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Goals: Students will understand how to find the theme of a book and how to apply the theme to their

own lives. Students will understand the many factors that
played into the American Revolution. Students will understand several environmental issues and will understand how they can make a difference.
DAY #1 DAY #2 DAY #3 DAY #4 DAY #5 DAY #6 DAY #7
Objective After listening to After playing a After After researching, students will present an environmental issue and provide
Sit-In, students game where participating in a ways that others can make a difference in a method of their choosing
will create a students must debate, students (collage, skit, poster, newspaper, poem, brochure, song, or newscast).
“recipe” to help order events will show their
them apply and about the understanding of
discuss the theme American Loyalist and
of the book. Revolution, Patriot views by
students will writing a letter
create a timeline convincing
with seven of the others to join
most important their side.
events, drawing
arrows to show
cause and effect
Standards IAS: 5.RL.2.2 NCSS: TCC; NCSS: IGI; IAS: IAS: 5.ESS.3
IAS: 5.1.9 5.1.9
Materials Sit-In by Andrea two sets of one worksheet props for laptops materials for products (construction
Davis Pinkney, American per student anticipatory set, paper, magazines, glue, scissors,
paper for posters Revolution one recording tissue paper, markers, crayons, etc.)
markers, Chronology sheet per child
crayons, and cards per table,
pencils to one blank
decorate posters, timeline per
sticky notes student, one ruler
per child
Management Classroom Economy
Anticipatory Set Students will Students will Students will Students will discuss how different props connect to the state of the
decide if quotes discuss the many discuss the “Join, environment.
are from Dr. effects that or Die.” political
Martin King different cartoon.
Luther Jr. scenarios can
Purpose Today I am Today we will Today you will Today we are going to research ways that communities in our country are
going to read you learn about the be learning about taking care of the earth. This will help you to discover ways that our
the book Sit-In - causes and the beliefs of community can contribute to taking care of our planet.
by Andrea Davis events of the both the Patriots
Pinkney. You American and Loyalists.
will create a Revolution. This You will try to
recipe to help is important convince others
you apply the because it will to unite with you
theme of the help you better in your beliefs,
book to your life. understand the which is what
events you are Benjamin
reading about in Franklin did with
Johnny Tremain. his cartoon. This
will help you
better understand
the actions of the
Tories and
Whigs in Johnny
Presentation Students will Students will Students will Students will Students will Students will Students will
have a Grand watch a Brain gather begin gathering begin gathering finish gathering finish creating
Conversation Pop video that information from information by information from information. their products
after I read the discusses the provided using books in websites. OUTPUT: and present them
book. different events website and the library. Students will to two other
OUTPUT: of the American complete a begin creating pairs.
Students will Revolution. graphic products with
work in groups OUTPUT: organizer. their partners.
to create recipes Students will OUTPUT:
that apply the play a game Students will
theme of the where they must debate to
book. correctly order convince others
events. After the to join their
game, students political party
will create (Loyalists or
individual Patriots).

Closure or Review another We will have a Students will Students will complete a Google Form that helps the reflect on the
Conclusion group’s poster. class discussion write a letter to presentations.
Did they apply where students me to convince
the theme of the will share the me to join their
book? What was event that they Political Party.
the theme of the think was the
book? Answer most important
the questions on and provide
a sticky note. evidence to back
up their
Formative Poster and sticky The timeline will The letter and The Check for Understanding and Google Form will be used for formative
Assessment note, as well as be used as a graphic organizer assessments.
Grand formative will serve as
Conversation. assessment. formative
Adaptations The actions the Remediation – Remediation – I Remediation – Students will be provided additional articles and will be
children will take We will discuss will pull aside required to write about the issue and the ways in which people can make a
in the response in small groups students that difference.
time will give what may have need remediation Enrichment – N/A
opportunity for been different in and correct their ELL – N/A
every level to the American misconceptions. Exceptional Needs- C will pick his partner ahead of time and will benefit
engage at their Revolution if Enrichment – from the checklist.
appropriate some of the Students will use
developmental events leading up at least two other
level. to it had not websites for
Struggling occurred. information.
learners will Enrichment – ELL – N/A
have the support Students will Exceptional
of the read aloud research Needs – C will
and their small additional be notified of his
group peers for information group ahead of
collaboration. about an event. time and will be
ELL – N/A able to share
Exceptional information
Needs- C will verbally.
get to choose the
individuals at his
table that he
would like to
work with.
Summative Students will N/A N/A The final projects will be used for summative assessment.
Assessment read a book of
(as needed) their choice.
They will write
the theme and
find three details
from the book to
support their