made? And allied trenches?
A/Holes dug used for A/ US-GB-France with what material? A/ usually 6 to 10 feet deep
fighting and as shelter A/ By digging small and 6 feet wide. 3 or 4 lines
for soldiers. Most tunnels in the dirt and of trenches would be

Russia and on the Alps A/ Triple entente GB (GB. they had to and provided better order the empire observation for artillery 9) Who was the british 9) How were the two 9)Did the colonies 9)What modifications did leader during the big alliances named? share the same Germany`s fortifications war? A/ The Central Powers motives in WW1? have? A/Lloyd George and the Allied Powers A/ No. toilets. which trench they could not imposed their harsh shoot directly down it and inflexible conditions in the Treaty of Versailles 14)What new 14) How did the allies 14)What technology 14)From which countries technological weapon soldiers name the changed the war? were recruited aprox 4million . Built in a zigzag pattern so they limited the effects of a direct blast to some extent 8)When was the 8) Where was Franz 8)What was the 8)Where did Germany decide treaty of Versailles Ferdinand murdered? significance of Britain to build ther trenches? signed? A/ Sarajevo entering the war as an A/They usually selected A/ July 28th 1919.France. rats. ventilation system and in some cases electricity 10)The murder of 10) What was 10)Why can it be said 10)What did soldiers share which leader was one Germany`s plan? that the war was company with in the of the triggers of the A/ The plan was to world wide? trenches? 1wW? knock out France and A/ Because a lot of the A/ Lice. (5 empire? slightly raised ground which years after A/Because of the was less liable to flooding Ferdinand`s death) colonies. German Empire and Italy) 12) On what date and 12) Why did GB 12)How many people 12)When did GB enter the how did the conflict declared war to died in the mountain war? start? Germany? front? A/August 4th 1914 A/ July 28th 1914 with A/ Because Germany A/1 million people the declaration of war violated the neutrality aprox of Austria-Hungary to of Belgium by using it Serbia to get to France 13)What was the 13) Why were the 13)Which wars were 13)Why India entered to the result of the conflict? Allies Trenches built in the most bloody conflict? A/ Germany and its a zigzag pattern? wars? A/For being part of the allies lost the war at A/ So that if the A/The trenches wars British Empire the hands of France enemy penetrated the and GB.Russian empire) Triple alliance (Austro- Hungarian E. they had A/More elaborate than those different motives of the british and French with stairs. each separated Western Front by about 100 mts.famous the ones in made of wood constructed. fleas and A/Archduke Franz then turn to Russia countries that were corpses Ferdinand colonies of the main ones also took place in WW1 11)What countries 11) Which countries 11)Why Italy had the 11)In what continents were were at war at the were members of the worst fronts? the main colonies of France? beginning f the Triple entente? A/ Because they were A/ Africa and Indochina conflict? A/ France.

France. and US A/ War tank the name of London guns streets 15)Who was Austria. Austro. France. They were a dissatisfied country of modernization and civilization 18)Austria-Hungary 18) Who were the 18)What was the 18)What made this war declared war with main actors in terms Versailles treaty? different? Serbia on 28 July 1914 of empires? A/ The most A/ That it immediately or 6 August 1914? A/ GB. heavy of non-white people? and is still used today? A/ By putting them artillery and machine A/GB. important of the became a world war A/28 July 1914 Hungarian empire peace treaties that brought 1WW to an end 19) Austria-Hungary 19) What was the 19)In what year did 19)Why did the Ottomans declared war with challenge of the the Russian revolution make an alliance? Portugal on 28 August commanders in this start? A/ So they can save 1914 or 15March war? A/ 1917 themselves 1916? A/ To get soldiers out A/15 March 1916 of the trenches instead of entering them precisely because they provide security for the enemy 20) Why has the ill 20) At what time of 20)What day does 20)By whom was written the feeling between the day did the August 8th symbolize first letter in chap 5 Serbia and Austria. Indian largely by? and particularly in the black day for the soldier A/ Serbian morning german army expansionism and nationalism and Serbia were keen to unite the Slavs in the south of the empire in . on the 1WW? A/a german jewish Hungary caused A/ 11million professor called Fritz largely by? Hober A/Serbian expansionism and nationalism 17)The German 17) How was Germany 17)When did 1WW 17)How many casualties empire was the at that time? end? were left by the 1WW? youngest or the oldest A/ Germany was a A/ November 11th A/ Between 9-10 million of the European country that was full 1918 casualties powers? of political. fighting take place? for the German army? (slaughter)? Hungary been caused A/ During the night A/august 8th was the A/By Amir Khan. social and A/ Youngest cultural problems. 15) Who did the 15)What was the 15)How many people did Hungary anxious to ottomans allied with? power of artillery India send to war? deal with? A/ With the Central linked to and what did A/More than a million A/Serbia Powers it represent? A/linked to air power and it represented the eyes of the artillery 16)What was the 16) How many 16)Who developed 16)How did GB go to war? feeling between Germans participated chemical warfare? A/like an Empire Serbia and Austria.debuted in the 1WW Trenches? A/Gas attacks.

a newly independent country 21)Who were the old 21) Who developed 21)How many soldiers 21) Aprox how many black empires replaced by? the gas warfare? were killed? people were recruited by the A/ Nation states A/ a german jewish A/10 million soldiers british army. A/ 1870-1914 the Ottoman empire disappeared and many colonies became independent and ended with the empires . French and which broadly professor named Fritz American during the war? correspond to those Haber A/ 4 million of the present day 22) What did the war 22) How long was the 22)Where did the civil 22)How many soldiers were in Europe produced? battle in Verdun? war take place? wounded? A/ Redrawing of A/ It lasted the whole A/Turkey 1919/1923 A/ 20 million national boundaries 1916. Ottoman millions great war empire 24) Which process did 24) Which treaty 24)How many people 24)what empire was Otto von Bismarck ended with the war? survived? Australia par of? created? A/ The Treaty of A/ Between 16 and 20 A/ British empire A/ Process of unifying Versailles million people Germany at the end of survived the 19th century. About 10 on an unprecedent months scale 23)Who was the 23) Which was the 23)How many civilian 23)Which were the United German Empire country with more casualties were? Nations of the 20th century? creator? victims? A/between 6 and 10 A/the battlefields of the A/ Otto von Bismarck A/ Turkey. to form the new Reich 25)Between which 25) What happened 25)Why India didn`t enter years Germany with the map of the war on its own account? underwent rapid Europe after the war? A/Because it was part of the industrialization and A/It changed a lot British empire its population soared many countries like to over 65 million? Yugoslavia appeared.