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Design for Shear (Columns: BS 8110)

Design Parameters for Shear Design
For some of the shear design parameters, additional user defined limits can be applied ­ where this is the case
minimum and maximum values are specified in Design Options > Column > Reinforcement Layout.

Maximum Span Region Shear Link Spacing

φw,max = MIN[ 12 * smallest compression bar, user defined maximum link spacing]

Design of Column Shear Reinforcement

Column shear reinforcement design is described as below:

A) Calculate Design Shear Stress:

The design shear stress is calculated as follows (to be done parallel to each axis):

vi = Vi / Av,i


Vi = highest shear force in the stack in this direction,

Avi = shear area parallel to the axis i.

B) Check Maximum Shear Capacity:

The maximum allowable shear stress on the section is given by,A

vmax = MIN [0.8 * (fcu)0.5, 5 N/mm2]


vi ≤ vmax (for each direction)

Then the section size is adequate for shear, and the links can be designed or checked.

ELSE the section size must be increased.

BS 8110­1:1997

C) Check Section Nominal Shear Capacity

It must then be checked whether the nominal shear capacity of the concrete alone is enough to resist the shear
force applied. If so, then only nominal links will be used; otherwise the links will be designed to resist shear.
vc = design concrete shear stress with no shear reinforcement

vc’ = design concrete shear stress

vi ≤ vc’ and M/N ≤ 0.6* h1
Then the nominal containment reinforcement [(Asw / s)nominal] is adequate.

ELSE shear reinforcement is provided as described below.

D) Nominal Shear Capacity Not Adequate (v > vc’)


vi ≤ vc’+ 0.4 16/11/2017
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Then provide minimum shear reinforcement as specified below,

(Asw / s)i = MAX [0.4* bw,i / (0.87*fyv), (Asw / s)nominal]A


(Asw / s)i = MAX [{(vi ­ vc’) * bw,i / (0.87*fyv)}, (Asw / s)nominal]B


Asw = area of link provided,

s = required spacing between link centres,

bw,i = effective breadth of the section in direction i,

fyv = characteristic strength of links (not to be taken more than 500 N/mm2)C

(Asw / s)nominal = nominal containment reinforcement at full span

BS 8110­1:1997 Table 3.7
BS 8110­1:1997 Table 3.7
BS 8110­1:1997

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1. BS 8110­1:1997 16/11/2017