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1. 1.0 Introduction 1
2. 2.0 Addressing the largest waste generators 2
3. 3.0 Waste management ideas 3-5
4. 4.0 Waste target 6
5. 5.0 The required capacity of the bins 7-10
6. 6.0 The location of waste bin 11-12
7. 7.0 Waste collection time schedule 13-15
8. 8.0 Advantages and disadvantages of our proposal 16-17
9. 9.0 Conclusion 18


0 INTRODUCTION In today’s world “waste” is a global environmental issue which creates significant health and environmental risk. The term waste relates to materials produced by human activity. School of Arts basically have 6 majors which are Drama and Theatre.1. In its vision to become a sustainability. USM as our project site. Graphic Communication. Waste is generated due to students’ workshop or study purpose. Fine Art. each major will produce different types of waste. Generally. The school mostly will generate recyclable waste because the students are advised to use recyclable materials as their priority in doing projects and all of the tasks in order to reach sustainable concept. USM Figure 1 1 . gaseous or radioactive substances. Our group have chosen Schools of Arts. School of Arts. Sustainable development is the best option for growth that meets the needs of the present while safeguarding Earth’s life supporting system on which the welfare of the current and future generations depends on. liquid. economic and environmental aspects. Waste management can contain solid. USM has embraced a whole system sustainability transition which means that we will mainstream sustainability at all levels integrating social. Music and Product Design. New Media.

all the students need to separate the general waste and recyclable waste before they throw away. Students will provide more wastes as they are having workshop.0 ADDRESSING THE LARGEST WASTE GENERATORS Based on the interview session with the staffs. Firstly. the Non-academic staffs are the admin. Aluminium. Cardboard. Fine Art. they should join any exhibition or campaign in USM that related about the importance of waste management to raise their awareness of it. technical and workshop assistants. projects. Moreover. developed. fabricated. 2 . Product Design produce wastes such as Plywood. Food Waste and others. The total numbers of students and staffs at the School of Arts. Based on the interview session with the staffs and cleaner. studio and meals at the School of Arts. The examples ideas for the students of Product Design to reduce waste. While.2. A generator is any person by site whose act or process produces waste identified. Paper. students are the largest waste generators at School of Arts. and marketed. New Media. Students Staffs Total 650 Academic Non-academic 735 40 45 Table 1: The number of students and staffs at the School of Arts. students can also reuse the waste around the school by collecting all the recyclable waste to do for their new project or task. USM. Product Design dispose the most waste at School of Arts compare to the others major. This is because the number of students were the highest among to the lecturers and staffs. Then. There are 6 main majors at School of Arts which are Drama. USM are 735. Music and Product Design. Ceramic Clay. USM Based on the interview session with the staffs and students. The academic staffs are the lecturers. Metal Wire. Graphic. Product Design explores the design processes through which a product is conceived.

but the aerosol sprays are excepted. Reduce and Recycle the Waste (3R Concept) 3 .3. ii. the yogurt pots. only solid waste can be found. For cans recycle bin. The recycle bins can be separated into three types of bins such as paper. non-compostable food container and others. make sure the glass bottles are clean before trashed into the bin.0 WASTE MANAGEMENT IDEAS There are three waste management ideas that we are going to propose to the School of Arts. the waste of the school can manage to be more organize in order to attain the sustainability concept. plants and lawn clippings must be separated from the other inorganic waste like paper. Pyrex glass and crockery cannot be recycled. the drink cans should be rinse off before trashed into the bin. mails and envelopes. i. USM based on the issues that we found in the school. the inorganic waste can be further classified into dry-mix recyclable waste such as food tins and drink cans. The organic waste like food scraps. There are four general recyclable waste which are paper. cans and glass. but the coated papers and wax paper cannot be trashed into the bin. then collect it at the compost heap and the waste bins respectively. In the School of Arts. whereas general waste are pens and markers. newspaper. glass and plastic to dispose different types of recyclable waste. There are two types of solid waste which are the organic waste and inorganic waste. However. Furthermore. Before trash any waste into the waste bin. clean papers can be trashed into the bin. For glass recycle bin. the bottles should be rinsed off before trashed into the bin. By using these ideas. the waste should be organized well. For paper recycle bin. sandwich wrappers and crisp packets is not allowed to trash into the bin. and make sure the right bins are used for the right purpose. mixed paper and plastic bottles. Separating the waste The first waste management idea is by separating the waste. Reuse. but the drinking glass. To separate the waste. the school must provide sufficient waste bins such as general waste bins and recycle bins for different types of waste. only wrapping paper. For plastic bottles recycle bin. aluminium cans and glass bottles. plastic bottles.

