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2 ISRAEL AT 70 APRIL 13, 2018
ISRAEL AT 70 APRIL 13, 2018 3

Eshkol Water Reservoir at Bet

Netofa Valley In The Galilee

‘Let there be

Israel’s advanced technology may help provide

solutions to world’s growing water crisis
JoAnne PAlmer One Book One Community choice.) spreading fear before them.

Now, Mr. Siegel, an entrepreneur “And this is global,” Mr. Siegel said.
hen Seth Siegel pub- whose success at business has allowed “From Australia to Asia to South
lished “Let There Be him to devote his time to philanthropy America, everyone now is dealing
Water” in September and to transform himself into a knowl- with severe water scarcity problems.”
2015, two things were edgeable advocate for Israel, says that The problem is evident in California,
Seth Siegel
clear. First, a worldwide crisis over “the world is in a much more precari- he added, and a few weeks ago water
the ever-shrinking access to water was ous situation today than it was in 2 scarcity issues in Capetown, South
manifesting itself and would become 1/2 years ago, because there is more Africa, made headlines. And despite
only worse. Second, Israel, a coun- water scarcity. That’s almost exactly what we see in the headlines, which
try without many obvious sources on the timetable I wrote about. By represent the government of Iran
of fresh water, had become a global 2025, you will be talking about mil- trying to cover up underlying issues,
fountainhead (sorry sorry sorry) of lions and millions of people who are at “there is broad-based civil disobedi-
water technology. risk of becoming water refugees,” leav- ence over water. Water riots.
(If the book sounds familiar, that ing their parched homes in a desper- “This isn’t just one country. It’s all
might be because it was the Jewish Fed- ate search for drinkable water, leaving over the place. And authoritarian
eration of Northern New Jersey’s 2017 political instability in their wake and countries are having it the worst.

4 ISRAEL AT 70 APRIL 13, 2018

“All of these phenomena are really
accelerating now,” Mr. Siegel continued.
“There are about 80 million people in
sub-Saharan Africa, and 600 million Indi-
ans.” If the problem were going to become
severe in, say, 2050, “who really cares?
That’s a very long time away. But 2025 is
not so far away. It’s just barely double the
time that it’s been since my book came
out. It’s nothing.
“We will be facing very real problems
that will affect how we grow our food and
how we run a civil society,” he said.
All this is grim. Why is it in a section
about Israel at 70?

Everyone can
have a water
tank on their
roofs. You don’t
have to pipe the
water in from Irrigation is greening the Negev.

hundreds of world, and in the last few weeks several

miles away. You Chinese communities have bought those
container-size treatment plants from
just take it down Israel.
from the roof. “The third thing that’s coming out of
Israel, though — it’s still in development,
but if it happens, it will be a game-changer
Because “not everywhere, but many — is the idea of atmospheric water genera-
places are starting to understand that we’d tion, taking water out of the air. It’s a car-
better get going on this,” Mr. Siegel said. bon-free method that gives you the purest
“And they’re going to Israel for guidance water you’ve ever drunk in your life. And
on what they could and should be doing. it can produce water out of thin air. There
And that is a change. is lots of water vapor everywhere; that’s
“And in Israel, technology is growing by where it comes from.
leaps and bounds. There is hardly a week “Everyone can have a water tank on
that has gone by when we haven’t heard their roofs. You don’t have to pipe the
of a new breakthrough in something like, water in from hundreds of miles away. You
say, precision agriculture. That’s primarily just take it down from the roof.”
about where and how you apply water and It does sound like science fiction, but
how much water you apply, so that you Israel’s founding prime minister, David Drip irrigation makes every drop count.
don’t use water that ends up being wasted. Ben-Gurion, one of the country’s chief
That is an important new area of research animating forces, said that “in order to be how Israel is changing the water profile venues, and 43 of them have been univer-
out of Israel. a realist, you must believe in miracles.” He of the Middle East.” sities — Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Univer-
“And there’s also the decentralization of said that in 1956, “when the country was His book has gotten a great deal of sity of Chicago, University of Texas at Aus-
infrastructure. Historically, desalinization eight years old,” Mr. Siegel said. attention, Mr. Siegel said; the encroach- tin, among others.”
and wastewater treatment plants have And it’s possible that compared to the ing water crisis makes it increasingly easy Despite how often pro-Israel speakers
tended to be big structures. Israel is devel- miracle of Israel’s birth, the miracle of its for people around the world to overlook are harassed by representatives of the
oping expertise in decentralizing it, so you scientists taking water out of thin air pales. long-lasting hostilities and make surprising BDS movement, Mr. Siegel said that he
can buy something that’s container-sized Its skill with water technology is help- allies. The book is out in 15 languages, he has encountered virtually no problems on
as a desalinization or wastewater treat- ing Israel politically too, Mr. Siegel said. said, including Indonesian, Burmese, and campus. “I have been leafleted twice and
ment plant.” (When he says that some- “From a hydrodiplomacy point of view, Vietnamese; just a few weeks ago it came disrupted zero times,” he said. “The audi-
thing is the size of a container, Mr. Siegel is Israel is really stepping up. Several Afri- out in Chinese as well. “Many of them are ences primarily aren’t Jewish. They are
talking about a shipping container.) can countries are developing diplomatic languages from countries where Israel had primarily engineering or business or agri-
“That’s really exciting — a community relationships with Israel. And Netan- no history,” he said. culture students.
of 50,000 to 200,000 can use it. That’s yahu” — that’s Israel’s Prime Minister “And there is a hunger to hear about it,” “This is a new way of talking about
a good fit for a lot of places around the Benjamin Netanyahu — “is talking about he added. “I’ve spoken in more than 250 Israel.”

ISRAEL AT 70 APRIL 13, 2018 5

Holocaust survivor lives in Teaneck,
recalls fighting in Israel’s War of Independence
Josefin Dolsten British ships. Passengers — a significant number

of whom were children or elderly — decided
ordechai Schachter didn’t know not to resist when the boats were rerouted to
he soon would be a soldier Cyprus. Three months later, the British agreed
when he traveled from his native to allow the children to go on to Palestine.
Romania to pre-state Israel in Mordechai Schachter was one of those
1948. He was a 17-year-old with a passion for children.
Zionism, and he knew that he was leaving a Mr. Schachter remembers arriving in
country that was becoming increasingly anti- Ranaana, and eating hamentaschen and
Semitic, just a few years after at least 270,000 oranges on his first week there. In Ranaana he
Romanian Jews had died during the Holocaust. also met one of his three brothers, who had
At the end of 1947, Mr. Schachter had boarded arrived in pre-state Israel four months earlier.
one of two boats, each carrying about 7,500 Five weeks later he was ordered to join the
Jews, bound for the promised land, despite a army, where he was taught how to shoot a gun
British ban on Jewish emigration to mandatory and given an Italian rifle from World War I and
Palestine. Many of the passengers were lone 25 bullets. Others got “whatever they could
children whose parents sent them on the boats find,” Mr. Schachter recalled.
to escape Romania. Mr. Schachter’s parents had “Everybody had a different type of weapon
planned to be on the boat, but his father fell ill at that time,” he said. “They had very little
before the trip, so they stayed behind. ammunition.”
The journey went as planned until the boats Mr. Schachter remembers the exuberance
hit the Dardanelles, a narrow strait in north- people felt in Israel a few weeks later, on May
Mordechai Schachter western Turkey. There they were met by seven See schachter page 8




585 Russell Avenue, Wyckoff, NJ 07481


Preschool at The Andrew Friedland

Development Corporation for Israel Early Childhood Learning Center
Janice Wertheim, Rockland County
Jewish studies at
450 West Nyack Road • West Nyack, NY 10994 This is not an offering, which can be made only by
prospectus. Read the prospectus carefully before The Addison M. & Elizabeth Opper Religious School • 845.405.4029
investing to fully evaluate the risks associated with
investing in Israel bonds. Member FINRA.
Marc Rosen, Bergen County
50 Eisenhower Drive • Paramus, NJ 07652 Photo Credits:
April 22 our Community
Religious School a all families with K-6th grade students.
Open House for • 201.881.1596 Dreamstime, iStock, James S.Galfund.
9:30 am – noon with complimentary breakfast and special Independence Day activities!
Sweet & Healthy New Year
6 ISRAEL AT 70 APRIL 13, 2018
as we celebrate
Rosh Hashanah & Yom Kippur



