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ELMConfig –

Enable/Disable Ford
ECU Functions
In this guide, I will explain how to update your Ford Focus’s / Kuga’s / C-
Max’s / Mondeo’s / S-Max’s / Galaxy’s ECU settings yourself, just like the
people at Ford can, for less then £10, using a program called
ELMConfig… If you wanted to enable such features as automatic locking
of the doors as soon as you drive away, open and close your car windows
from your remote keyfob, Ford would charge you by the hour for
activating these on your car, but you can now do this yourself with two
simple bits of kit at a fraction of the price.

Some possible self activated features include (model/year dependent):

 Reversing gear sound (Don’t know why you would need this, the car chimes when put into

 Auto door locking

 Total Closure (Close & Open windows from your remote key fob)

 Ford Eco Mode (Gimmick application to see if you can drive smoother)

 Stereo Information within the dial cluster

 Bluetooth (Phone) information within the dial cluster

The two systems are known as CAN-High and CAN-Low (CAN+ CAN-) – this can also be known as High Speed CAN Bus (HS CAN) and Mid-Speed CAN Bus (MS-CAN). there are two different ways how these connections have to be interpreted. You will need to have the following tools available:  Soldering Iron  Wire Cutters / Pliers  Wire (Different colours if possible – but not important)  Electrical Tape  Screw Driver  SMTS (Sub Mini Toggle Switch) – Miniature Toggle Switch ON/ON Dual 3A As there are two types of network in the new model Fords (as with most other cars). you will only be able to edit certain aspects on the High Speed Can network within the car (Can Hi).  Gear shift indicator  Auto Heated windscreen (If temperature outside is low)  Full list outlined at the bottom of the post. I now sell modified versions of the ELM327 via my shop on this site – so if you do not fancy getting your hands dirty. as out of the box. . you can get your already modified ELM327 from me via my online shop. THIS GUIDE IS USED AT YOUR OWN RISK – I WILL NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY ISSUES YOU MAY INCUR First you will need to buy a ELM 327 OBDII Interface – To get full functionality and to enable all options above. you will need to modify this device.

 ELM327 Modification First peel off the sticker on the front of the ELM OBD module. to reveal 4 positive head screws .


Now the ELM is open. you can remove both white plugs pictured below – this will allow us some space to work with. .





this will allow us to cut the required wires. .You can also remove the OBD plug by pulling the plug out of the housing.

We will be re-wiring the plug as per the wiring diagram below: .

If you have different colours. And make sure your soldering iron is nice and hot before soldering any joints. Shrink wrap all wires. if not.Using the diagram above. this can help. All the pins are numbered on the OBD port which helps a lot. You will need a mini switch which looks like the following (must have 6 prongs – on-on switch): . you will need to cut 6 strips of wire (3 amp) around 2 inch long. and stops shorts that may happen when putting everything together. this makes it look neat. make sure you label each wire to help distinguish between the wires.

Steps:  De-solder pin 6 from the OBD port (Make Sure you label this wire if you have not used colour cable)  De-solder pin 14 from the OBD port (Make sure you label this wire if you have not used colour cable)  Solder pin 6 (which you just de-soldered) to the middle pin on your switch (middle bottom in diagram)  Solder pin 14 (which you just de-soldered) to the other middle pin on your switch (middle top in diagram)  Solder new wire to pin 14 on the OBD port side  Solder new pin 14 wire to the right hand side of the switch (top right in diagram)  Solder new wire to pin 6 on the OBD port side  Solder new pin 6 wire to the right hand side of the switch (bottom right in diagram)  Solder new wire to pin 11 (should be blank) .

Now drill a hole into the plastic moulding (as I have done in my picture below) .  Solder new pin 11 wire to the left hand side of the switch (top left in the diagram)  Solder new wire to pin 3 (should be blank)  Solder new pin 3 wire to the left hand side of the switch (bottom left in the diagram) This should complete the wiring modification.

and let it run (Local Download) This program (EMLConfig) will allow you to modify ECU features.ocx” errors when opening the program. I will explain how this is done further into the guide. ELMConfig Now you need the program: ELMConfig:  (Local Download) Field Code Changed  (Local Download) – Released 10th June 2013 Field Code Changed  ELMConfig Download V0. . you can download the DLL Filesthat will resolve these issues. You will need to download the Runtime Pack installer. to activate or de-activate options which were only accessible by putting your car into the local Ford If you get “Missing ******. then plug your ELM cable into your laptop. When you open ELMConfig.iffc. and then select the COM Port it has connected within the PC. so use this with care – make sure you make a backup of each of the settings before you write to your ECU.2.Put everything back together.10 (Local Download) – Released 13th August 2013 Also available from the developer’s website: http://civil. you will be presented with the following screen: First select “English” if its set to Russian. Now this can be a very dangerous tool. and you should have a fully functioning OBD reader/writer which you can use with the following program (ELMConfig).

