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Page 1 125 & 125C TECH NOTES

Rough 3-2 coastdown clunk

Servo cushion spring broken, #1 ball out of location, fancy 3rd accumulator bullet installed: stock
valve .555 dia / bore .600 dia; fancy valve .595 dia = slow 3-2 drain

Binds down in reverse as vehicle backs up. Tends to creep in neutral.

(1)Wrong pressure plate installed in fwd clutch. Fwd clutch pressure plate must be flat. The one with
hump in goes in direct only. (2) leak past fwd rings in sprocket support or support leaking internally.

Delay in reverse.
Narrow forward clutch rubber install as outer direct rubber

Harsh neutral to drive.

Slick steels and/or poor quality frictions. This complaint is most common after fwd frictions and steels
have been replaced. Always sand steels and install Two wave plates. Dog bone mount bad.

Kills engine in reverse or manual 2 or low.

Drain back valve in wrong cooler fitting, plugged radiator / wrong aux VB gasket.

Slips forward, reverse and no lockup— Low line

Lockup valve installed backwards. lockup regulator valve backwards, end plug missing at either lo-

Slips in reverse, soft upshifts. (82 & earlier):

TV boost valve retaining pin sheared, boost bushing backs out of bore.

Slips on forward breakaway, worse hot, reverse ok.

Cracked forward drum Qualify: hot idle line is much lower in drive than in neutral.

Won’t move either direction line OK.

Converter pump drive or turbine stripped or broken, forward drum input shaft broken from drum -
may appear normal - twist it.

Leak at vent.
(1) Wrong oil level (too much oil) - (2) Loose bolts chain cover (3) Auxiliary VB bolts too long—oil
sprays from between aux Vb & cover directly out vent

Leak from front 125 non-lockup steady drip when running seal not blown out:
125C seal installed in non-lockup. 125C hub is .035 bigger, and seal has very little drag on 125 hub.
Seal for 125 non-lockup will work in both.

Soft 2nd or no 2nd hot. Burns 2 band.

1-2 accumulator piston center hole worn out bad.

Rough 2-3 and or 2nd gear starts.

Plastic dipper missing from band, band end moves forward and cocks on.

3rd clutch burn up soft 2-3 hot.

Worn stator bushings
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Page 2 125 & 125C TECH NOTES
Pan overfills at slow idle hot stick reads full at fast idle - ok cold:
Thermo flapper in case cover not sealing, bent, stuck open, or missing.

Low line-May not have any TV Response or Int/low boost.

Roll pin that retains tv boost sleeve in wrong groove, Line limit spring in VB broken, shift TV valve
not installed all the way to bottom of bore.

Lockup shuttle at 40-45 (non-computer and Canada).

Install vacuum delay valve in hose to vacuum switch #14020691.

Lockup too early non computer and export:

Install govnr switch #8648066 or 67 (52 or 54)Install original spring on under small weight and grind
small governor weight and break off tab. Set TV to min.

No lockup.
Lockup valve installed upside down. 87up models =wrong aux VB cover gasket. Alum plug missing
under lockup valve.

1-2 shift gets softer later as trans warms up.

Metal rings on band apply servo piston. Always use Teflon.

1-2 softer as trans warms and burns out band

Qualify. Remove 3rd accum check valve and road test, if 2nd is ok you have cross leaks into the 3rd
circuit.1. Loose bolt on right hand bottom (Sprocket support) 2. Cross leak in sprocket support for-
ward oil to 3rd or reverse. 3. wrong size early plastic rings / steel rings on supported. Case cover
cross leak.

Late up shifts: high line. Should read approx 60 min 160 max.
TV bellcrank installed against the side of fail safe plunger instead of under it.b. Wrong cable or
hookup wire. TV valve stuck Plastic failsafe valve seated. Disable failsafe valve: drill .110 hole thru
the top of valve-blow out the chips.

No up shift or intermittent up shift

97 Chevy cavalier 40K miles sometimes late shifts maybe ok hot Governor DRIVE gear now made
of plastic and spins on differential. (2001 Sunfire with 2.2L p/n 24200334 don't know if there are oth-

Soft 1-2 shift, No 2nd, or no upshift hot

Mismatched VB and Auxillary VB. On back of vb 2nd oil and governor are next to each other and the
auxiliary vb must have damn between passage so they don’t mix. Otherwise second oil goes to 2-3
shift valve, upshifts it, and puts second oil to exhaust.

Worn out VB.

GM reman VB = Part # 24200514.

Aluminum TV Boost bushings have primary boost diameter selections based on engine sizes. 365
dia = v6 3300 engine (gives 150 psi max line in d) Also avail. ---.345, .322 others may exist.
Also TV plunger springs are stronger on V-6's than 4 cyl.

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