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Gathering (song and prayer) 9:50 to 10:00

all children

• Review and Story (class room) 5-10 minutes

• Activity 25 minutes
• Retelling (in classroom) 10 minutes
what I saw about God?
end prayer

• Walk over 10:50

The Fall  option 1 Supplies

Bring a basket of fruit and have it set out in the middle of the
circle. Have the kids note if they are tempted to eat any of it. • Plastic 1 cup measuring
Why? Why not? cups
• Jar of water
• Jar of oil
• Review Creation Story
• Spoons
• Dish towel
Ask participants to get into pairs, and provide them with a long • Pie tins
strip of paper. Ask them to draw a series of pictures that retell • Bowl with eggs
the story and include captions where possible. Participants can • Fork
then share their retelling with the rest of the group. Mention • Hand sanitizer
how different people see the story from different perspectives • Bowl of gummy candy
and emphasize different things they are seeing from the story. • Chocolate bar

Refer to the symbols that are posted in the room. Each one represents a piece of
Gods story are intended to build upon each other.

• Storytelling See Echo - disruption

Have the children practice imaginative listening as you tell the story. Your choice to
tell the story is
1. dramatic reading
2. MP3 sound recording
3. Invite costumed storyteller to the class.
• Activity and Discussion

The children will have the opportunity to conduct several “science” experiments to
explore the concept of separation and restoration. In the Garden of Eden, Eve sought
for experiences outside of God realm. The choice she made separated her from the
face of God. The separation bounds us to our humanity. Can we break away from it?
What are the results?

Set up three stations for the children to explore the story. Note: There needs to be a
time limit, but children may interact with each station as long as they choose.

Please hand out Separation Detective Sheet for the children to record their findings.

Set Up the following stations around the room. Provide for adequate work space.
Station 1 Station 2
Plastic 1 cup measuring cups Pie tins
Jar of water Bowl with eggs
Jar of oil Fork
Spoons Hand sanitizer
Dish towel
Station 3 Station 4
Bowl of gummy candy Set of dominos
Chocolate bar

Each work station will allow the children to enter into the story and play with the
ideas of separation, brokenness and consequences. Please refer to discussion note in
storytelling dialogue to complete retelling questions.

As the children work through the various experiments be prepared to inspire observa-
tions and discussion.
Case of Eve and Adam in
the Garden of Eden
• Eve and Adam were in the Garden of
• Eve ate the Fruit
• God said to Eve, “Your choice bring
great consequences.”

What can we tell about God in this story?

You will conduct different experiments
what it tells you about God.

Top Secr
The Fall  option 2
Bring a basket of fruit and have it set out in the middle of the circle.
Have the kids note if they are tempted to eat any of it. Why?
Why not? Supplies

• Review Creation Story • Markers

• Magnetic strips
Follow the Storying format and prepare to tell the story with • Magnetic poetry words
the method of your choice. printed out on copier
magnet sheets and cut up
• Magnetic board or steel
• Activity and Discussion cabinet

Have the children explore the story of “disruption” using

poetry. Magnetic poetry is an interactive way to develop
your own thoughts and words.


Prior to class meeting create sheets of simple words that you think
every students will use. In your document use different fonts and even
colors for each word. Print on magnetic 8 1/2 x 11 sheets. Cut into
individual words

Have blank strips available so the kids can create their own words to use
in their poetry.

Continue the discussion questions outlined in the story narrative and

have the discussion going on throughout the project.

Have students share their poem.

What did they feel?
How did this story touch them?
What did they recognize that they did not know?

Finish the class reflection, summary and prayer.

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