Stay tuned for details

ISRAEL AT 70 APRIL 13, 2018 7

Schachter Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. then had moved to America, settling in
from page 6 “It wasn’t easy for a commander to the Bronx. They had survived World War
14, 1948, when the country declared its give orders,” he said. “Sometimes he had II because Russia occupied Botosani right
independence. to give orders and somebody else had to We were in a before its Jewish residents were set to be
“Everybody was dancing in the streets,
celebrating,” he said.
translate the orders.”
One of his units had a large contingent
couple of cases in deported to concentration camps.
A month after Mr. Schachter arrived in
The next day, a coalition of neighboring of Yemeni Jews, so Mr. Schachter quickly very dangerous the United States, his father died, so he
Arab states — Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Leba-
non, and Iraq — invaded the new coun-
learned how to communicate in Hebrew.
“We got very friendly because we fought
situations, but decided to stay in New York and found
a job working for a computer servicing
try. Israel’s War of Independence would together, so you’re like brothers,” he said. you don’t think company. He kept in touch with Fanny
end the next year with an Israeli victory.
Seventy years later, as Israel prepares
The war ended the next year. (Iraq,
Lebanon, Jordan, and Syria each signed
about it because via letters for a year before returning to
marry her in Israel. The couple came
to mark the milestone anniversary, Mr. armistice agreements with Israel between you are too young back to the United States to live. The
Schachter talked about his role in Jewish,
and world, history.
February and July of 1949, but Iraq did
not sign an agreement.), Mr. Schachter
to realize how couple would have two children and two
grandchildren, relocating to Teaneck and
Mr. Schachter was assigned to be a mor- stayed in the army. More than 6,300 sol- dangerous it is. joining the local Conservative shul, Con-
tar commander, which meant that he did diers were killed just before or during the gregation Beth Sholom.
not have to be in the first line of fire, he war; that number represented nearly 1 around the world. After four years in Italy, Mr. Schachter, who still works part time
said. However, he had to deal with incoming percent of Jewish settlers in Israel at the he returned to Israel, finding a job at a for the same computer servicing company,
mortars fired at him from the enemy side. time. The Israeli army had more than chemistry lab in Haifa and later in a govern- says that although he does not consider
“We were in a couple of cases in very 100,000 Israeli soldiers by the end of the ment computer center in Jerusalem. himself “a hero,” he looks back at his time
dangerous situations, but you don’t think war, including 12 brigades. Jerusalem is also where he met Fanny, fighting for Israel with pride.
about it because you are too young to real- After serving in the army for two years, the woman who would become his wife. At “You are proud of it,” he said. “You think
ize how dangerous it is,” he said. Mr. Schachter took a job at a yeast produc- a party, the pair discovered that they both you were there when this came up, and
Mr. Schachter fought alongside native tion factory in Tel Aviv. He later studied came from the same town in Romania, Boto- that’s something that doesn’t happen to
Israelis and immigrants from Romania, television and radio repair at a school in sani, in the northern part of the country. every generation. Being there as a soldier,
Poland, Hungary, Iran, and Yemen, as well Milan set up by World ORT, a Jewish orga- Three months later, at Passover, Mr. you feel happy, you feel good about it.”
as volunteer fighters from the United States, nization providing education and training Schachter went to visit his family, who by JTA Wire Service

Our History, Our Heritage, Our Homeland. Pass it on.

As we embark on a year-long celebration to honor Israel’s
70th anniversary, you can help ensure a bright, beautiful
future for the next 70 years & beyond by donating now.

Celebrate With Us
For more information, please contact Jocelyn Inglis, Director, Northern NJ,, 973.593.0095 x823 · 800.JNF.0099

8 ISRAEL AT 70 APRIL 13, 2018

ISRAEL AT 70 APRIL 13, 2018 9
The Future of Israel is in the Negev
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev gives Israel supporters a whole new way to connect to the Jewish State
Israel’s first prime minister, David Ben-Gurion, said that In 2013, Beer-Sheva’s Advanced Technologies Park (ATP) world in uncovering online vulnerabilities and devel-
“the future of Israel lies in the Negev,” a desert area that opened just steps away from BGU’s Marcus Family Campus, oping technologies to safeguard Israel and its allies
comprises 60 percent of the country’s land mass. with the university as a key partner and investor in its estab- from cyber attacks. That’s why Israel’s Prime Minister
So it may come as a surprise that many dedicated Israel lishment. This growing high-tech industry park already has Benjamin Netanyahu has called Beer-Sheva the “cyber
supporters have little experience in the Negev region. five buildings with 1,500 employees of Israeli startups as capital of Israel” and why entrepreneurs refer to the
That is changing. Having gotten to know Israel through its well as international corporations such as Oracle, IBM, and Negev as “Silicon Wadi.”
holy sites in Jerusalem or its beaches in Tel Aviv, more and Deutsche Telecom. The Israel Defense Forces understands. The IDF
more Israel lovers are looking south to the Negev for a new Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. recently is moving its elite cyber and high-tech units to Beer-
way to connect to the country. announced it is opening an R&D facility in the ATP next Sheva adjacent to the ATP, in order to take advantage
Founded in 1969 with a unique mission to develop the year. Rafael will be hiring some of the best and brightest of BGU graduates and researchers, and the cyber eco-
region, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) is the driv- graduates from BGU, which produces a third of Israel’s engi- system that is blooming in the desert.
ing force behind the ecosystem of technology innovation neers each year, and the highest number of Israel’s cyber With the Negev desert as a “living laboratory,” BGU
and business collaboration that has been booming in Beer- security engineers. scientists are also making the desert bloom in areas
Sheva over the past few years. BGU’s Cyber Security Research Center is leading the such as desert agriculture and water research.
BGU’s Zuckerberg Institute for Water Research,
located at the University’s Sede Boqer Campus,
recently partnered with Northwestern University,
The Water Council of Milwaukee, as well as the Univer-
sity of Chicago with the goal of developing new clean

Margaret Morse To,ur-s/ ..;..� �:,._ _, water technologies.

These are just a few examples of how Israel’s future

No One Does Israel Better! Experience the Trip of a Lifetime! � is being shaped by BGU, the most dynamic and fastest
·- 1_�- growing research university in the country.
The Negev is the new frontier of 21st century Zion-

Israel ism. Discover how you can connect to Israel in a whole

new way through American Associates, Ben-Gurion

Awaits You!
University of the Negev, at

Celebrating 70 Years In 2018! Join Us for an Exciting & Unforgettable Journey!

Curfew Proclaimed
Adults Onl Tours Families & Bar/Bat Mitzvah Tours on Palestine Roads
16 Days with 2 Nights in Eilat
March 6-21
June 9-20
June 26-July 8
July 31-August 12
July 31-August 15 As Battles Rage
April 17-May 2 Israel's 70th Birthday!
June 26-July 11
July 21-August 1
August 14-26
August 14-29
in Various Parts
May 1-16
October 2-17
December 22-January 2, 2019 of Country
October 16-31 FREE Land Tour
October 30-November 14 For The Bar/Bat Mitzvah Celebrant! JerusAlem (APril 9, 1948, JtA) — A dusk-to-
dawn curfew was imposed tonight on all coun-
try roads in Palestine effective Sunday, while
Re-Visitor Tours fierce battles continued to rage in various parts
13 Incredible Days! of the country.
2019 Tour Dates
NEW Sites, NEW Experiences, NEW Memories The major battle was proceeding in the vicin-
April 17-29 Israel's 70th Birthday!
Coming Soon! ity of the strategic Arab village of Castel, which
October 16-28 · October 30-November 11 was retaken at dawn today by Haganah after
the Jews retreated yesterday in the face of a
5,000-man assault. The village, overlooking
All Tours Include the Jerusalem-Tel Aviv road–life line for food
An intimate group experience led by the finest guides and drivers convoys to the 100,000 Jews in the Holy City–-
Luxury motor coaches has changed hands three times in the last five
Exciting comprehensive itinerary days. Haganah used heavy mortar fire to dis-
Deluxe accommodations, well located lodge some 2,000 Arabs who had entrenched
Daily spectacular Israeli buffet breakfasts themselves in the village.
All Dinners Included (except two nights) Later in the day, hundreds of Jerusalem Arabs
Wonderful evening entertainment were reported to be joining the battle for Castel
All entrance fees alongside Iraqi and Syrian crack troops under
All gratuities to maids, waiters, and porters Fawzi el Kaukji’s comnand. They were supported
PLUS SUPRISE EXTRAS ALWAYS! by artillery in a powerful effort to force the
retreat of the 250 Haganah men who had driven
the Arab forces out of the village stronghold.
SEE cUrFeW PAgE 12 ■ 1.800.327.3191 ■ 954.458.2021
Margaret Morse Tours Family Owned and Operated Since 1980

10 ISRAEL AT 70 APRIL 13, 2018

Community Yom Ha’atzmaut British Naval Units
celebration in Teaneck Intercept Blockade Runner
On Wednesday evening, April 18, 2018, a
gala Teaneck community-wide event will
Israeli food, music, and experiential activi-
ties focusing on Israeli culture, geography,
Number of Refugees Aboard Unknown
take place at the Jewish Center of Teaneck and history. The evening will conclude in HAifA (APril 12, 1948, JtA) — Brit- aboard, it was officially announced.
to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the the Jewish Center’s sanctuary with a musi- ish naval units tonight intercepted a The vessel, believed named the Tirat
founding of the State of Israel. The eve- cal performance and group singing of Shirei blockade runner with an unspecified Zvi, is expected to arrive in this port
ning will seek to commemorate both Yom Eretz Yisrael — classic Israeli folk songs — led number of visaless Jewish immigrants about midnight.
Hazikaron, the Memorial Day for the more by pianist and vocalist David Gordon and
than 23,000 soldiers and civilians who violinist Susan Gordon.
have sacrificed their lives in defense of the Synagogues sponsoring the evening
State of Israel or were murdered in acts of include: Congregations Beth Aaron, Beth
terror, as well as Yom Ha’atzmaut, Israel Abraham, Bais Medrash of Bergenfield,
Independence Day. Bnai Yeshurun, Jewish Center of Teaneck,
The event will open with tfillat mincha, Keter Torah, Netivot Shalom, Ohr Hatorah, Congregation Adas Emuno
followed by a Yom Hazikaron presentation
from Matan Dansker, a squad commander in
Ohr Saadya, Rinat Yisrael, Shaare Tefillah,
Shaarei Orah, Young Israel, and Zichron
to celebrate Yom Ha’atzmaut
the Golani Brigade. We will then participate Mordechai. In addition, the event is made Congregation Adas Emuno will cel- Schwartz during services.
in a spirited tfillat maariv chagigit accord- possible through the generosity of Nathan ebrate Israel’s 70th Birthday at its spe- A special oneg to celebrate Israel’s
ing to the format created by the Israeli Rab- J. and Shari Lindenbaum. cial Yom Ha’atzmaut Shabbat Service on birthday will follow.
binate, followed by remarks by Rabbi Yosef This event will be suitable for all adults Friday, April 27 at 7:30 p.m. In advance Family-friendly, special songs, open
Adler of Congregation Rinat Yisrael. The and for children from sixth grade and up. of the service, members are submitting to the community: Please join us! 254
second part of the program will continue in Please make plans to join hundreds statements of “What Israel Means to Broad Avenue, Leonia. www.adase-
the Jewish Center’s social hall, which will be of your friends in celebration of Yom Me,” which will be read by Rabbi Barry
transformed into a Israeli shuk, replete with Ha’atzmaut Hashivim on April 18!

