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Amity University – Uttar Pradesh

I-2 Block, Sector 125, NOIDA

26 February 2018

LWLW100 Legal Writing Registration

 Registration ( on Amizone) for Legal Writing is on 26-27 February 2018.

 Students are to report to their respective faculty ( as given below ) for further details.

 Students need to fill the project topic along with the Contact No. & Email ID of the allocated
faculty to register themselves on Amizone .

 Commencement Date: 26/02/2018

 Completion Date: 10/04/2018

Enrollment Contact
S.No. Name Faculty Incharge Email Id Topic
No Number
UTKARSH KUMAR Merger and role of competition commission of
1 A3256117001

2 A3256117002 ABHINAV BANSAL GST: New dimension in Indian Tax system

3 A3256117003 ANMOL MISHRA Freedom of Speech and Expression

4 A3256117004 DEVESHI MADAN The Consumer Protection law: Bird eye's view
Ms Superna
5 A3256117005 MANAV SHARMA E-waste management rules: 2016

A Machinery Safeguarding Environment: National

6 A3256117008 KETAN JAIN
Green Tribunal

7 A3256117009 KESHAV WASSON Right to privacy is a fundamental Right: a study

Alternate Dispute Resolution Vis a vis allied Case

8 A3256117010 SIDDHAM NAHATA

Ms Ritika Behl 9560788330

1 A3256117012 SALONI SHARMA Corporate Social Responsibility

2 A3256117013 ASHISH GARG Voting Rights in India to Non Resident Indians

3 A3256117015
AGARWAL Medical Negligence

4 A3256117017 KANIKA VOHRA Judicial Challenges to online transactions

DIWANSHI Terrorists and their tactics : need of creative
5 A3256117019
MATHUR criminology

National Anthem in Cinema hall: Right to speech

6 A3256117020 HANSIKA GULATI
and expression

7 A3256117021 ROMIT RAJ THAKUR Freedom of business: Trade and Profession

8 A3256117022
RATHI Working of Capital Market in India

1 A3256117023 OMANSH GUPTA Formation of special courts in Rape trial

2 A3256117024 PINKY KAUR Representation of women in indian politics

3 A3256117027 STUTI SHREYA Demonitization: Challenges in cashless economy

4 A3256117028 GARV SOOD The Great Indian Reservation System

Ms Palka Rishi 9810810993
Juvenile Delinquency Rehabilitation or
5 A3256117029 GAURAV GOEL
punishment: the route to perform

Difference between Companies Act 1956 with

6 A3256117030 HIMANSHU RANA
Companies Act 2013

7 A3256117033 DISHANT DIGWAL History of Banking institutions in India

Problems and issues of surrogate mother and

8 A3256117034 MEGHA SINGH
1 A3256117035 SUREKSHA GARG Mr. Amit Upadhyay 9990006075 Nature anmd scope of public administration

