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NAME:__________________________________________key: __________GRADE:_____________

CATEGORY 5 4 3 2 1
Content Shows a full Shows a good Shows a good Does not seem Does not
understanding of understanding of understanding of to understand understand the
the topic. the topic. parts of the topic. the topic very topic
Comprehension Student is able to Student is able to Student is able to Student is Student does
accurately portray accurately portray accurately portray unable to not portray
almost all aspects most aspects a few aspects accurately aspects about
about the topic. about the topic. about the topic. portray aspects the topic.
about the topic.
Preparedness Student is Student seems Student seems The student is Student does
completely prepared but pretty prepared somewhat not seem at all
prepared and has might have but might have prepared, but it prepared to
obviously needed to needed a couple is clear that present. The
rehearsed. The rehearse more. more rehearsals. rehearsal was student is not
student is well The organization The student is lacking. The organized at
organized and and development organized student is not all.
developed. are met. basically and is clearly
not thoroughly organized and is
developed. only minimally
on the topic.
Vocabulary Uses vocabulary Uses vocabulary Uses vocabulary Uses several (5 Most of
appropriate for the appropriate for appropriate for or more) words presentation is
audience. Extends the audience. the audience. or phrases that not
audience Includes 1-2 Does not include are not understandable
vocabulary by words that might any vocabulary understood by .
defining words that be new to most of that might be new the audience.
might be new to the audience, but to the audience.
most of the does not define
audience. them.
Grammar Uses advanced Uses grammar Uses grammar Uses grammar Uses
Structure grammar structure structure fairly structure at a structure below incoherent
with a high degree above basic level basic level basic level grammar
of challenge. structure
Presentation flows Presentation Presentation is Presentation is Presentation
well and logically. flows well. organized. Very unorganized. has no flow.
Visual Aids Transitions are Smooth few transitions Few transitions No transitions
smooth and transitions used. used uses used

Student uses a clear Student´s voice is Student´s voice is Student´s voice Student´s voice
Fluency and voice and correct clear and she not always clear is low and she is low and not
Pronunciation precise pronounces most and she incorrectly understandable
pronunciation of terms correctly. mispronounces pronounces Audience has
terms so that Audience can terms. Audience terms. Audience problems
audience can hear hear the has some has problems hearing the
her presentation presentation. problems hearing hearing the presentation.
presentation. presentation.
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