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Long-term Project Rubric: Financial Literacy

CATEGORY (4) Excellent (3) Good (2) Almost (1) Not Yet

Attractiveness & The activity is The activity has The activity is well- The activity formatting
Organization of exceptionally engaging attractive organized but lacks and organization of
Lesson activity and well-organized and formatting and is engagement material are confusing
formatted. well-organized. potential. to the user.

Content-Accuracy The lesson plan has all The lesson plan has The lesson plan has The plan has little of
of Lesson Plan of the required all of the required most of the required the required
information and some information. (see information about information to
additional information checklist) the lesson topic. complete the lesson
for enrichment. effectively.

Writing-Mechanics All of the writing is Most of the writing Some of the writing Most of the writing is
done in complete is done in complete is done in complete not done in complete
sentences or concise sentences or sentences or concise sentences or bullet
bullet points. concise bullet bullet points. More points. More than 10
Capitalization and points. Less than 5 than 5 spelling, spelling, grammar, or
punctuation are correct spelling, grammar, grammar, or punctuation errors.
throughout the lesson
or punctuation punctuation errors.

Graphics/Pictures The graphics go well The graphics go The graphics do not The graphics are not
with the text and there well with the text go well with the text present to enhance
is a mix of text and but could be more to enhance the understanding of the
graphics appropriate to age appropriate. lesson. lesson.
the age range of

Presentation Skill Presenters are Presenters are Presenters did not Presenters showed
attentive to the attentive to the respond to learner little concern for the
audience and respond audience but need confusion or learner’s experience
to the needs of more practice in questions to move grasping the lesson.
learners. responding to lesson along.
learner needs.
Creativity Excellent Good Almost Not Yet

Total: /24