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3415 28th Street

Port Huron, MI 48060

Phone # 810-987-5306
Fax # 810-985-5533



Foodservice Establishment Inspection Report

Facility Name Facility Type State License Number Facility Telephone #
Voyageur FIXED EST/ SFE4374026698 810 329-3331
Facility Address
525 S Riverside Dr , SAINT CLAIR , MI , 48079
Inspection Information  
Inspection Type Inspection Date
Routine 03/28/2018

Food Safety  
Choking Poster Smoking (Meets PA 188) License Displayed Certified Manager
Yes Yes Yes Yes
This facility was inspected to determine the level of compliance with Food Law of 2000 Act No. 92. Violations cited in this report shall be corrected with
the time frames specified below, but within a period not to exceed 10 calendar days for priority or priority foundation items (8-405.11) or 90 days for core
items (8-406.11). Failure to comply with this notice may result in license suspension and/or other legal action. You have the right to appeal any
violation listed.

 Observed Priority Violations
Total # 1
Repeated # 0
3-501.14 - COOLING
Observation: (CORRECTED DURING INSPECTION): A container of wild rice was found in the walk in cooler
at a temperature of 56F and was put in the cooler the night before.
a container of crab was found in the reach in cooler at a temperature of 46 F.
Corrective Action(s): To prevent bacterial growth cool the rice properly . Action Taken: The rice and crab was
removed violation corrected.
Observed Priority Foundation Violations
Total # 0
Repeated # 0

 Observed Core Violations
Total # 0
Repeated # 0

Law and code excerpts in report are for information only and not as the basis for legal or judicial determinations. Always verify them against the most
recent available copy of the law and code.


Person in Charge   Sanitarian

Mike LaPorte   Michael Dey

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