. 70
We Bless and Celebrate the State of Israel on its 70th Birthday.

Find out about our inquiry-based

approach, joyful Judaism, and warm,
inclusive community.

ISRAEL AT 70 APRIL 13, 2018 11

curfew After capturing Deir Yassein, the Jews discovered Palestine was informed accordingly. The remainder
fRom PAgE 10 a large quantity of arms of various makes, including of the Arab population was permitted to leave, while
In addition to regaining Castel early today, Jewish many British sub-machine guns which had been confis- the prisoners were transferred by truck to Jerusalem
forces composed of Irgunists and Sternists, stormed cated from the Irgun. The Jewish forces lost three men where they were taken to an Irgun camp.
and captured Deir Yassein, an Arab village near Jerusa- in the battle, while four others were wounded. Haganah forces, meanwhile captured Wadi Sara,
lem and four miles from Castel. They reportedly used Immediately after raising the Jewish flag over the another Arab stronghold dominating the road
eight armored cars and blew up a number of houses in captured Arab village, the commander of the Jewish between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. After a brief but sharp
the attack in which Arab casualties, police officials said, unit said he was holding 100 male prisoners as “hos- exchange with Iraqi troops, they succeeded in occupy-
were comparatively heavy. Irgunist forces also occu- tages” in return for the safekeeping of a kidnapped ing another nearby camp evacuated by the British ten
pied the Arab village of Ein Karim, in the same area. Jewish family. The International Red Cross mission in days ago.

Haganah Occupies Ramleh;

Honoring Israel’s 70th Anniversary Arabs Shell Rehavia in
Jerusalem; Jewish Plane Shot
JerusAlem (APril 12, 1948, JtA) today and the Arabs were forced to
— The Arab town of Ramleh, about retreat beyond the effective range
15 miles from Tel Aviv, was invaded of their own batteries, which gave
today by strong Haganah forces, while the Jews their first relief from shell-
in Jerusalem, the all-Jewish modern ing in over a day. Simultaneously,
Rehavia section of the city was shelled the Arabs attacked four nearby Arab
for a short time by Arab mortars. villages which are occupied by the
Haganah’s occupation of the all- Jews but were repulsed by strong
Arab town of Ramleh was aimed at counterattacks.
loosening Arab control of the Tel
District 37 State Legislators Aviv-Jerusalem road. The Jewish units
Near Rehovoth a British ammuni-
tion and arms train was attacked by a
searched the town for concentrations group of Jews. In a cafe in the town,
Senator Loretta Weinberg of arms and explosives used in attack- several Jews and British soldiers
Assemblyman Gordon Johnson ing Jewish food convoys en route Jeru- clashed and one Briton was killed.
salem. The Jews were also hunting The arms of several of the soldiers
Assemblywoman Valerie Huttle foreign Arab bands who have been were stolen.
Paid for by Weinberg, Johnson and Huttle active along the entire length of the The British Army reported that the
major highway. After several hours Jews had attacked Mashi Rabdin, an
the Haganah withdrew from the town Arab village near Tiberias in northern
but occupied several small Arab vil- Palestine. The report said that huge
lages in the neighborhood. clouds were seen rising over the vil-
A Jewish plane was shot down by lage and that a number: of women
British and Transjordan troops today and children had fled to Tiberias, but
and pilot was reported killed. The Jew that some 40 women and children
was aiding Haganah forces engaged remained behind.
in a battle with the Arab soldiers near Country-wide food control in the
Kfar Etzion when the British arrived Jewish areas as instituted today under
and fired on the plane. the direction of Eliezer Perlson, vice-
On the Jerusalem end of the main mayor of Tel Aviv. The control board
road, the Jews who were earlier includes representatives of local coun-

reported to have been forced out of cils and municipalities, the Jewish
Castel, five miles west of Jerusalem, Agency, the Jewish National Council

Israel at 70
have secured their hold on the village and other national institutions.
and have expanded their operational Following last night’s statement
perimeter, occupying several villages by the Jewish Agency condemning
and setting up road blocks between the Irgunists and Sternists who killed
Jerusalem and Hebron, to the south, about 200 Arabs, including many
and Ramallah, to the north. The Haga- women and children, in capturing the
nah also struck at Arab concentrations Arab village of Deir Yassan, west of
on the Western fringe of the “Arab tri- Jerusalem, Friday night, the Palestine
angle” — Nablus-Jenin-Tulkarm and Chief Rabbinate today issued a state-
TEANECK blew up a bridge near Tulkarm. ment voicing horror at the deed. Chief
215 W. Englewood Ave. At Mishmar Haemek an Arab Rabbis Isaac Herzog and Ben Zion Usiel
wedge driven into the defenders lines lashed out at the actions of “an irre-
yesterday is completely eliminated sponsible Jewish minority.”

12 ISRAEL AT 70 APRIL 13, 2018

Palestine Jews Proclaim Attlee Rejects Plea to
Central Authority Legalize Haganah, Expel Arab
Adopt “Declaration of Independence” Invaders from Palestine
tel Aviv (APril 12, 1948, JtA) — Calling upon the Palestine Arabs and lonDon (APril 12, 1948, JtA) — The share its responsibility for the mainte-
The concluding session of the Zionist the neighboring Arab states to assure British Government has rejected a plea nance of law and order with any other
Actions committee voted unanimously peace and cooperation, the declaration by the Board of Deputies of British Jews force. He added that the government
to establish immediately a central Jew- continued: “Together, we will build the that the Haganah be given legal status would continue to enforce impartially
ish authority which will begin function- state as citizens with equal rights, in and that Arab invaders of Palestine be its ban against the increase of stores of
ing officially on May 15. The decision mutual respect for our freedom, which expelled by the British Army, it was offensive weapons by either side, but
was taken at dawn today after an all- is a sister to yours.” It concluded: “Our revealed here today with the release would not “remove from either com-
night session. lives are sacred for the defense of the of an exchange of correspondence munity arms which may legitimately be
A “Declaration of Jewish Indepen- homeland. The God of Israel will be our between Prime Minister Clement Attlee regarded as necessary for their defense”
dence” read by Zalman Rubashov at assistance!” and Prof. Selig Brodetsky, president of when the British evacuate.
the final session stated in part: “After 27 The Actions Committee will seek to the Board. Meanwhile, Minister of State for For-
years of foreign and atrocious rule over obtain international recognition of the Pointing to the difficulties encoun- eign Affairs Hector McNeil, addressing a
Palestine which the Mandatory Power central Jewish authority from individ- tered by British forces in Palestine meeting of Glasgow University students,
received as a trust from the world to ual governments. It is understood that when they attempted to suppress Jew- denied reports that the British were arm-
establish a Jewish National Home, and the new authority will also endeavor to ish extremists, the Prime Minister ing the Arabs in Palestine. He insisted
deceived that trust — the Jewish nation secure an international loan. asserted that rounding up their “Arab that neither side has received any weap-
will establish its state and indepen- The Actions Committee ratified, by counterparts” would prove difficult. He ons. He asserted that “no one has shown
dence in the homeland. The state to be a vote of 44 to 32, the Haganah-Irgun refused to legalize the Haganah on the one piece of evidence” that British arms
established will be ruled through jus- military agreement and decided to float grounds that the government refuses to are filtering through to Palestine.
tice, freedom and equality for all inhab- an internal loan of $20,000,000 for
itants, regardless of race or creed.” defense purposes.

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ISRAEL AT 70 APRIL 13, 2018 13

How 1948 changed
American Jews
Ben Sales hand was very exciting and had lots of

communal programming and celebra-
n the dead of night, one year after tions, it was slightly anticlimactic in the
L u x u r y P r i v a t e To u r s Israel’s establishment, three stu- sense that opposition had been gone for
dents climbed up a tower at the at least 10 years.”
Jewish Theological Seminary in North American Jewish support for
BY JOE YUDIN Manhattan and raised the Israeli flag. Israel was turbocharged by the Truman
The next morning, the Conservative administration’s quick recognition of
rabbinical school’s administration took the state, and by the Israeli army’s vic-
it down. tory against the Arab states in its war of
That act of surreptitious Zionist pro- independence.
test was one of several at JTS during the In February of that year, in just one
years surrounding 1948, when Israel day, in just one stop in Montreal, Golda
gained independence, Michael Green- Meyerson (later Meir), raised $400,000—
baum wrote in an essay in “Tradition that’s the equivalent of some $4 million
TOLL FREE VISIT US Renewed,” a JTS history edited by Jack today — on behalf of the provisional
Wertheimer. Students supported the state. In the weeks after independence,
877-778-8644 new Jewish state. But the seminary’s she started a drive in the United States
chancellor, Louis Finkelstein, felt that and Canada for $75 million more. (That’s
American Jews should not focus all their about $750 million in 2018 dollars.)
efforts across the ocean. He also had to “There was a sense that once America
appease a board of trustees who were recognized the state, Zionism had won,
wary of Jewish nationalism. and everyone wanted to link with the
But the students persisted. Once, they winners,” said Jonathan Sarna, a profes-
sang the Israeli anthem, “Hatikvah,” sor of Jewish history at Brandeis Univer-
after graduation ceremonies. Another sity. “It was growing very quickly, it took
time, they convinced their colleagues in all of these refugees, which solved that
at the Union Theological Seminary, the problem.”
Protestant school across Broadway, to After Israel secured its independence,
play the anthem from its bell tower. American Jews began to engage with the
Today, nearly all American Jewish new nation in small ways. There was
institutions are vocally, even passionately no rush of tourism, but American Jews
pro-Israel. But in the years after the Jew- would show their support by buying
ish state won its independence 70 years goods from Israel, reading books about
ago, that feeling was not yet universal. Israel, or holding Israeli dance classes in
Before the Holocaust, Zionism itself their community centers.
was polarizing among American Jews. “Here’s this new state they had to kind
Many, especially in the Reform move- of develop this relationship with, and the
ment, felt that support for a Jewish cultural realm was really the place it was
homeland would cause their loyalty to happening,” Emily Alice Katz, author of
America to be called into question. The the 2015 book “Bringing Zion Home,”
other side was represented by Louis told the New Books Network podcast.
Brandeis, the first Jewish Supreme Court “There were these years in which it
justice, who saw no conflict between wasn’t as much about rallying the troops
American values and Zionist aspirations. for these massive outpourings of aid or
By the time Israel declared indepen- political influence, but it was more of
dence on May 14, 1948, American Jews, this coming to know Israel.”
scarred by images of the Holocaust and Part of the reticence to support
Nazism and inspired by newsreels of Israel stemmed from the ethos of 1950s
tanned kibbutzniks, largely were sup- America, with its focus on suburban
portive of Zionism. But they were not yet growth, the melting pot, and assimila-
turning out for organized political advo- tion. Against that backdrop, American
cacy and mass tourism to Jerusalem and Jews were trying to prove they belonged
Tel Aviv. Instead they were getting used as social and cultural equals in Ameri-
to the idea of a Jewish sovereign state — can society. So again they were fearful
gradually incorporating it into their cul- of dual loyalty charges that could stem
ture, prayers, and religious outlook. from vocal support for a Jewish state.
“After the mid-1930s, the majority of In a watershed moment in that debate,
American Jews had come to be positive in 1950 Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-
one way or another about the idea of a Gurion sent a letter to Jacob Blaustein,
Jewish homeland,” said Hasia Diner, the president of the American Jewish Com-
director of the Goldstein-Goren Cen- mittee, which for many years had been
ter for American Jewish History at New hesitant to throw its support behind the
York University. “While 1948 on the one Jewish national movement. Ben-Gurion