Centre State Relation: legislative, administrative

2 A3256117036 ISHA AGARWAL
and financial

3 A3256117037 PRACHI GUPTA Human rights basic rights or natural rights

4 A3256117038 KARTHIK RAJ G Cruelty and inhumanity to animals in India

5 A3256117039
CHATURVEDI Banking Ombudsman scheme 2006

Struggle for human rights: Plight of Muslim

6 A3256117042 APOORVA SHARMA

7 A3256117043 MAYANK JAIN e-mails and contracts: communication and validity

8 A3256117044 DILPRIYA JUNEJA Cow vigilants: necessity or a creation of politics

Mr. Alok Verma 9868909795

1 A3256117045
Maternity Amendment Act

2 A3256117046
CHOUDHARY Nature and evolution of space law

3 A3256117048 DHRUV SACHDEVA Right to privacy violated: study in reference to

4 A3256117054 DAKSHINA SOGANI Collegium system: darkness unveiled

5 A3256117057 KUSHIKA CHACHRA Tripple talaq divorce in islam

6 A3256117058 DEVBRAT MISRA Ban on cow slaughter: a current debate

7 A3256117059 SWETA KARMHE Constitutional perspective of Uniform civil code.

Corporate scandals: danger to the economic

8 A3256117060 NEHA DATTA

1 A3256117061 AAMNA AHMAD Ms Harshita Singh 8826380960

Dissolution of Muslim marriage: a study

2 A3256117063 SAMREEN FATIMA Marital rape

3 A3256117064 VINSHI JASORIA Street children : a human rights issue

4 A3256117065 DEEKSHA JAIN Gravity of offence and severe punishment

5 A3256117066 KANIKA SHARMA Role of legal practitioner in mediation

6 A3256117067 DEVIKA VOHRA Procedure and powers of claim tribunals

7 A3256117068 POOJA VERMA Challenges of copyright and cyberspace

Split side of alcohol ban, augmenting crime and
8 A3256117069 SAMARTH GOEL
deteriorating livelihood


1 A3256117072
SINGH 8800314837 Aerial hijacking and international law

2 A3256117073 ISHITA SEHGAL child labor: protect the vulnerable

3 A3256117074 NATASHA DEBROY Reservation policy of india: needs to be amended

4 A3256117075 SARA CHANDA Article 35A of the constitution: detail study

Character of a person shaped by the religion he

5 A3256117076 SHREYA KAPOOR

Delegated legislation development and

6 A3256117077 VANI CHAUDHARY
parliamentary control

7 A3256117078 ABHISHEK S Draconian Law of 377 IPC

8 A3256117079 KASHISH KALRA Expanding horizon of article 21 of Constitution.

Ms Madhavi 8377951453

1 A3256117080 TANVI GARG Marasakatla legalizing abortions in India

2 A3256117082 AKARSH SHARMA Human elements in the Administration of justice

Article 131 Of the Indian Constitution: an
3 A3256117083 MEDHA SINGH

4 A3256117084
SINGH Loopholes in POSCO

5 A3256117085 SRISHTI GUPTA Risk Management and Corporate Management

6 A3256117086 MEKHALA SARAN Feminism and Equality: Make a balance

7 A3256117087 CHARU BANSAL Legalizing prostitutions in India: need of the hour

8 A3256117088 GUNIKA ATWAL Shreya singal V. Union of India

Ms Archana 8130557676

1 A3256117089 SHALINI SINGH Aggarwal Universal evolution of consumer protection

2 A3256117090 JAGRITI DOSI Does Article 375 IPC include marital rape

3 A3256117091 KAMAKSHI BAGGA Judicial approach on rights of elderly persons

4 A3256117093 PARAS A study of Public interest litigation

5 A3256117094
GANGULI All roads should not lead to the supreme court

6 A3256117096 ANISHA MIMANI impact of information technology in insurance

7 A3256117097 ANUKOOL CHAWLA Advertizing in legal profession

8 A3256117099 MUKUL KATYAL Law against sexual harassment

1 A3256117101 RAGHAV CHOPRA Right to maintenance of Muslim women

2 A3256117102 SHIVANI BHAKUNI Making India ready for virtual currency

Phone tapping right to privacy under the

3 A3256117104 UDIT SATIJA

4 A3256117107
Benami Properties: A concise analysis
Dr Bhupinder
5 A3256117110
SEHGAL Protection of harassment of women at workplace

Revolt of four judges :motives, ethics,

6 A3256117111 ASHIMA SAWHNEY
international precedents and remedies

7 A3256117112 PRAGYA PANDEY Software Patentability: In Indian Context

8 A3256117113 KAVERI CHAUHAN Human rights violation: An anathema to society

1 A3256117114 GURPREET SINGH Ms Shailja Khosla 9999492519 Taxation for e commerce: A global Perspective
2 A3256117115
Corporal Punishment

3 A3256117116 ANJANI PATHAK Free legal aid: Article 39 of the constitution

4 A3256117119 NEHA SINGH privatization of the oil sector

5 A3256117122 ANKITA BHATIA Medical termination of pregnancy act ,1971

6 A3256117123 M DINESH REDDY Politics of constitutional Amendments in india

7 A3256117125 NIDHI SAHAY Bankers right to lein and set off

8 A3256117126 UPASANA TOKAS Right to strike :a legitimate illegality

Ms Sonia Kumari 9911414621

Arora Liability of internet service providers for copyright
1 A3256117127 SALENA GROVER
infringement on the internet

