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Levi Hawes


Reflection Piece


In this Mexican American Culture course, I was provided with many opportunities to

explore the Mexican American community. Specifically, we looked at issues they faced, their

history, and important aspects of their lives.

In one portion of this class, I was able to participate in exercises where I could analyze

and interpret socio-historical, political, and cultural events and juxtapose them against creative

mediums such as art and music.

We prepared an assignment where we were to examine three artistic murals done by

Mexican artists and identify cultural significance within them. Some of the elements that we

discussed within the murals were symbolic locations, symbols of ethnic and racial pride,

Religious Symbols, Issues of Social Justice that were represented, etc.

Another thing we were able to do in this class is examine current policies that impact the

Mexican American community. We were given many opportunities in the lecture to discuss how

these issues affect Mexican Americans. We also had several presenters come and provide

information about issues that they face.

One activity we had, a presenter from the Department of Housing and Urban

development. In his presentation he discussed housing discrimination and other housing issues
that Mexican Americans face on a daily basis. We then had a discussion in class about what was

presented to further explore the issue.

Another learning outcome we were able to address in this course is constructing informed

positions about contemporary issues that are faced by Mexican Americans. We were required to

work in pairs or groups to read a situation based on real cases and then discuss it.

After our discussion we were asked to find articles and sources to help back our position

of what should be done in the situation that was provided. From there we shared with the class

(as well as writing down our proposed solution with the sources) what we would do to solve the

issue presented.

This course gave me many opportunities to have meaningful discussion and discourse

about issues that arise in the Mexican-American community. I was also able to learn more about

the history and noteworthy events of Mexico and the United States that impacted the lives of

Mexican Americans.