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Topic of the Research Project :-

“Malayali tribes of the Kolli Hills and the spice market : A sociological study.”

1.Thank you, for sparing your time and participating in the survey.
2.The respondents of this study are informed that this is carried out for educational
purpose and the researchers will maintain the confidentiality of the data and the identity .
3. Survey questionnaire will range from 5-7 minutes so please bear it with us.
​ Research Scholars:-

B. Isainee
K. Gayathri
Siddhant Singh
(i) ​Socio-demographic details of the respondents​:-


FAMILY) Monthl
(ii) History of the tribes :-
1. What is the folklore of their migration from the plains to the kolli hills.?
2. What is the expected dating of their ancestral migration?
3. What was the survival of their ancestors in the forests?
4. What kind of marriage rituals and traditions are prevalent amongst the tribes?
5. Do they practice child marriage ?
6. Do they practice inter caste marriage?
7. What changes in their lifestyle and cultural practises had the tribe experienced changed
over the years ?
8. Link between tribes and the spice?
9. Inception of spice market why and when?
(iii) ​ Asset ownership:-
1.Do you own land?
2. Ownership- collectively or individually?
3.How did you get it ?inheritance/purchase/through other means(specify)
4..Size of the land?
5.Nature of the land? irrigation/barren/house construction
6.Do you own a house?
7.If yes than type and commodities,facilities included in it?
8.Any source of income other than land resource?
9.If they had a farm they who all work in those farms?
10.Is there a tube well in their farm or they share it with the neighbours farm?
11.Is there a subsidy if yes than how much (units or rupee)
12.Subsidy for electricity consumption in tubewell?
13.Which means of cultivation is prevalent (oxen cart or tractors)?
14. Other equipments used in irrigation ?

(iv) ​occupational mobility:-

1.What is the traditional occupation?
2. What is the Shift from traditional occupation?
3.If yes than reasons for the shift?

(v)​ Spice market related questions:-

1.Establishment year ?
2.Reasons behind its establishment?
3.Government or private committee run?
4.If private than who all are the members?
5.Head of the committee?
6.Contributors of the committee?
7.Electricity charges per stall?
8.Washroom charges ?
9. Drinking water facility? charges?
10.Stall charges?
11.If government runs the market than?
12.What is the subsidy in (rupees/consumption in units)electricity use?
13.Washroom maintenance duty?
14.Is there any political hindrance in the market?
15.Government aid in buying their products of marketing their products?

(vi) ​Farm product details :-

1.What are the farm products (all) sold in market and other than market as well?
2.What are season’s of cultivation of farm products?
3.Which products give the largest amount of benefit?
4.Which month is the most monetary beneficial ?
5.Seeds used are provided by the govt aided agencies or they buy it by themselves?
6.Which grade of coffee and pepper is produced?
7.Is all the produced material sold in the market itself or is exported in the plains|?
8.If is transported in plains than who is the middle man?
9.Coffee bean fermentation process done at home or beans are directly sold to some nearby
association or to the middlemen?
10. Pepper is sold to the middle men or govt take it at minimum support price?