2 A3256117128 SUMIT MATHUR Importance of Intellectual property rights

3 A3256117129 CHARUL SHARMA Right to die

4 A3256117131 KANISHK PARMAR Public opinion and democracy

5 A3256117132 PRINCE GULATI Can Death penalty be ever justified

6 A3256117133 PRAKHAR TIWARI Copyright infringement in cyberspace

7 A3256117134 CHAITANYA MITTAL Analyzing section 144 CrPC

8 A3256117135 SHIVANI UPPAL Bhopal gas tragedy

1 A3256117138 ADITI SHARMA Cyber hacking

2 A3256117139
CHAUDHARY Child labor in India

3 A3256117140 ISHITA AGARWAL Internet censorship

4 A3256117141 AAKANKSHA DUA Evidentary value of FIR

Mr Indranil
5 A3256117142 AMANDEEP SUR Surrogacy: concept of renting a womb

6 A3256117143
SINGH Privileges of Parliament

Art of giving : Corporate social responsibility in


8 A3256117145 UDIT KUMAR Changing definition of Rape in India

1 A3256117146 RAUNAQ KATYAL Critical analysis of broadcasting right and control

2 A3256117147 VAISHNAVI TOMAR Role of Customs in Tribal law

3 A3256117149
Protective discrimination

Review of national education policy from students

4 A3256117150 KHUSHBOO GUPTA
mental health perspective
Ms Shreya Sarkar 9891991054
5 A3256117151 ANUSHREE SINGH Controversies of euthanasia

GURNEET SINGH role of Indian Judiciary in environmental

6 A3256117153
BAKSHI protection

7 A3256117154 HARSHA TIWARI Live in relation in Indian societal context

8 A3256117155
CHAUHAN e waste management in India

Ms Sonali Roy 9990729577

1 A3256117156 AADYA POKHRIYAL Choudhury Retrenchment under Industrial Dispute Act, 1947

Wheels of progress in society: Law, Justice and

2 A3256117160 MEGHA PANDEY
Common Man

3 A3256117161 RUKMINI BARUA Anti terrorism laws

4 A3256117162 SUDESHNA Plea Bargaining

Human rights : Dimension of a healthy
5 A3256117163 SURBHI SHARMA

6 A3256117164 MALVIKA SHANKER Gender justice: A comparative study India and US

7 A3256117165 MEGHA MALHOTRA RTI a tool for good governess

8 A3256117166 SHREYA WADHWA Regulation of contract Labor

1 A3256117167
KHOSLA Adultery : a need to change the IPC

2 A3256117169 YASH BANSAL Illegal trafficking: issue and laws

Significance of Lok adalats in Indian Judicial

3 A3256117170 TANYA ADHIKARI

4 A3256117171 NAMRATA SHARMA Vicarious liability of state in sovereign functions

Ms. Kalpana Rani
5 A3256117172 RADHIKA BANSAL Anti dumping regime in Indian scenario

6 A3256117173 DIVYA JAIN Liability of hospitals: medical negligence

Domestic violence against women: causes and

7 A3256117174 EVELINA DASH

8 A3256117175 NIKITA Right to privacy : social networking sites

1 A3256117176 MRINALINI GAUR Annulment of marriage under Hindu law

2 A3256117177 HIMANI GOYAL Whistle blowers and their protection in India

3 A3256117178
SAWHNEY Hostile witness and their efficacy with law

4 A3256117179 NIDHI MALHOTRA Justice delayed is justice denied

Ms. Swati Kaushal 9910418599
Responsibility of women empowerment is on
5 A3256117180 SNEHA SHARMA

