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Attowaste Loans 58 PART VIII. ALLOWABLE LOADS. Section 39. Floor Loads. 1. Each floor of every building shall be of sufficient strength in all its parts to bear safely the weight to be im- posed thereon, in addition to the weight of the floor itself. It shall safely support’a minimum live load per square foot of area as specified in the following table: Live loads. Pounds per Square Foot. Class of building. Ground and Upper lower floors. floors. Foundries, light and power plants, printing and lithographing houses, rail- road freight depots 250 Warehouses .... 200 Car barns, garages. 120 Fire houses 60 Armories, ball rooms, dance halls, exhibi- tion buildings, factories, gymnasiums, work shops, lofts, markets, stables, stores, public halls, restaurants 120 120 Railway passenger stations 120 90 Office buildings » 120 75 Court houses . 100 100 Churches, libraries, museums, theatres. 90 90 Schools and colleges. 90 75 Asylums, bath houses, club houses, tention buildings, dormitories, hospi- tals, hotels, lodge rooms, lodging houses, studios ........ 60 Tenement houses and dwellings 60 40 Definition of live load, Sec. 7, par. 41. 2. Any floor beam in a building of Class E shall be capable of sustaining a live load at its center of at least 4000 pounds. 3. No safe shall be placed on a stair landing or in a stair hall, nor shall its weight be carried by any beam which also carries the floor of any stair landing or stair hall. Stair, and stair-landing loads, Sec. 45, par. 2.