14 ISRAEL AT 70 APRIL 13, 2018

pledged not to speak for American Jewry starring Paul Newman and Eva Marie Saint.
or intervene in its affairs, and to dial down In 1961, the Yiddish star Molly Picon starred
his insistence that American Jews move to in a Broadway musical, “Milk and Honey,”
Israel. In exchange, Blaustein recognized about American Jews visiting Israel. “Milk
“the necessity and desirability” of sup- and Honey” ran for more than 500 perfor-
porting Israel in its nation building. mances. A few years later, the Israel Pavilion
“The 1950s were the heyday of Amer- at the New York World’s Fair showcased the
ican Jewish assimilation,” said Sara country’s charms. And as Cold War tensions
Hirschhorn, an Israel studies professor at continued into the 1960s, Israel began to be
Oxford University. “It was the postwar era, seen as a U.S. ally against the Soviet Union.
when American Jews were benefiting from In 1967, Arab armies again threatened
the same things everyone else was benefit- Israel’s existence. Between the anxious
ing from — the GI bill, all kinds of ways for buildup to that war and Israel’s lightning
people to move into the middle class — and victory, American Jewish acceptance of
they wanted to continue to make the most David Ben-Gurion, who was to become Israel’s first prime minister, reads the Israel had turned to adulation, placing
of that.” new nation’s Declaration of Independence in Tel Aviv on May 14, 1948. the Jewish state at the center of their iden-
Nevertheless, Israel began to show up Zoltan Kluger/Israeli Government Press Office via Getty Images tity. The few dissenters were found on the
in American Jewish religious practice. A non-Zionist left, among various charedi
Conservative prayer book published in of “destruction and rebirth.” That outlook much so that American Jews don’t know Orthodox movements, and in the quiet
1949 had readings about Israel, but not posed the Holocaust and the establish- the history of Zionism going back, and grumblings of some mainstream leaders
the prayer for Israel that now is standard ment of Israel as its two poles, and Sarna have bought the idea that it’s all about the and rabbis who think the emphasis on
in many prayer books. Religious schools said that it remains dominant in Ameri- Holocaust being linked to the birth of the Israel has thwarted the development of
gradually shifted their pronunciation of can Jewish thinking today. He noted that State of Israel.” distinctly American Judaisms.
Hebrew from European Ashkenazic to Israel’s Holocaust Remembrance Day and American Jews became more open in “Slowly but surely, Israel became more
Sephardic-inflected Israeli. Non-Zionist its Independence Day are commemorated their celebration of Israel about a decade important for American Jews,” Sarna
religious leaders, like JTS’s Finkelstein, about a week apart by design. after 1948. “Exodus,” the 1958 novel by said. “1967 is at once a reflection of Isra-
eventually were sidelined. “The theme of destruction and rebirth Leon Uris that painted Israel in heroic el’s growing importance, but at the same
The biggest shift, Sarna said, was Ameri- becomes a very important theme in the terms, was a national best-seller and in time it is a great intensification of Israel’s
can Jewry viewing Judaism’s history as one lives of American Jews,” Sarna said. “So 1960 it was adapted into a popular movie centrality.” JTA Wire Service

ISRAEL AT 70 APRIL 13, 2018 15

C Jews Perish in Arab Attack

Israel at 70 on Medical Convoy

Dr. Yasski, Hadassah Head, Killed
besieged Jews in Jerusalem — consist-
JerusAlem (APril 13, 1948, JtA)
— At least 34 Jews were officially ing of 210 food trucks — raced into the
reported killed today in one of the city amid wild cheering and rejoicing.
fiercest Arab attacks Palestine has Responsible Jewish circles believe
seen since the outbreak of hostilities. that the Arab siege of the Holy City is A
An 11-vehicle convoy en route to the definitely broken and predict normal
Hadassah Hospital on Mt. Scopus was communications with Tel Aviv will be J
forced to halt outside the Arab Sheik established shortly. The convoy was w
Jarrach quarter of Jerusalem when said to have brought in 600 tons of w
the leading trucks — carrying food food provisions. p
and medical supplies to the hospital t
and to the Hebrew University — were Mishmar Haemek s
blown up by Arab-planted mines. fighters rout Arabs; t
As soon as the convoy was stopped,
Furmansky dies in battle
Arabs perched on adjacent rooftops h
opened up with a blazing barrage In the Mishmar Haemek engage- i
that resulted in immediate casual- ment, where Jewish fighters have r
ties, most of whom were medical been virtually isolated by stubborn f
personnel. Among those killed was Arab attacks for the past week, Haga-
Dr. Chaim Yasski, head of the Hadas- nah radio announced today that Arab
sah Medical Organization in Palestine forces under the command of Fazwi
since 1928, who was well-known in Kawaukji had been driven from the
the United States. Dr. Edward Joseph, area immediately surrounding the col-
chief surgeon at the hospital, was ony and “are now in full retreat.” Later
slightly injured. reports said that a Jewish force pursu-
Haganah members trying to reach ing the Arabs in the direction of Jenin,
the attack area had to battle their way Arab stronghold in central Palestine,
for hours through mined roads. Arab was repulsed when the retreating
reinforcements, however, succeeded Arabs opened fire on their pursuers.
in reaching the sector with compara- A force of 30 armored cars from
tive ease. Police officials, who said Nahalal, summoned by the Mishmar
that in addition to the 36 Jews killed, Haemek fighters to aid in routing the
21 were seriously injured and three guerrillas, succeeded in reaching the
slightly, reported that British troops battle area in time to hit the enemy’s
using heavy machine guns and Email flank with concentrated fire, resulting
mortars beat off the Arabs after six in the Arabs beating an even hastier
hours of fighting. The British were retreat than previously. Moshe Fur-
also reported to have brought many mansky, Hashomer Hatzair leader
of the wounded to the Hadassah Hos- who represented the organization in
pital before they succeeded in estab- the United States for several years,
lishing a truce. was among the Jewish casualties in the
At late reports, several of the con- Mishmar Hasmek engagement. Jewish
vey vehicles were reported ablaze, sources claimed 38 Arabs were killed
while many charred bodies lined the in today’s battle.
road. A high British police official, The U.S. consulate here revealed
said to have been fighting alongside today it would evacuate by air all
the Arabs, was killed shortly before American citizens wishing to leave Pal-
the end of the battle in which the estine because of present-day hostili-
Arabs, many of them behind sandbags ties. The consulate is urging all other
and stone walls, sent two armored Americans who choose to remain
cars soaked with gasoline in a “fire in the Middle East to leave Palestine
bomb” attack against the stationary before all vehicular traffic is cut off.
Jewish trucks. The consulate office here is operat-
Earlier, the biggest Jewish convoy ing on a skeleton staff, with many staff
ever to get through to the 100,000 members assigned to Haifa.

Noah’s Ark & Shelly’s


16 ISRAEL AT 70 APRIL 13, 2018


Israeli and diaspora Jews

are siblings living in
very different homes
AvitAl HocHstein still is their ancestral family home.
Rabbi Shira Koch Epstein of the 14th
JerusAlem — Rabbi Donniel Hartman, Street Y in New York spins that metaphor
who lives in Jerusalem but frequently in another direction. She understands
works in North America, compares dias- the relationship between Jews who live
pora Jews to grown children who have left in Israel and those who live elsewhere as
their parents’ nest and created their own a relationship of siblings. She prefers a
space and home outside the homeland of metaphor that conveys greater equality
the Jewish people. between the two groups. The U.S. and Israel flags on the walls of the Old City in Jerusalem, Dec. 6, 2017.
The beloved adult children still feel at Rabbi Koch Epstein says that Israeli Jews AHmAD gHArABli/AfP/getty imAges

home when they visit their parents — that are like the children who have moved back
is, Israel. Yet they may not go into every into their parents’ home, while Jews else- to innovate when you have moved back between Israeli Jews and world Jewry as
room in the house freely and necessarily where are like the children who have set into the home of one’s parents is more one between parents and grown children,
feel at ease there, even though the house up a new home. Jews around the world challenging, she says. to appreciating them as the relations
are free to create their own new spaces as I appreciate both metaphors of fam- between siblings, is interesting, challeng-
Rabbi Avital Hochstein is a research they understand them, with no limitations ily dynamics. This is an important con- ing, and compelling. But the constraints
fellow at the Shalom Hartman Institute in stemming from parental baggage. Israeli versation. Yet I am uncomfortable. The that Rabbi Koch Epstein describes feel for-
Jerusalem and president of Hadar in Israel. Jews face a more arduous task. Feeling free shift from understanding the relationship eign to my experience as an Israeli.