6 A3256117181 DIKSHA Doctrine of pleasure in Indian Constitution

Sustainable development, guiding principles and

7 A3256117182 SHABNAM NAAZ

8 A3256117183 ANSHIKA AGARWAL Rights of an arrested Person

Dr. Aqueeda Khan 8826499019

1 A3256117184 UMANG KATHURIA Vicarious liability in India

2 A3256117185 ANKIT KUMAR Double jeopardy

3 A3256117187 NIPUN GUPTA Live in relationship in marriage centric India

Role of Judiciary in protecting the rights of
4 A3256117188 SANKALP ASHISH

5 A3256117189
KUSHWAHA Separation of Powers and its development in India

Compulsory voting in India a step to safeguard

6 A3256117190 RAKSHIT GUPTA

7 A3256117191 SHANTAM NEYOL Celebrity Rights

8 A3256117192 SHUBHAM ARORA Circumstantial evidence

Ms. Raveena 9899288961

1 A3256117195 SMRITI ARVIND Sarao Evidentary value of e contract

2 A3256117196
SINGH Trademark protection in India

3 A3256117197 IRA DHINGRA Working of statutes of legal aid in India

4 A3256117199 MANSI KUNDU Interpretation of Polluter's Pay Principle

5 A3256117200 JAYA Freedom of press

6 A3256117201 ZAID KHAN Cyber squatting an IPR evil

7 A3256117202 SHREYA RAHUT Irretrievable breakdown of marriage

8 A3256117203 NIKHIL GAUR Same sex marriage: law in India

1 A3256117205
An overview of Wills in Hindu Law

2 A3256117206 SIMRAN The rights of mentally challenged people in India

3 A3256117207 TANYA MAITHANI Identity theft

4 A3256117209 RUCHIKA SOIN Contempt of court

Ms. Indu Nagar 9821122662
5 A3256117210 SANJANA SINGH Legal Position of eunuchs

6 A3256117211 SAHIL DHAMIJA Dishonour of cheques

7 A3256117212 ARUSHI BANSAL Bank Fraud: PNB fraud

8 A3256117215 YASH MITTAL Violence against women - issue of Honor killing

Ms. Upma Shree 8447459334

1 A3256117216 ABDUS SAMAD Organ transplantation laws in India

2 A3256117217 SPARSH JUNEJA laws of outer space

3 A3256117218 ARUSHI MANN Is narco analysis a reliable science

4 A3256117219 ANJALI JOJI Prison reforms in Indian prison system

5 A3256117220
Honor Killing a Bane or Boon

6 A3256117221 NISHTHA KAPOOR The menace of female foeticide in India

7 A3256117222 HITESH SHARMA Analysis of writ of Mandamus

8 A3256117224 RABIYA SINGH Land Reforms: Duty of the state

Ms. Shweta 9039670418

1 A3256117225 TANUSHREE SINGH Amrawanshi Judicial accountability in India

2 A3256117226 TARVINDER KAUR HLA Hart theory of Law

3 A3256117227 RISHI JINDAL Role of customs in Islamic Law

4 A3256117229 LOVEDESH RAGHAV Natural Law

Adverse possession its applicability in lease and

5 A3256117230 JESSICA GULATI
6 A3256117231 NATASHA Punishments: origin and jurisprudence
7 A3256117234 PRAGATI KAUSHAL Revision power vis-a -vis writ jurisdiction

8 A3256117235 SHUBHAM ATTRI Jurisdiction of civil court under CrPC

1 A3256117236 TANAY TIBREWAL Definition and Concept of Property in India

2 A3256117237 SHIVANGI SINGH Whether Right to Life in Right to Die

Corporate criminal liability- Doctrine of

3 A3256117238 ANEESHA SINHA

4 A3256117239 PRANIKA KAUSHIK Award of cost under CPC

Ms. Neelma Devi 8447959728
5 A3256117240 ISHITA SINGH Government of India Act 1915

6 A3256117241 TANYA SAREEN Rape laws in India- Appropriate or not

7 A3256117242 SNEHAL SINGH Easement restrictive of certain rights

8 A3256117243 SHUBHANGI JAIN Constitutionality of Ran bow rights

1 A3256117244 SHAH FAISHAL Dr. Neetu 9838435714 Art 35 A a necessity not a charity
2 A3256117245 SIMRAN CHAWLA Anti-defection law the challenges