Moreover. the school can also practice reducing the amount of waste by avoid sending the waste to the landfill. contaminants and toxins leeching into the water and air. students can collect all the paper scraps and turn them into note-pads or draft paper. Next. Students and staff can create a paper supply exchange for notebooks and other paper products a person no longer use. Lecturers use a smartboard or chalkboard to deliver the written construction during their lectures. such as recycling. The second waste management idea is reuse. the school can educate the staff and students about using the alternative ways of disposing the waste. The School of Arts can practice reusing the waste around the school by collecting all the recyclable waste. The students and staff should be educated about the importance of recycling the waste. Firstly. Landfills can cause a lot of environmental problems. By practicing the 3R concept. paper and cardboard need to be recycled. So. students and staff should practice collecting and recycle all the recyclable materials. For example. waste can also be reduced by using different method. There are several ways to practice reuse the waste. It is very important to practice the 3R concept in our daily life because it can help to prevent pollution by reducing the need to harvest the new raw materials. Recyclable waste such as glass. Students are required to submit their assignments digitally rather than in print. Besides. staff and students begin to reduce the waste by using the duplex printing. Lecturers begin to assign work that does not need to be written. the school should make sure the recycle bins are used correctly and that the items are clean when they trash into the bin. reduce and recycle the waste. There are ways to recycle the waste. it can also help to save energy and money. reusing and composting. Students can also re-purpose the recyclable items into a new product by using their creative ways. The green house gas emissions that contribute to the global climate change can be reduced indirectly and it help to sustain the 4 . some local councils will help the school to set up recycling programmes and educate them. students and staff to purchase the paper made from recycled paper. The school can also encourage the lecturers. Lectures and students only print what is absolutely necessary to reduce the wastage of paper. such as unpleasant smells. Besides. Lecturers. Firstly. the school can organize a recycling competition to encourage the students and staff to recycle the waste.

In addition. First of all. they can come out with the ideas of making the artefacts from waste. lecturers and staff about the importance of waste reduction. the awareness activities such as waste awareness week can be organized by the school by assigning the students to make posters. the amount of waste that will need to be recycled or sent to the landfills or incinerators can be reduced and allow the products to be used to their fullest extent. write poems or newspaper articles to build their responsibilities towards waste management. the school can also organize a clean-up campaign by adopting the areas which are near to the school for clean-up to enhance the relationship between the school and the community. Since it is the School of Arts. The school itself can also come up with an environmental calendar of events. plastic containers and bins from empty soft drinks cans to promote the theme of “Converting the Trash to Cash”.environment for future generations. Furthermore. Waste Reduction Activities The third waste management idea is to organize the waste reduction activities. There are several different types of activities that can be conducted in the school. it can help to attain the sustainability goals of the school by reducing the amount of waste generated. 5 . They can give prizes for the tidiest and waste management conscious class. iii. the school can also set up an Environmental Clubs that responsible to the waste management. It can also encourage the students. Secondly. They can hold environmental competitions and give talks to the students to raise their awareness about the waste management issues. For example. It can help to create awareness among the students. students can make some handicrafts from bottle tops. Besides. Environmental debates on anti-littering can also be conducted as part of the ideas on raising the awareness of the students about the importance of waste management. lecturers and staff to practice a good waste management behaviour in order to save the environment. Environmental projects on waste management can be organized by the Environmental Clubs.

Figure 2 • Staffs only print out the necessary document to avoid from wasting the papers.0 WASTE TARGET Waste are unwanted or unusable materials. aluminium can and others to complete their task or project. The waste target is a target to reduce a waste in School of Arts.4. defective and of no use. or it is worthless. Figure 3 • Student are encouraging to use recyclable materials such as plywood. This waste reduction can be achieved based on the people actions and attitudes at School of Arts. Waste is any substance which is discarded after primary use. The action that they have to do are: • Recycle all the papers that they do not want to use. Figure 4 6 .