ISRAEL AT 70 APRIL 13, 2018 17

While the sibling metaphor is a helpful way to under- all-too-familiar environment. continue asking how an ethical Jewish army should
stand the realities and challenges of Jews today, I would flip Israeli Jews, on the other hand, are the siblings who have function, how we should collect taxes and spend gov-
it: World Jewry, not Israelis, are the grown children living in broken with old family ways and are meeting new situations ernment revenues, and many more issues.
their parents’ home; indeed, Jews have been living outside at every turn. Being the majority and having Jewish sover- Jews in Israel today face new challenges and novel
Israel, with no sovereignty and as a minority, for more than eignty are new experiences for Jews, even after 70 years of circumstances. But we also have new tools to use
2,000 years. having a state. because there exists a state with a Jewish majority and
Thus, Jews around the world are living in their parents’ As we mark our 70th anniversary as a state, we have a sovereignty. In their new home, they have the free-
environment and struggling, often with success, to break lot of work ahead of us as we figure out how, for example, dom to innovate, to experiment, and to meet those
free from old traditions and ways, despite being in an we should treat minorities ethically and Jewishly. We must challenges and circumstances in their own way.
JtA Wire service

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those

of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of
JTA or its parent company, 70 Faces Media.

Olami honors
This Mother’s Day, Israel’s fallen
Yizkereim: Honor Israel’s Fallen, a project of

give her an olive tree in Olami in partnership with The Afikim Foundation
and Israel’s Ministry of the diaspora, is preparing
for Israel’s 70th anniversary by remembering the
Israel’s Negev Desert. 23,632 people who died defending and protect-
ing the State of Israel. Honor Israel’s Fallen is a
project that allows participants to choose a sol-
Honor that special someone by planting an olive tree in Wadi Mashash, the dier or member of Israel’s security forces from to learn about the
experimental farm of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. Your unique gift deceased, and perform a positive action — an act
will help make Israel’s Negev desert bloom. It will also support invaluable of kindness, service, learning, prayer, or tzedaka
(charity) — and post about it on the website as
agricultural research. well as on social media. In this way, families of
the fallen will see the deeds performed on behalf
Planting an olive tree in Israel to commemorate Mother’s Day is a great way of their loved ones on the website.
On social media, participants will tag friends
to celebrate that amazing woman in your life. She will receive a beautiful and challenge them to participate as well,
certificate personalized with your message. thereby exponentially increasing participants,
much like the Ice Bucket Challenge to increase
awareness of ALS in the summer of 2014. A vir-
Order by May 9 to guarantee delivery of her special certificate. tual candle displays on each hero’s page for every action pledged, and a digital file of all
actions will be kept at Mount Herzl, the site of
Israel’s national cemetery and other memorial
and educational facilities.
Israel is important wherever you live. Yiz-
kereim: Honor Israel’s Fallen is an opportunity
for people around the world to show their sup-
port and appreciation, and to put aside differ-
ences and come together to honor those who
died to get where we are today.
Olami is a global community of organizations
committed to inspiring young adults to achieve
theirJewish greatness through Jewish learning
and practice. Our partnering programs fuse both
informal and formal Jewish education modules
to create an engaging, inspiring and motivating
environment for further Jewish engagement.
Olami member organizations offer a wide range
of opportunities for student transformation and
identification through text study, experiential
engagement, and educational trips to Israel. For
a full list of member organizations, go to www.

646-452-3693 I I

ISRAEL AT 70 APRIL 13, 20181 3/29/18 4:07 PM
Arab Population of Tiberias Evacuated by British; “practically a third party” in the war and of aiding the
Arab Legion in its anti-Jewish activities.
l Haganah Proclaims Jewish Regime Jewish traffic was rerouted in Jerusalem for several
e hours this afternoon in order to avoid King George
JerusAlem (APril 19, 1948, JtA) — The party of armed Jews together with Major J. Reefer, an official of Avenue, one of the main thoroughfares in the city,
entire Arab population of the mixed town of the Palestine Supreme Court. Reefer was questioned for three because the street was under Arab mortar fire. Dur-
e Tiberias, in northern Palestine, was evacuated hours and then was released, but Azouri, who is also said to be ing an exchange of fire between the Arabs and Jewish
today under supervision of British troops. The a court official, is still missing. forces in this area, British troops fired several heavy
e evacuation was completed by early this evening The Jewish Agency today charged the British with being shells at the Jewish positions.
at which time the Jewish charter of the town
was placed under curfew.
Immediately after the evacuation began, the
local Haganah leader proclaimed the existence
of a “Jewish independent regime” in Tiberias.
He also announced the establishment of a spe-
cial Jewish military police force to keep order

in the town and guard all abandoned property,
including that owned by the Arabs or the gov-
ernment, as well as to protect the holy places of
all three religions against damage and trespass. life-changing
During the curfew hours tonight, an Arab was
shot by an unidentified sniper. Jerusalem moments
The Tiberias Jewish community council
issued a statement pointing out that the “Arabs
have not been expelled from the town. They
were the first to attack and left when the Jews
replied, but they will return one day to their
homes as free citizens with full rights.”
The Haganah today claimed to have captured
an important Arab military leader in Jerusalem.
The man, Hanns Azouri, was kidnapped by a

30,000 Participate in Labor

Protest over U.S. Shift; Urge
Implementation of Partition
neW yorK (APril 14, 1948, JtA) — More than
30,000 persons filled Yankee Stadium this after-
noon to protest against the American Govern-
ment’s policy reversal on Palestine. At a city-wide
demonstration arranged by the AFL, CIO and
National Committee for Labor Palestine offices
here, which followed a protect work stoppage in
hundreds of factories in New York, a resolution
urging the immediate implementation of the U.N. Our “extra mile” service is already included
partition decision was unanimously adopted. At The Inbal Jerusalem, we’re always ready to accommodate you with our famous warm personal
James B. Corey, CIO secretary-treasurer, Leon service, that always goes the extra mile to make you feel welcome. Enjoy your stay at one of the
Henderson, chairman of Americans for Demo- finest locations in Jerusalem, while you collect invaluable moments in this eternal city.
cratic Action, Jacob S. Potofsky, president of
the Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America, For reservations: 972.2.675.6669
Joseph Schlossberg, chairman of the National
Committee for Labor Palestine, as well as other
top leaders, denounced the U.S. shift and voiced
the hope that the U.N. General Assembly special
Palestine session, opening Friday, would reaffirm
the original partition resolution setting up sepa-
rate Jewish and Arab states in Palestine.
Rep. Emanuel Celler denounced the present U.S.
position on Palestine and declared that the Jewish
people had been betrayed by false promises. Dr.
Abba Hillel Silver, who was scheduled to speak,
was unable to attend because his plane from Wash- Liberty Bell Park, 3 Jabotinsky St., Jerusalem, Israel
ington was grounded by inclement weather. A mes-
sage from David Ben Gurion was read.

ISRAEL AT 70 APRIL 13, 2018 19


It’s time to reclaim the Z-word — Zionism

Gil Troy aimless world.
Reclaiming Zionism often
JERUSALEM — All too often, entails moving from Politi-
when I ask campus organiza- cal Zionism — asking what we
tions that are pro-Israel and can do for our country — to
deeply Zionist why they avoid Identity Zionism — asking,
using the “Z-word” in their mes- with apologies to JFK, what
saging and literature, I’m told, your country can do for you.
“Zionism doesn’t poll well.” There’s a reason why Israel
True, not polling well is one ranks 11th on the world “Hap-
of today’s great sins. But imag- piness Index,” despite the
ine what our world would be nation’s many challenges.
like if our ancestors had feared Most Israelis are instinctively
the polls. The American Revo- Identity Zionists. Their iden-
lution wouldn’t have polled tity blossoms from the Zion-
well. Suggestions that North- ist state — which appreciates
erners crush slavery in 1860 strong family values, robust
wouldn’t have polled well. And community ties, deep patri-
proposing a new Jewish state in otic feelings — and a broader
1897 wouldn’t have polled well sense of mission in life. That’s
either. At the time, most Euro- part of the package Birthright
pean Jews believed enlightened participants and other tour-
Europe was outgrowing anti- ists appreciate when visiting
Semitism. That polled well. Israel. And that’s the recipe
Let’s learn from our heroic that makes so many Israelis
predecessors — and from femi- happy despite the rush-rush of
nists, gays, and African-Amer- their society and the roar-roar
icans, whose first attempts to of some Palestinian neighbors
defend their rights didn’t poll demanding their destruction.
well either. Take back the night, Theodor Herzl, the father of modern Zionism, leans over the balcony of the Drei Konige Hotel during Zionism isn’t the only way
resist internalizing our oppres- the first Zionist Congress in Basel, Switzerland, on August 29, 1897. GPO via Getty Images or the best way, it’s just my
sors’ hatred of us. way, my people’s way. I’m
Reclaim the Z-word: Zionism. be a more popular term than Israel. Until Arthur Hertzberg’s classic anthology “The not smart enough to improvise another
You cannot defeat those delegitimizing 1948, Zionism was the movement affirm- Zionist Idea.” Adding the “s” broadens the framework.
Israel by surrendering Zionism, the move- ing that Jews are a people with a homeland conversation, from the 38 thinkers in his Identity Zionism includes commitments
ment that established Israel. If a century and that like other nations, Jews have the book to the 170 in mine. As part of its pub- to Jewish education, Jewish action, to mak-
ago Zionism brought pride back to the right to establish a state on that land. (Oth- lication and in honor of Yom Ha’Atzmaut, ing Jewish ethics come alive, to Jewish peo-
term “Jew,” Jews and non-Jews today must ers may, too — nationalism involves col- Israel’s Independence Day, I am urging plehood and Jewish community. These are
bring pride back to the term “Zionist.” lective consciousness, not exclusive land readers to host Zionist salons, home-based core Zionist values that I, for one, would
In his book on “the strange career of claims.) Since 1948, Zionism has been the conversations addressing “what Zionism — in Churchill’s words — never surrender.
the troublesome” N-word, the African- movement to perfect that state. and Israel mean to me today.” Today, the #MeToo conversation spot-
American Harvard Law professor Randall Like all countries, Israel makes good Establishing Israel in 1948 fulfilled the lights how often victims — especially
Kennedy explains the “protean nature” of and bad moves. If you’re anti-Zionist, you Zionist idea, the idea that powerless Jews women — internalize persecution, letting
political words. Groups can triumph with reject Israel’s very existence. If you’re criti- needed a state as a refuge, immediately, bullies win. Anyone interested in abandon-
linguistic magic by defining themselves cal of Israel sometimes, you’re a thinking and as a platform to flourish and express ing Zionism first should ask: How much
and their aims; when enemies define human being. Jewish values, long-term. Seventy years of this internalizes the delegitimization
them, they lose. Kennedy warns against America’s president offers an opportu- later, debating Zionist ideas welcomes campaign?
allowing the hater to define the hated. But nity to understand that distinction. The 77 debate from left to right, religious and If we don’t stand up for ourselves, who
that’s what is happening. percent of American Jews who hate Don- nonreligious, about what Zionism and are we? If we let those haters win, what are
First, shame on them. Shame on the ald Trump still remain proudly Ameri- Israel can mean to me as a Jew, as a person we? And if we don’t start celebrating and
anti-Zionists who single out Jewish nation- can. Why can’t we love Israel and Zionism — and how some of these ideas can help reclaiming the Z-word now — at Israel’s
alism, meaning Zionism, in a world orga- regardless of particular prime ministers or Israel become a model democracy. 70th — then when? JTA Wire Service

