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Fill in the blanks

Q A _______ is one of the techniques of work measurement to establish a time for a qualified worker to carry out a specified task
under specified conditions and at the defined level of performance.
A a) Synthetic data b) Work sampling c) Time Study d) MTM

Q _______ implies effective hours available for production on machine or on a work centre in a week on in a month.
A a) Unit of measurement b) Performance Standard c) Unit of loading and scheduling d) Effective capacity per work centre

Q The term __________ implies the foregone profit due to inability of company to produce.
A a) Opportunity cost b) Down time cost c) Maintenance cost d) Idle Wages

Q Two extreme forms of manufacturing methods are Project Production and ______
A a) Batch Production b) Continuous Production c) Jobbing Production d) Mass Production

Q An approach to scheduling that starts from the present time and schedules each job to start at the earliest possible moment, is known as _____
A a) Forward scheduling b) Backward scheduling c) Planning d) Staffing

Q Activities comprising of a project are of two types, deterministic and ________

A a) Variable b) Fixed c) Critical d) Standard

Q Work in Process inventory in case of Jobbing Production is ___________ if compared to continuous production.
A a) Equal b) Very less c) Very large d) Exactly half

Q In case of batch production, when batches are small, ________ is the ratio of direct workers to supervisors, and vice versa.
A a) Equal b) Higher c) Lower d) Negative

Q In a hospital inputs are ______ and outputs are cured patients.

A a) Patients b) Drugs c) Treatment d) Doctors

Q A set of activities to keep an equipment in the specified condition is called as _________

A a) Inspection b) Maintenance c) Production d) Prevention

Q Under SWOT Analysis, Finances-Resources-Performance are the examples of _________

A a) Opportunities b) Threats c) Strengths d) Strengths and weaknesses

Multiple Choice Single Answer

Q Edward Hay defines waste as

A a) Anything other than the absolute minimum resource of material, machines and manpower required adding value to the
product b) The product, the service-life which is already completed
c) Anything other than minimum amount of equipment, materials, parts and working time absolutely essential for production
d) The unserviceable product

Q Activities of tool control includes the following

A a) Place orders for tools b) Stock valuation of tools, jigs, fixture c) Preparation of estimates of jigs and fixtures
d) Preparation of report on Tool Room machine/labour utilisation

Q Charles Babbage advanced the concept and demonstrated the benefits of

A a) Specialisation b) Standardisation c) Multiskilling d) Job Enrichment

Q Multiplication of theoretical capacity by the average utilization index yields

A a) Utilisation index b) Net available capacity per period c) Theoretical capacity per period d) Average labour

Q Which is the most suitable technique for selecting optimal manufacturing method?
A a) Linear programming b) Work study c) MRP d) Break Even Analysis
Q The element governing operation of business and its contacts and relationships with society at large, customers, suppliers,
employees, local community and other stakeholders, is termed as
A a) Objectives b) Goal c) Mission d) Values

Q Which of the following manufacturing methods has the highest fixed cost?
A a) Project Production b) Continuous Production c) Batch Production d) Jobbing Production

Q The goods being forwarded to dispatch section or finished parts stores, are always accompanied by
A a) Forwarding note b) Gate Pass c) Delivery Challan d) Packing list

Q In case of batch production which kind of labour is expected?

A a) Semiskilled b) Skilled in all Manufacturing Processes c) Skilled in one specific Manufacturing process d) Unskilled

Q The rule ‘Random (R)’ states:

A a) pick up any job in the queue with equal probability b) Jobs are processed in the order in which they arrive
c) The job with shortest processing time requirement goes first d) The job with earlier due date goes first

True / False

Q Flexibility of manufacturing method and product variety are interrelated T

Q Dust gets mixed with lubricants, forms an abrasive substance and causes pre-mature failure of machinery. T

Q Sampling inspection is best suited when cost of inspection is much higher than the loss arising from the acceptance of a defective
part. T

Q Objective of Work Study is to improve Productivity. T

Q Proximity to sources of raw materials is not important for small units. F

Q Short cycle job should be studied for macroscopic motions. T

Q Community attitudes towards work as well as their attitudes towards the incoming entrepreneurs can make or mar an industry. T

Multiple choice multiple answer

Q Which of the following are examples of consumption of physical effort during recording for method study?
A a) Bending b) Positioning c) Unloading d) Drilling

Q Which of the following cases indicate that the operation has occurred?
A a) Movement of components to assembly section b) Raw material movement
c) A worker’s trip to grinder to sharpen the tools d) Tools kept in rack of tool crib

Q Which of the following are the basic requirements of quality standard?

A a) Absolute uniformity b) Definite c) Understandable d) Economically viable

Q In pull system, the Kanban signals are required when

A a) Assemble work, sub-assembly work and manufacture of parts is carried out at different locations and it is impractical
to move a product one at a time over a long distance b) Set up time at feeding operations is higher than the receiving
operation. c) There are bottlenecks or quality or capacity problems which do not allow smooth flow.
d) The coordination between various stages is not necessary

Q Implementation of JIT can lead to the following benefits to the user:

A a) Reduction in manufacturing lead time b) Defect free production
c) Greater conformance to delivery commitments d) Higher inventory investment

Q Which are three different times considered in PERT?

A a) Most likely time b) Optimistic Time c) Actual time d) Pessimistic time

Q Which of the following activities can become a part of a preventive maintenance system?
A a) Condition monitoring b) Planned Lubrication c) Overhauling d) Preventive inspection

Q Which of the following possibilities can be explored by using flow process chart?
A a) Eliminating the operations or combining the operations with another b) Reducing the distance traveled by the workmen or
materials c) Reducing rejections drastically d) Avoiding the waiting time and thereby reduce production losses

Q The realistic vision is built as a pen picture of business in three or more years time, in terms of
A a) Physical appearance b) Size c) Activities d) Organisational Behaviour

Match the following

Q a) Six Sigma (d) b) DMAIC (f) c) Master Black belts (e) d) Green Belts (a)
A a) Similar to black belts, however, they may possess less statistical expertise and usually occupy part time positions (d)
b) Date, Method, Accuracy Limit, Index, Class of accuracy c) An open loop process for sudden improvement
d) The statistical measurement of the area outside six standard deviations from the mean value of normal distribution, this
translates into ¾ defects per million opportunities. (a) e) Individuals who train and mentor Black Belts (c)
f) The abbreviation for five phases of a six sigma improvement project. (b)

Q a) Change in physical characteristic (c) b) Addition (b) c) Consumption of physical effort (a) d) Information
received (f)
A a) Lifting (c) b) Assembly (b) c) Punching (a) d) Posting a ledger e) Taking dictation f) Giving instruction (d)