3 A3256117246
SRIVASTAVA Understanding 439A cruelty

4 A3256117247
Theory of relationship of Law and morality

ASHISH KUMAR Environmental Law and Constitutional Provisions

5 A3256117248
JHA in India

6 A3256117249 SAHIBA JAGGI Role of Lawyers in social transformation

Gender sensitization and rehabilitation of rape


8 A3256117251 YUTHIKA Business ethics and corporate fraud

Mr. Vibhor Gupta 9811086063

1 A3256117252 ANOOP MUKUNDAN Right to maintenance under section 125 CrPC

2 A3256117253 KAPIL JAIN Cruelty as a ground for Divorce

3 A3256117254 MOZAMMIL AHMAD Custodial violence in India

4 A3256117255 SAMEER CHOPRA Dental Insurance

5 A3256117257 AKSHAY KUMAR Judicial Activism and women empowerment in

6 A3256117258 AMAN KARAMVIR Audi Alterem Partem Right to fair hearing

7 A3256117260 SONIA JAIN Environment Law and sustainable development

8 A3256117261 SAGAR ARORA Addiction problems and trans-gender people

Constitution of India is Austinian in Nature :

1 A3256117262 SUGANDH
Examine Critically

Explore the relevance of Sociological school in

2 A3256117263 SOUMYA THAKUR
Present Legal system of India

3 A3256117264
Right to Information is not Absolute : Prove

4 A3256117265 KESHAV MANN Right to Privacy is limited in nature : Explain

Mr Annirudh
Life of Law is logic as well as experience : prove
5 A3256117266 SWATI SOOD
the statement with relevant background

Do judges make law in India: elaborate with

6 A3256117267 ASLESHA SINHA
relevant case laws

7 A3256117268 ALAN C GEORGE Right to life does not include right to die

Attempt to suicide should be remove from IPC as

8 A3256117269 SAHIL
a crime : Justify your opinion
Section 377 IPC is beyond homosexuality: prove
1 A3256117270 SHAGUN ARORA
the legal relevance of the section.

Suggest the amendments in Succession Laws in

2 A3256117271 PREETI SHARMA
Muslim Personal Laws.

Hindu Marriage has taken a shape of contract :

3 A3256117272 LAV SHARMA
Elucidate the statement

Write the relevance of product patenting of drugs

4 A3256117273 AJAY SINGH
in India
Mr Amit Jain 9911675478
Explain the legal protection and relevance of the
5 A3256117276 RAHUL BHATI
protection of geographical indications

6 A3256117278 KANIKA AGGARWAL Elaborate the concept of Trade Dress

7 A3256117279
Case study on Novartis AG v. Union of India

Shift from process patent to product patent has

8 A3256117280
harmed under privileged in India: justify your

Ms Ankita 9999796902

Banerjee Morality and Legality are two different things :
1 A3256117282 SHEEL SEHRAWAT
Explain the concepts

Rise in Drug Addiction in Teenagers : Failure of law

2 A3256117283 APOORVE BANSAL
in India

Write a note on constitutional protection given to

3 A3256117284 BIJENDRA KUMAR
federal structure in India
4 A3256117285 MOHD RAIEF Child begging in India : failure of child protection
Age reduction in Juvenile Laws in India : Critically
5 A3256117286 RISHITA SINGH

6 A3256117287 BINISH SAKEENA Misuse of Women Protection Laws

Natural justice is a compulsory rule of legal

7 A3256117288 AASHNA ARORA
proceedings : prove with example and exceptions

Explain the role of Election Commission as a

8 A3256117289 KAJAL

MILIND Write a note on rise of criminal tendencies in

1 A3256117290
CHOUDHARY children

Explain the phrase "judicial discipline" in light of

2 A3256117293 DIVYA SINGH
current judicial matters

3 A3256117294
LEELAVARAPRASAD Accountability of a lawyer : explain
Dr. Gaurav Kataria 9711846667
Love Jihad : elaborate the term and critically
4 A3256117295 RAJAT AGARWAL
examine the legal frame work towards it

Inter religious marriages : importance of Special

5 A3256117296 MOHD ARSHAD
Marriage Act
A child’s interest is supreme : critically examine
6 A3256117297
VERMA the failure of legal system in protecting a child in