nized by nationalisms, and call it racist. policies, too? That’s why Zionism didn’t end in 1948.
Shame on them for libeling a democratic Here’s the real question for Jews: Do you The debates continue. Gil Troy is the author of “The Zionist Ideas,”
movement. Shame on them for ignoring feel connected to Israel, today’s great Jew- If Zionism as an idea asserts that Jews which updates Arthur Hertzberg’s classic
Judaism’s national-religious duality, which ish people project? If so, you stick with it are a people with a homeland, and Zion- work “The Zionist Idea,” and was just
allows non-Jews to convert into the Jewish because you belong to the Jewish people. ism as a movement builds, protects, and published by the Jewish Publication Society.
religion and join the Jewish nation, mak- And you help perfect that state through perfects the state, Zionism as a value is He is a distinguished scholar of North
ing Zionism among the least biologically Zionism — embracing different schools of more personal. Zionists see it as a way of American history at McGill University.
based, least racist, most permeable forms Zionist thought. It could be Religious Zion- explaining Judaism as a culture, a civiliza- Follow him on Twitter @GilTroy
of nationalism. And shame on them for ism or left-leaning Labor Zionism or right- tion, an ethnicity, and a tradition, not just
racializing the national conflict between leaning Revisionist Zionism or Cultural a religion. It anchors us in a self-indulgent, The views and opinions expressed in this
Israelis and Palestinians — inflaming Zionism. throwaway society, providing a sense of article are those of the author and do not
hatred, making peace more elusive. In honor of Israel’s 70th birthday, I just community in an often lonely, alienating necessarily reflect the views of JTA or its par-
Alas, shame on us, too. Zionism should published “The Zionist Ideas,” updating culture, and a sense of mission in an often ent company, 70 Faces Media.

20 ISRAEL AT 70 APRIL 13, 2018

Crazy Israeli winemaking from Jezreel
gAry lAnDsmAn having been created from the cross

of two other grapes in Israel in the
razy. Jezreel Valley Winery’s 1970s to provide color to Israeli red
founders are crazy. Tech blends. It quickly fell out of favor and
titans such as Apple’s Steve other grapes such as Petite Sirah were
Jobs and Oracle’s Larry instead used to provide the color to
Ellison use the word crazy to refer blends. A few attempts to make quality
to those whose thinking is outside of table wine from Argaman were made Jezreel Valley
the box, innovative and disruptive. at other wineries, but Jezreel has sur- Winery Rosé: This
As Larry Ellison put it: “You’re not passed the others with their top label refreshing rose´ Jezreel Valley
going to succeed when everyone is single varietal Argaman wine. has a wonderful Winery Adumim: A
doing the same thing... accept differ- Dabuki is a white grape indigenous lip-smacking blend of Jezreel’s
ent thinking.” to Israel. And using the Dabuki grape acidity and unique primary red grapes,
Pesonally, Yehuda Nahar and Jacob Jezreel made possibly their riskiest citrus note from Syrah, Carignan, and
Ner-David, co-founders of Jezreel Valley wine; a “Pet-Nat”. Pet-Nat short for the Sauvignon Argaman, “Adumim”
Winery, are anything but crazy. Yet this Pétillant-Naturel, a sparkling wine Blanc and is is a fruit-forward
five-year-old winery is leading a disrup- made by allowing a wine to start its perfect with a and food-friendly
tive wave and making wines that others, fermentation in tanks, but then finish salad, pan seared wine. A medium
both in and outside of Israel, might con- in the bottle, capturing the carbon fish, or on its own. body with hints of
sider crazy. dioxide that is a byproduct of fer- dark berries, this
But crazy is not the goal of Jezreel. mentation, giving the wine bubbles. wine is a great
Rather, original is — “original Israeli” When done right Pet-Nats can be a pairing for grilled
more specifically. great sparkling alternative to Cham- dark chicken cutlets.
The three red grapes that Jezreel pagne. But the method by which the
has chosen to focus on are Syrah, Cari- bubbles are captured is considered
gnan and Argaman. by many to be unstable and risky, so
Syrah, also known as Shiraz, is a it is not a commonly used method.
grape used to make world-class wines The release of Jezreel’s Pet-Nat just
in places such as Southern France’s made quite some noise in Israel. Itay
Rhone Valley as well as Australia. Jez- Gleitman, who is the wine writer for
reel believes this grape is ideally suited the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, just
to the Mediterranean climate of Israel published an article raving about the
and when planted in the correct loca- wine as well as about the winery’s Jezreel Valley
tion, harvested at the right time, and creativity. Winery Syrah: Dark
then made into a wine that allows the While Jezreel’s first Pet-Nat was not berries, with notes
grape to express its true character, it exported outside of Israel, they are of herb, spice, and
can be uniquely Israeli and a perfect attempting two Pet-Nat’s from the 2017 earth, this wine has
complement to Israel’s Middle Eastern harvest, and hope some will make its soft, silky tannins
food and warm climate. way to the US. and will pair well
Carignan is a grape that, while A final wine worth mentioning is a with savory lamb.
widely planted around the world, wine worth seeking out as we enjoy
has a reputation for being a stubborn the final warm days before fall and
grape. It is late to ripen, susceptible to winter: the Jezreel rosé. While rosé
rot, and its tough stalks make it chal- has over the last few years quickly
lenging for machine harvesting. Cari- become very en vogue, Jezreel’s 2016
gnan became a widely-planted grape rosé of course has something unusual
due to its ability to yield a very high about it — a white grape. Rosé is a wine
amount of grapes per vine. It is for this that we drink chilled like a white wine,
reason that it was a variety planted in but it is made (and gets its pink color Jezreel Valley
Israel, specifically when Israel was from the skins) of red grapes. Break- Winery Argaman:
making kiddush wine and quality was ing convention, Jezreel blended Sauvi- Red berries and
of secondary concern to quantity. It gnon Blanc into their rosé, giving it a toasty oak frame
took an innovative and stubborn win- bit more personality and a lovely cit- this medium-to-full Jezreel Valley Winery
ery such as Jezreel to make a world rus note not found in most rosés made bodied wine that is Carignan: A full-bodied,
class wine out of Carignan and Jez- exclusively from red grapes. robust yet not overly powerful yet refined
reel is very proud of the fact that their So if you like to be ahead of the heavy and quite wine, this wine has
Carignan is the first Israeli and kosher curve, do things a bit differently, and complex. This wine rustic tannins with
wine on the wine list at a three star think outside the box, Jezreel wines will pair nicely with earthy and spicy
Michelin restaurant in France. are worth seeking out. Moroccan chicken or notes as well as hints
While Jezreel believes that their use veal osso bucco. of tart blackberries,
of Syrah and Carignan is distinctly Gary Landsman has been a passionate black currants, and
Israeli, they took this philosophy to wine lover and professional for over espresso. Sublime with
the next level with their use of indig- a decade and is the owner of Taste a standing rib roast or
enous grapes Argaman and Dabuki. Wine Co., an innovative wine shop in duck à l’orange.
Argaman is a modern Israeli grape, Manhattan’s East Village.

