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Harvest to Harness 2010 -11

India is blessed with plentiful rainfall. Ranging from 1000 mm in arid Rajasthan to 11,000 mm in the Cherrapunji, rainwater flows through torrential streams, vast plains and deltas. Rainwater harvesting is the process of slowing the pace of water flow, and utilizing it to recharge the groundwater rather than go waste. Harvest to Harness(H2H) Rainwater Harvesting Competition aims to promote awareness and to document rainwater harvesting systems and technologies throughout the country. This event has been conducted annually since June 2004. The entries received every year are collated in a report published by the organizers and distributed free of cost to schools, colleges and all those who need information on rainwater harvesting. We invite one and all participate in H2H 2010.

Competition Categories & eligibility:
You can participate in any one of the following categories:

Open Category: If you are an individual, housing society, NGO, Institution or any organization
which has implemented rainwater harvesting at any scale – urban or rural, building, cottage or community, you can participate in H2H under this category

Design Category: If you are student (from a school or college), you can send in your design for
rainwater harvesting for a building or place. You can form a group or send entries individually.

How to Apply:
Participants must submit the entry form duly filled along with enterance fee of Rs.300/-per entry per category on or before the date of 31 October 2010. Entry forms are available at Rachna Sansad’s Post Graduate Department of Environmental Architecture, Tel No. 022 24381745 or Eureka Forbes Institute of Environment Tel No. 022 30268236/8205 In case of students participating, the form should be attested by the Head of the Institution. Forms can also be downloaded from www.eurekaforbes.com

Launch: Registration: Final submission: Results declaration: 7 September 2010 31 October 2010 31 January 2011 22 March 2011 (World Water Day)

The jury will comprise of the following individuals:  Ar. Nandan Mungekar  Avinash Kubal, Director, Maharashtra Nature Park  Suprabha Marathe, Asst. Engineer, In-charge RWH Cell, MCGM

Selection Criteria: The entries will be evaluated on 1.) 4. The analysis of water problem and its management. Innovative engineering models (such as techniques of rood water harvesting. 3. The practicality of the proposed solutions. Contribution to ecological enhancement (such as ground water recharge) Prizes: Exciting prizes & cash rewards to winners (3 in each category) and certificates to all participants Organizers: Rachana Sansad’s Institute of Environmental Architecture Eureka Forbes Institute of Environment . types of check dams etc. 2.

Format of submission: All entries will be submitted on A1 size sheets ( minimum 2. maximum 4) with the following information provided:         Name of Project: ________________________________________________________ Nature/Location of project exhibit: _________________________________________ Size of Community directly benefited: _______________________________________ Catchment area: ________________________________________________________ Rainwater Harvesting potential: ____________________________________________ Design of the water harvesting system: ______________________________________ Cost (not mandatory for design category): ____________________________________ Benefits of the system: ___________________________________________________ . I/We hereby confirm that I/We full power and authority to provide this information.300 towards the registration fees by Cash/Cheque in favour of Rachna Sansad. I/We consent to the contents of the submission being accessible for the shake of (noncommercial) promotion of rainwater harvesting. I/We agree to participate in the “Harvest to Harness 2010-11” Contest abiding the rules and regulations. I/We made a payment of Rs.Registration Form Name : ___________________________________________________________________________ Institute/organization/College: ________________________________________________________ Address: __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ Email:_____________________________________Telephone: ______________________________ Category: Open Design Rules & Regulation:      I/We agree to Judges Decision as final and will not restart to any arbitration.

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