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April 8, 2018

To Whom It May Concern:

I am pleased to write this letter of reference for Miss Salena Sikand, who will begin seeking a career
position in elementary education following the completion of her 5th-year internship program this
spring. Miss Sikand is completing her full-year internship (student teaching) at Walsh Elementary
School in Chicago through the Michigan State University urban teaching program. I have been Miss
Sikand’s supervisor and Field Instructor throughout the 2017 - 2018 school year and have observed
her formally and informally in the classroom over a dozen times.

Miss Sikand has spent her internship with two mentor teachers, Mrs. Aguilar, in the 2nd grade
classroom at Walsh Elementary, and with Mrs. Gonzalez, the 4th grade teacher. She began the year in
2nd grade, but due to the departure of Mrs. Aguilar from Walsh Elementary at the conclusion of the
first semester, she moved to the 4th grade for the remainder of the year. She began her internship
attending pre-term meetings with her first mentor in August and has been actively involved in the
operation of both classrooms throughout the school year. She started picking up daily teaching duties
almost from the first day and has successfully completed her Guided Lead Teaching weeks in both
Fall and Spring terms. Even with the added burden of learning a new curriculum and new students at
mid-year, she excelled in her teaching!

Areas of specific skill include:

• Ability to work with other school personnel in a positive and effective manner
• Ability to plan and implement highly effective lessons that follow the Walsh curriculum
guide for the 2nd and 4th grades
• Ability to interact in an engaging manner with elementary children
• Ability to show empathy and care for all her students
• Ability to plan ahead for multiple teaching situations and flexible conditions
• Desire to provide the best possible learning environment for her students
• Ability to adapt lessons to meet the varying learning needs of her students
• Ability to maintain appropriate classroom discipline
• Ability to complete assignments and processes accurately and on-time.

I am very pleased to recommend Salena for a teaching position in your District. She has proven to be
an exemplary teaching intern who is very well prepared to begin working in her own classroom. I
have thoroughly enjoyed working with her and am confident that she is capable of being the kind of
teacher who can really make a difference in the lives of her students.


Dr. Kevin M. Anderson
Former Superintendent of Schools, Elmwood Park CUSD 401
Field Instructor, Michigan State University
(262) 909-7724