ISRAEL AT 70 APRIL 13, 2018 21

Congratulations on U.N. Assembly Opens Today;
the 70th Anniversary of the U.S. Warns Against Establishment
Establishment of the State of Israel of Jewish Government
lAKe success, n.y. (APril 15, already adopted on the truce ignored
1948, JtA) — On the eve of the open- the main aspect of the Palestine prob-
ing of the second special session of the lem–-”invasion by armed forces from
U.N. General Assembly to discuss the outside,” organized by the Arab states
future government of Palestine, the and “tolerated” by the Mandatory
United States today served notice that Power. They constituted a “perma-
should the U.N. Palestine Commission nent act of aggression,” he said.
proceed with its plans to set up a Pro- However, Shertok continued, the
visional Council of Government for the Agency had declared itself willing to
Jewish State, it would be considered enter into a truce arrangement, pro-
a breach of the political and military vided that the truce was an effective
truce sought by the Security Council. one and not a mere cover for the prep-
The warning was voiced by U.S. aration of further aggression, and pro-
delegate Warren R. Austin during a vided that observance of the truce did
Congresswoman Nita M. Lowey discussion at the Security Council at not prejudge the main issue at stake
Proudly Serving New York’s 17th Congressional District which the Palestine truce resolution or impede Jewish immigration. He
PaiD for aND authorizeD bY LoweY for CoNgreSS
was presented by President Alfonso emphasized that in the truce talks with
Lopez for a vote. The resolution was the president of the Security Council,
strongly supported by Austin who the Agency had made only two stipu-
also pleaded with the Jews and the lations, both of a military rather than a
Arabs for its acceptance. political character. These stipulations
The U.S. delegate warned the coun- were that all foreign armed forces be
cil that time is short, that the British removed from Palestine and further
administration alone exercises gov- armed incursions prevented.
ernmental authority in Palestine until
May 15 and that no other authority can Truce must not impede
lawfully bear arms there. Not even the Jewish immigration,
United Nations can send in an armed
Shertok stipulates
force so long as the British Mandate is
in force, except at the invitation of the The truce plan, Shertok noted, called
Mandatory Power, he pointed out. on the Mandatory Power to maintain
General A.G.L. McNaughton of Can- law and order. Thus, it appeared that
ada also spoke in favor of the truce the duration of the truce was limited to
resolution and appealed to the Jews the short period between now and May
and Arabs to accept it. He emphasized 15, when the Mandate was to be termi-
that the proposal “is the product of a nated. His other comments would be
cooperative effort by several delega- based on this assumption, he said.
tions, whose main desire was to find Shertok suggested a change in
a fair and equitable basis on which the preamble so that the Mandatory
there might be an immediate cessa- Power, with its “recent record,” would
tion of acts of violence in Palestine, not be formally assured of full interna-
without prejudice to the rights, claims tional support for its acts. He thought
or positions of the parties concerned.” prohibition against the entrance of
persons “capable of bearing arms”
Shertok says truce would affect Jewish immigration.
proposal “loads the dice;” The Jews could not agree that Jewish
migrants, whatever their age group,
outlines Jewish conditions
could be thus put on the same footing
Moshe Shertok, speaking on behalf of with armed bands now being sent to
the Jewish Agency, pointed out that Palestine to break the law and disturb
the whole question of a truce in Pal- the peace, he declared.
estine had been raised in the Security The ban on political activity is too
Council as part of a general proposal vague, Shertok continued. He sug-
to set aside the General Assembly’s gested that it be deleted from the
resolution on partition, and substitute text, or the wording changed to “any
an entirely different plan which the action which might prejudice the
Agency found “utterly unacceptable.” rights or position of either commu-
The very idea of a truce pro- nity under the Mandate and the parti-
posal brought forward in this way tion resolution of the General Assem-
appeared to “load the dice” against bly,” a resolution which he termed
Jewish interest, he declared. In addi- still totally valid.”
tion, the wording of the resolution SEE U.N., U.s. PAgE 25

22 ISRAEL AT 70 APRIL 13, 2018

The History of Israel, Bottled.
Please Enjoy Responsibly • Imported by Royal Wine Corp.

Founded in 1882 by Baron Edmond de Rothschild, Carmel owns the two largest
wineries in Israel and produces over 14 million bottles a year, including best-selling
Selected wines, and award winning Limited Edition and Mediterranean wines.

ISRAEL AT 70 APRIL 13, 2018 23

1948 Destiny

For the Relief, Rehabilitation
and Resettlement Programs of
Joint Distribution Committee,
United Palestine Appeal
and United Service
for New Americans
Henry Morgenthau, Jr.,
General Chairman


70th Birthday
The Flavor of Israel Israel!
Specializing in Authentic Israeli Cuisine Allan Dorfman
Since 2005 201-461-6764 Eve
201-970-4118 Cell
Yom Ha’atzmaut Specials 201-585-8080 Office

FALAFEL Celebrating Israel’s 70th Anniversary


Michael Fedida, R.Ph., M.S.

SCHWARMA TEL: (201) 836-7003

527 Cedar Lane, Teaneck, NJ 07666
$8 Celebrating Our 70th Anniversary

All day Thursday, April 19

Catering • Shabbat Menu
Approved Caterer at Rinat Yisrael
70th Anniversary
456 Cedar Lane · Teaneck
201-530-0808 Mazel Tov, Israel! E. STEIN · LEONIA
24 ISRAEL AT 70 APRIL 13, 2018
British Launch Heavy Attack to prevent flying glass, and to remain in Hundreds of Arab families are reported to
on Jewish Force in Jaffa nearby shelters. have fled Jaffa, which has been under attack
Jews were taking cover in cellars in the since Sunday morning, while Arab police
Use Rocket Planes and Artillery southern part of Tel Aviv because the shells in Manshieh have also withdrawn. Jewish
from Jaffa were landing in the area. Tel Aviv troops have been using tanks, armored
tel Aviv (APril 28, 1948, JtA) — used by the Arabs as “key positions.” residents were not sure whether the shells cars and mortar batteries in the four-day-
British troops fortified with armored A similar communique was issued came from Arab or British guns. old assault.
vehicles, mortars and artillery were by the Irgun emphasizing that “the
attacking tonight Haganah and Irgun advance into Jaffa continues.”
positions in Jewish-occupied suburbs
of Jaffa in order to prevent the Jews Many Arabs taken
from seizing the rest of city. prisoner; Red Cross
Rocket-firing Spitfires of the Royal
asked for aid
Air Force were used for the first time
in Palestine in the British assault. The A large number of Arabs have been
aircraft struck at Irgun headquarters taken prisoner in the battle and have
at Yam, on the outskirts of Jaffa, from been transferred to a Haganah-Irgun
which Jewish artillery has been hit- camp. At the same time, the Jewish
ting the Arab seaport. forces have asked the Red Cross to
The British attack followed on the care for Arab women and children
heels of a warning delivered to Mayor in the fighting area. A white flag was
Israel Rokach of Tel Aviv that if the raised over the Mosque in Manshieh
Jewish forces continued their advance and the Jewish troops were ordered
into Jaffa, British troops would defend by their commanders not to harm the
the city. Even if the Jews succeed in Moslem house of worship.
capturing Jaffa, the warning said, the Towards the end of the day, incom-
British will drive them out. plete reports said that only four Jews
The British warning was issued as had been killed in the Jaffa battle.
the joint armed forces of Haganah Mortar shells were still falling in the
and the Irgun captured the Manshieh center of the city at dusk while the
quarter of Jaffa and were continu-
ing their assault on the Arab city. A
Arabs were reported to be using field
guns to repel the Jewish attack. The HAPPY 70th BIRTHDAY!
Haganah communique issued ear- Haganah command has issued an
lier reported that Jewish forces have
occupied the suburbs of Jaffa and sur-
order to the Jews in the Tel Aviv-Jaffa
border area to keep their windows
Temple Beth El of Northern Valley
rounding villages which have been open and shutters closed in order Nursery School
221 Schraalenburgh Road, Closter, NJ 07624

U.N., U.s. absence of a clear provision to evac-

fRom PAgE 22 uate or at least immobilize the Arab
bands in Palestine. “They are,” he
Opposes British
said, “a constant irritant and perpet-
supervision of truce ual source of danger.” He spoke of the
in Palestine “responsibility of the Arab irritant” “Child Centered
Cent Curriculum in Warm & Nurturing Environment”
Stressing that the British Government and the Mandatory Power for the
“has forfeited its title to Jewish coop- “intolerable situation” caused by the
 Boutique-style Intimate Learning Center
eration,” Shertok said that the Jewish “armed invasion” of Palestine, and
 Full-Day (7:30am-6pm) Programs with Before & After Care Options
Agency would nevertheless be pre- said there sere reliable reports that the
 Programs for Mommy & Me (Toddler Time)
pared to cooperate in certain spheres, Arab states, encouraged by the inac-
“where we would regard cooperation tion of the Security Council, planned  Fully-Equipped Classrooms, Indoor Play Space & Outdoor Playground
as necessary and granted, but there to take over all of Palestine as soon as  Child-Centered Curriculum
can be no question of our pledging the British withdraw.  Excellent Teacher-To-Child Ratios
general cooperation to the British  Superior Enrichment Programs
Administration which has so mani- Syrian delegate wants  Day & Evening Tours Available
festly disregarded and acted contrary Jewish immigration halted,  Welcome families from all backgrounds while cultivating Jewish traditions
to its basic responsibilities.”  FREE Temple Beth El membership included with enrollments
partition efforts stopped
With regard to Britain supervising
the truce, Shertok said: “The Jewish Syrian delegate Faris El Khouri said he TODDLER TIME OPEN HOUSE
Every Thursday 9:15am - 10:45am Wednesday April 18, 9:30 to 11:30am
agency cannot possibly agree that the would vote for the truce proposal on
FREE - Drop-ins WELCOME Tour the facilities & Meet the Staff
Mandatory Administration is impar- the condition that Jewish immigration
tial in the present conflict and can, to Palestine is halted and all partition
properly be entrusted in this highly efforts stopped. If the Jews insist on
responsible task which requires com- the conditions outlined by Shertok, Contact:
plete objectivity.” he stated, then it would be “useless” Barbara Weinberg, Director
Finally Shertok regretted the to go on.