5. THE NUMBER OF BIN & TYPE OF BIN) The type of bin Recycle bin 360 L 660L Figure 5 Figure 6 660L Figure 7 General bin 660L 360L 100L 40L Figure 8 Figure 9 Figure 10 Figure 11 7 .0 THE REQUIRED CAPACITY OF THE BINS (THE SIZE.

Recycle bin or General bin are not only meant for the removal of garbage. blue. 360L and 660L. 360L &100L bin These two sizes of bins have similar advantage but it has different types of capacity and cost. It can easily get rid of ugly bags of wastes that are sitting there on your front or back yard and waiting to be collected by the weekly garbage collection service. A recycle bin will be more suitable for the surrounding than standard plastic or steel bins. The size and capacity of bins 660L bin Large recycle bin can save the time of the worker collecting and distributing waste in the School of Art because when it is large then the School does not need many bins because lots of waste can be collected only at one place which is in the 660L recycle or general bin. these are nifty. so when using a large bin. By using this. It’s consist with green. and these are also perfect for keeping the ambience of your surrounding clean. size and capacity. brown and orange colour with different function. This can be used for the waste that are not too much and most of the waste has a small size and fit the size of the bin. The recycle bin and general bin has different size and capacity that suit with different types of waste which are 40L. Waste collected that are large in size which can't be loaded in a medium bin can be thrown into large bin because it consumes more space than other bins. Waste disposal is one of the most important things to consider. it need to ensure that the bin are going for the perfect one. it can easily select the right bins for the purpose. 40L bin 8 . amazing bins which can easily be maneuverer. There are 2 types of bins that we want to propose at the School of Art which are recycle bin and general bin. 100L. By knowing the types of wastes. it can save the School's cost and budget because it's not too expensive compared to the large ones. it can reduce the waste that is sorted and spread to the left and right bin. black.

1 . 8 4 Blue (Paper & Cards . .cans. 2 - jars) Orange (Metal . . . 1 3 3 1 3 . Size of bin Total Type of 660L 360L 100L 40L recycle bin G U G U G U G U G U General 1 .mails. This capacity of bins frequently used at the toilet.Bottles and 1 . office or lecturers’ room because it is quite convenient and easy for them to use it. . This capacity of bins usually used to facilitate students or staff to throw small and light waste such as food waste they purchased or used tissues. 1 . 1 . . 2 - pie plates and foil) 4 7 4 3 18 Table 2: Bin that required at the School of Art G = Ground floor U = Upper floor 9 . . . 1 . boxes tubes) Brown (Glass . . . papers. 2 - newspaper. . . . 1 .

The 100L and 40L we proposed only the general bin and not recycle bin is because. 100L and 40L that we want to propose at the School of Art. There are four size of bin which capacity of 660L. toilet and classes because of the type of waste are not too big or too small. The total bin for the 660L bin is 4 while for 360L for ground and upper floor is 7 bins. 10 . at the ground floor also have a vending machine that can causes the aluminium waste there high. 360L. The number of 100L bins required for ground and upper floor is 4 while for 40L is 3. The size of 660L and 360L of both recycle bin and general bin we put at the ground floor because it has a high concentration of people such as students and staff there. usually this type of bins is put at the office. Total of the bins required for ground and upper floor of the School of Art is 18 bins altogether. Furthermore.

6.0 THE LOCATION OF WASTE BIN The size of signboard of the recycle bin RECYCLE BIN AREA SCHOOL OF ARTS PLEASE USE ME Figure 12 This is the signboard of the recycle bin area school of art. The size of the signboard was 420 x 594 mm so it will be big enough for the people to see it. Location of the Recycle Bin Signboard at the Area of the School of Art. Figure 13 11 .

The reason of choosing these four locations to place the recycle bin signboard because it easily seen by the people and the size of the signboard is big. Secondly. Katasila (Open Hall) and in area Wood Workshop. the highest for people to pass through this place. Sculpture Studio. 12 . This signboard also near to Katasila (Open Hall) which almost of the student usually used the place to do group discussion and waiting for the next class. The location of the recycle bin signboard at the area of the school of art it has four signboards in that school. The location of signboard is in area Pelinggam Cahaya. so the highest student will go there to do their work. The signboard in area of the workshop because their frequently used that workshop.