you will see the information tab. As you click through each of the modules in ELMConfig. then press the “Save” button. and then select your vehicle from the connection type. and the ELM will connect to your car. make sure you click the “Read From ____” button. with the Low CAN & High CAN modules. you can read the fault codes within each module. so I will be using this to explain how this is used. and also clear the codes to prevent the warning lights showing. Below this. clicking the read button on each of these screens will read information from the cars ECU modules and display the information. but before you make any changes. I have a Ford Focus ST MK2 (Focus II).Leave the speed set to 38400. This is the main screen of ELMConfig – Along the left hand side is the main module navigation. The configuration can be changed within the “Configuration” screens. Press the “Open Port” button. which will back up the .

check this)  Autolocking with Re-Autolocking (if someone gets out the car.standard settings. and you drive again. the car will re-lock its self after stated seconds  Auto lock car once vehicle is greater then X km/h (1-255) Configuration Page 2  Indicator 3 Flash Mode (Enable/Disable)  Autolocking (Enabled/Disabled) -Ifallowedthiswill be checked  Autolocking enabled by customer (if above enabled.01-2. the doors will auto re-lock)  Double Locking / Dead Locking (Enabled/Disabled) -Ifallowedthiswill be checked  Double Lock (Dead Lock) with One Remote Press – Will dead lock the car with one press of the remote lock key (instead of pressing the lock button twice to dead lock the car)  Drivers Door Unlocking with one press of the remote unlock button (Enabled/Disabled)  Heated Windows Auto Switch On (Will automatically come on when cold outside upon ignition)  Windows Global Opening (Enable/Disable) – Windows will open when holding down keyfob open button  Windows Global Closing (Enabled/Disabled) – Windows will close when holding down keyfob lock button  Windows Global Stop (Enabled/Disabled) – Windows will stop when keyfob button pressed Configuration Page 3  Heated Front Windscreen (Enabled/Disabled) – Not sure why you would disable this  Headlight washer jet (Enabled/Disabled) .55 sec) – Make the fade longer or shorter  Battery Saver function – how long to keep interior lights on for without ignition (1-255 sec)  Delay before auto re-locking is active again (1-255 sec) – Using the key to open the doors and no one enters. The current configurable settings I have a grasp of are as follows: General Electric Module (GEM) Configuration Page 1 allows you to configure timing – These functions will need to be enabled/disabled in other screens  Headlight Washing Time (0.05-12.55 sec)  Three Flash Indicator Activation Time (0. and you would like the car to lock as soon as you drive.01-2. allowing you to revet back to these if you somehow manage to mess things up.75 sec) – How long you hold the indicator down for until 3 flash is de-activated  Delay time to turn off “Get Home Safe Lights” (1-255 sec)  Delay time to turn off Courtesy (interior) lighting (1-255 sec)  Delay time for “Theatre”/Courtesy (interior) lighting fade from/to (0.

and car is put into reverse. More information can be found in the following thread on Focus Owners Club. it looks like an extensive application. such as Clock:  ESP checkbox & status  Voice control  Fuel cap sensor (if fitted??)  Radio info  Phone info  Measure Unit menu  Eco shift up  Eco Mode I will try and keep this updated as much as possible. . They can also be removed again. I will host them on here also. and I will be playing around with this some more. and when I find new releases. rear window wiper will wipe (if rain is detected)  Global Opening/Closing Only After Keyfob button released (Enabled/Disabled)  Auto-Relocking to last lock state (Enabled/Disabled) – If key is accidental pressed and no one enters the vehicle. So that is a basic overview of ELMConfig. the auto-relocking function will lock car back to how you locked it previously Restraint Control Module (RCM)  Seatbelt warning light (on/off)  Seatbelt warning sound (on/off)  Passenger air bag deactivation switch fitted (enabled/disabled)  Passenger airbag deactivation indicator light fitted (enabled/disabled) Hybrid Electric Cluster (HEC)  Shift light (6500 rpm)  Overspeed warning sound (km/h)  Reverse warning sound (on/off) – Why?! The following additional options on top of standard options can be added to the centre screen. as can standard options already present if you wish.  Auto Wipers (Enabled/Disabled) – Only if you have a rain sensor fitted  Rear Wiper Present (Checked/Unchecked)  Reverse Rear Wiper Feature (Enabled/Disabled)  Reverse Rear Wiper Initial Wipe (Enabled/Disabled) – If auto wipers enabled.