ISRAEL AT 70 APRIL 13, 2018 25

Happy 70th!
The Best Israeli Lock
We also make keys Choose a
509 Cedar Lane, Teaneck apart from
201-928-0333 the rest...
The Star of David will shine
Like Israel, Parkview eDitoriAl from tHe mAy 14, 1948 issue of tHe JeWisH stAnDArD
our pharmacy stands
apart from the rest...
Pharmacy As the Jewish State will become
one in fact on May 16, so will Brit-
embattled Yishuv. We shall accept
no truce that is a diabolical scheme
They will pull down the temple
of civilization and the structure of
ish dishonor and perfidy pass out to lure us away from our vantage morality on the heads of the peo-
ingloriously; and with it go their points already gained and give the ples of the world and bring chaos
despicable Satellites in Washing- enemy a chance to prepare for new and confusion and hate and war.
ton who betrayed their nation. offensives. So we do not plead any more,
Your one-stop
Discounted Freeda, Solgar, and Blue Bonnet Vitamins independentThey, as other tyrants before them
pharmacy We are asking no quarter and we do not weep and wail, for the
for over 30have
years!brought much tears and trag- are giving no quarter. We are conscience of the world slumbers
Full Prescription Service • Accepting All Insurances
edy to the Jew. They have made meeting dissolute statesmen and and the spirit is dead. Away with
Greeting Cards • AHAVA • Notary the heroic Yishuv pay dearly for depraved political chicanery on begging. To arms for defense; to
their self proclaimed indepen- the only ground that it under- arms for honor; to arms for cen-
Parkview Pharmacy dence and the price may yet be
grave. But the Jewish State is here,
stands—the will and courage
and determination to throw the
turies of unrequited suffering and
sorrow; to arms until nations will
1430 Queen Anne Rd. · Teaneck, NJ · Tel 201-837-6368 and Jewry throughout the world, vicious lie and cruel hurt back into redeem the truth and the pledged
M-F 9-6, Sat 9-1 Free Delivery united as never before, will give their profane lips and their unholy word, until nations will learn war
their all to defend that state with spirits. no more and turn atomic power
the God of Israel as their mainstay; While there is only one honor- toward the advancement and
while the morality of the world has able course for the United Nations healing instead of the destruction
TEANECK DENTIST fled and shame and dishonor cov- to pursue, to recognize the exis- of man—until blood becomes more
ers a stultified and callous assem- tence in fact of the Jewish State precious than oil; to arms until the
Wishes Israel bly of hypocritical and bewildered and prevent by moral and forceful spirit of the Lord marches again
a Happy nations. means further acts of Arab aggres- amongst nations. With a prayer on
At this moment we are deter- sion and murder, we know that our lips and the faith of God in our
70th Birthday mined that trusteeship or any other the nations will not do so. They hearts we behold the rising of the
subterfuge shall not be crammed will mumble. and double-talk and Star of David, shining resplendent
Richard S. Gertler, DMD, FAGD down the throats of an already knife in the back. through the dark of night.
Ari Frohlich, DMD
Sami Solaimanzadeh, DMD

1008 Teaneck Road · Teaneck, NJ

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U.S. Government Recognizes Provisional
Government of Israel As De Facto Authority
Convenient Morning, Evening & Sunday Hours
WAsHington (mAy 14, 1948, by the Provisional Government “The desire of the United States
JtA) — The United States Govern- thereof. to obtain a truce in Palestine will in

ebrate Israel at 70
RCBC ment tonight recognized the new “The United States recognizes no way by lessened by the procla-

C e l Jewish state of Israel as the de the Provisional Government as the mation of a Jewish state. We hope
facto authority in Palestine. Presi- de facto authority of the new state that the new Jewish state will join
dential press secretary Charles G. of Israel.” with the Security Council Truce
Ross announced that the presi- Ross also released a second Commission in redoubled efforts
dent had approved the following statement explaining how U.S. to bring about an end to the fight-
statement at 6:11 P.M. recognition affects efforts to ing which has been throughout the
“This government has been obtain a truce in Palestine. He United Nations consideration of
informed that a Jewish state has described the second statement Palestine a principal objective of
been proclaimed Palestine, and as a White House, not Presiden- this government.”
recognition has been requested tial, statement.
Glatt Kosher Mediterranean Cuisine
39 East Palisade Ave · Englewood, NJ
26 ISRAEL AT 70 APRIL 13, 2018
Jews Throughout U.S. $30,000,000 Needed for
Celebrate Proclamation of State Immediate Aid for Cyprus
Weizmann Greets Yishuv Arrivals in Jewish State
neW yorK (mAy 14, 1948, JtA) — The Jewish community in the United States neW yorK (mAy 14, 1948, JtA) — most of the funds will have to be raised
joined Jews in Israel and throughout the world today in celebrating the establish- At least $30,000,000 will be required in the U.S.
ment of Jewish state. Special thanksgiving services were held tonight in synagogues to extend reception assistance to the The $30,000,000, he declared, will
throughout the country and additional services were planned for tomorrow. Jewish 28,000 Jews from Cyprus who will cover the costs of food, clothing, medi-
leaders, including Dr. Chaim Weizmann, Dr. Abba Hillel Silver, and others, hailed the begin to enter Palestine after the expi- cal care equipment and small loans for
establishment of Israel in statements issued in New York this afternoon. ration of the Mandate, Dr. Israel Gold- the new immigrants, “all of whom are
Celebrations will reach a high point in New York Sunday evening at a rally at Madi- stein, national chairman of the United destitute, and many of whom are sick
son Square Garden, sponsored by the American Zionist Emergency Council, at which Palestine Appeal, said last night at a din- with fatigue and despair of two decades
Dr. Chaim Weizmann, Dr. Abba Hillel Silver, Henry Morgenthau Jr., Mayor William ner in his honor. He emphasized that of wandering.”
O’Dwyer, Mrs, Eleanor Roosevelt, Senator Rob-
ert A. Taft, Dr. Emanuel Neumann, Brig. Gen.
Julius Klein, Rabbi Wolf Gold, Hayim Greenberg
and Mrs. Samuel W. Halprin will among the
speakers.The text of Dr. Weizmann’s statement,
which was sent to Premier Ben Gurion in Tel
Aviv, reads as follows:
“On this memorable day, when the Jewish
state arises after two thousand years, I send
my expression of love and admiration to all sec-
tions of the Yishuv and my warmest greetings to HADASSAH CELEBRATION 2018

its government now entering on its grave and

inspiring responsibility. I am fully convinced that
all who have and will become citizens of the Jew-
ish state will strive their utmost to live up to the
new opportunity which history has bestowed HADASSAH MILESTONE MISSION
upon them. It will be our destiny to create the
institutions land values of a free community
October 7 - 15, 2018 CELEBRATORY
in the spirit of our great traditions which have Extensions: October 15 - 18, 2018 THROUGHOUT!
contributed so much to the thought and spirit ISRAEL @ 70 / HADASSAH MEDICAL ORGANIZATION @ 100
“At this moment, I think with special gratitude
and affection of our pioneers and workers who
This amazing mission includes...
3 Special festive opening reception at the Ha’aretz Museum
have borne the burden of building Jewish Pales-
3 Unique evening at Peres Center for Peace & Innovation with
tine and who now sustain the brunt and sacri- Israeli opinion leaders
fice of its defense. It is not easy for mo to think 3 Visiting a medical marijuana farm—Israel’s thriving new industry
of peaceful farmers of Nahalal and Ein Harod or 3 Visiting the Naval Base in Haifa, special program with IDF HMO
trained doctors & base leadership
the youth of our Jewish cities in the role of sol-
3 Driving along the Judea ridge to Hebron & visiting Beit Hadassah,
diers on active service. In the days of Ezra, our a storied historical site
forefathers built with one hand while defending 3 Visiting Atlit, former detention compound
themselves with the other. We are called upon 3 Shabbat afternoon learn-a-thon featuring speakers & teachers in
Jewish studies, politics, Israeli culture & more
today to act in this tradition.
3 VIP HMO visit - hear firsthand from world-renowned Hadassah researchers
“It is the profound desire of our people to
3 March together in the footsteps of our nurses through the streets of Jerusalem
establish relations of harmony and mutual 3 SPECIAL NURSES’ TRACK including: meeting Israeli nursing colleagues
respect with their Arab fellow citizens, with working in East Jerusalem with mothers & daughters, learn about the
the neighboring Arab states and with all other latest nursing research & trends; CEU’s
2 nights at the David Intercontinental, Tel Aviv
nations in the human family. As the British Man-
3 4 nights plus late check out at the Inbal, Jerusalem (additional hotel options on website)
date ends, we think with gratitude of the vision 3 Meals per itinerary
which inspired its inauguration. We also think 3 Arrival/departure transfers with main group
of those nations, big and small, who, under the 3 Entrance fees & porterage per itinerary PRICING CHART COST
auspices of the United Nations contributed their 3 CAMPUS CAMPAIGN BUILDERS OF PROMISE PRE-TOUR (Credit Card/Check)

share to the international decision which con- October 4-8, 2018 LAND TOUR $3,435
This special donors mission is designed for Hadassah supporters who have Price per person
firmed our right to statehood. My thoughts are given or pledged a new gift of $25,000 or more to the Campus Campaign. Early Bird Rate
with the Yishuv in this fateful hour. May God’s (limited number of
registrations available
blessings rest on you all.”
Full itinerary (subject to change) & online registration: at this rate) Additional Cost for

Single Occupancy $1,265

Group flights available as of December 2017

Rates based on a minimum of 35 participants per bus.
Below 35, a small group supplement may apply.
Contact Ayelet Tours for connecting flights from any city
P 800-237-1517 • F 518-783-6003 at 800.237.1517.
19 Aviation Rd., Albany, NY 12205

ISRAEL AT 70 APRIL 13, 2018 27

23,632 PEOPLE

Join Olami's campaign to honor Israel's 23,632 fallen soldiers

and security forces who died defending and protecting our
land, as we celebrate 70 years of the State of Israel.

Honor Israel's Fallen
#HonorIsraelsFallen .
Ministry of Diaspora Affairs
Creating a common Jewish future