m.m.m. The working time for cleaner is from 7.30am until 5pm. Tuesday 3.00p.00p.00p. Friday 3.00p.7.m.0 WASTE COLLECTION TIME SCHEDULE The waste collection is the schedule for cleaner to collect a recyclable waste. the time we proposed is in the evening session. the truck from Recycle Centre will come and pick up all recyclable waste in recycle bins.m. 13 . Thursday 3.00p. Saturday - Sunday - Table 3: The Schedule for Cleaner to Collect a Recyclable Waste The recyclable waste is then send to the landfill which provided with the big capacity of recycle bins (660L). Then. The schedule to collect a waste we proposed in the evening because that is a peak time and cleaner can collect before they finished their work. Day Session Evening Monday 3. Then. Wednesday 3.

m. We decided to choose on Friday because it is the last day of working day during the weekdays. This will help the school to attain the sustainable concept.00p. Saturday - Sunday - Table 4: Schedule for recycle garbage truck to collect the recycle waste This is the schedule for recycle garbage truck to collect the recyclable waste at the School of Art. So. USM. This garbage truck will collect all the recyclable waste once a week which is on Friday at 4. The recycle garbage truck is from Recycle Centre (ESH Resources Management SDN BHD) at the Bayan Lepas.m. Day Session Evening Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday - Friday 4.00p. for the rest of the day. students can use the recyclable materials from the recycle bin. 14 . Penang.

ESH Resource Management SDN BHD located 11km from the USM. The Maps from USM to Recycle Centre Figure 14 The Recycle Centre Figure 15 15 . They have been in the business for more than 20 years and our operations is growing from strength to strength. It is located at Lot 11695 & Plot 145 Mukim 12. plastics. Penang. Lintang Bayan Lepas 11900. Bayan Lepas. metal and other types of waste. ESH Resource Management SDN BHD is an integrated recycling management company mainly involved in the trading and processing of recyclable waste such as paper.

8. a point worthy of our consideration here is that this advantage can be taken into account only if extensive and proper safety measures are implemented along with proper waste disposal techniques. carbon monoxide which is emitted from the wastes accumulated. The resultant product we obtain is a renewable source of energy and is eco-friendly. we can use the recycled waste to make quality papers rather than relying on trees. waste management if done in a proper manner not only eliminates the surrounding waste. Saves the Earth and conserves energy This characteristic of waste management includes specifically the recycling aspect.0 ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES OF OUR PROPOSAL Advantages of Waste Management Waste management involves the collection and disposal of both hazardous and non- hazardous wastes from all the sectors of a society. Moreover. As recycling of waste helps in reducing the cutting down of trees. Keeps the environment clean and fresh Perhaps. This is the best effects of proper waste disposal. There is no use in simply implementing a half-baked technique which. recycling needs only a minimal amount of energy for utilization and complete processing. 16 . thereby cutting down the harmful factors that affect the environment. This cutting of trees is mainly done for the production of paper. We shall now look in detail the benefits of proper garbage disposal. Reduces environmental pollution As explained above. The depth of the existing landfills and incinerations will be curbed. Also. Then. These waste disposal units also make the people go disease free as all the resultant wastes are properly disposed and taken care of. leading to a cleaner and a greener environment. if no use to both the people and the environment. the amount of fossil fuels will get reduced in this manner. the greatest advantage of waste management is keeping the environment fresh and neat. By using this method. but also will reduce the intensity of the greenhouse gases like methane.

17 . Let us now have a look at the disadvantages also. ocean disposals and decreasing the tree felling. a large scale of these waste management practices are done only as a small scale process and is mostly confined to residential homes. schools and colleges and is not practiced in a uniform manner in large industries and conglomerates. It is not even practiced globally. The practices are not done uniformly Still.Disadvantages of Waste Management We have now seen the merits of waste management in detail. as the global level consists of curbing oil spills.

steel and others. The issue of waste that can be identified at the School of Arts.9. The waste management ideas are provided such as separating the waste. the recyclable waste such as aluminium cans. bottles. The Product Design produce the most waste compare to the other major. newspaper.0 CONCLUSION The School of Arts only produce a solid waste. USM are there is no recycle bin and the bin lid was not closed. The general waste such a like Food waste. 18 . Then. tissue papers. the 3R concept and the activities that can raise the awareness of the students and staff of the school. wrapping paper and others. A strategic recyclable waste management schedule is suggested to solve the current issues of the school.