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This study used descriptive research design which aimed to develop a module in plumbing. The

respondents of this study wsre the three experts in the field of Plumbing and two experts in

making an Instructional Material. The researchers chose validators from Pampanga State

Agricultural University and Adamson University.

The instrument used was adopted questionnaire from the study of Valerio (2008) that determined

the appropriateness, reliability, and the preciseness of the module. The developed module faced

two validations.

During the first validation of the whole module, it was said that it contained enough information

and exercises to meet the needs of the students and help the students to find an easier reference in

Plumbing, while during the final validation of the module, it was stated that the module had

sufficient information to be used by the learners.

Based on the findings of the study, the researchers concluded that the first validation had to be

enhanced to be sufficient. The revised Plumbing module is recommended for use since it

complied to all the requirements based on the evaluation of the experts. The validated module

was revised in compliance with the requirements given by the experts.

Keywords: plumbing, development, instructional materials, module, validation