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On 10 & 11 May 2018, Lnoppen will hold its 2nd Latin

America Rail Expansion Summit. Host venue will be
São Paulo where Metro de São Paulo and CPTM have
big plans for the metro and commuter rail network.

Elsewhere in Brazil, multiple light rail projects, metro
upgrades and passenger rail networks are under
construction. Together with Argentina, Brazil is taking
the lead in rail infrastructure development.

Other countries are making a significant efforts to
follow into their footsteps: Mexico, Colombia, Chile,
Peru, Panama, … are planning new projects for metro,
light rail, high speed rail, monorail and passenger
trains, whereas Uruguay is focusing on the further
development of its cargo rail network.

The 2nd Latin America Rail Expansion Summit will bring
together local and international stakeholders,
government officials, operators, developers,
architects, consultants and equipment plus solution
providers to discuss the current rail sector.
Outlook: Some of the Ongoing | Upcoming Projects

Country Project What? Timeframe Investment
Red Metropolitano de Trenes/
Suburban commuter rail network
Red de Expresos Regionales, RER, Connecting the suburban lines into one large
Planned USD 3,2 Billion
commuter rail network buenos aires
Tunneling Sarmiento Line 16 new stations, adjustment signaling and
Planned - by 2021 USD 3 Billion
replacement railway barriers
Mitre commuter rail line viaduct New viaduct Undergoing
Works on the suburban lines: see below Mitre, San Martín, Belgrano Sur, Belgrano
Norte, Roca, Sarmiento and Urquiza
Track renewal Upgrades 90% by 2019 USD 570 Million
Automatic braking system Install (ATS) system on eight lines Undergoing - by 2020 USD 49,5 Million
Workshops Upgrades Planned USD 193 Million
Electrification and improvement of electrical systems Upgrades Planned - by 2023 USD 1 Billion
New signaling systems Upgrades Planned USD 566 Million
New stations and station technology Upgrades Planned - by 2019 USD 731 Million
New rolling stock Tender for the procurement of 1,500 electric Tendered
USD 2,8 Billion
railcars (contracts in 2018) (completed by 2023)
Subterráneos Buenos Aires/Subway network Planned USD 21 Billion
Buenos Aires Metro Modernisation programme including renewal of the signaling, power
supply and ventilation systems; acquisition of
Undergoing EUR 89 Million
F For More Info Please Contact: new rolling stock, refurbishment of the depots;
and redesigns of all major stations
Buenos Aires Metro Line H and Node Obelisk works Extension Start 2017 USD 59 Million
Isabel Torres
Buenos Aires Metro Lines C, B , D and E General renovation & upgrades: power works,
Conference Producer
signaling, rolling stock, ventilation, platform Start 2017 USD 346 Million
Lnoppen Latin America
accessibility etc
Buenos Aires Metro Line E Extension
Buenos Aires Metro Line F Construction Tender 2017 USD 899 Million
Ana Luísa da Silva Regadas Buenos Aires Metro Line A Modernisation Tender 2017 USD 36 Million
Operations Manager Buenos Aires Metro Line C Modernisation Tender 2017 USD 160 Million
Buenos Aires Metro Line D Modernisation Tender 2017 USD 324 Million
Lnoppen Latin America Railway network inland
Railway Buenos Aires – Mar del Plata: rehabilitation Undergoing
Railway Buenos Aires – Rosario: rehabilitation Undergoing

+57 1 390 4687
This list is a representation of new and proposed projects and is not exhaustive. Disclaimer: This document is a promotional event release and is not contractual
Outlook: Some of the Ongoing | Upcoming Projects

Country Project What? Timeframe Investment
Non Buenos Aires rail network
12 passenger rail Ramal Ferroviario C3: Avia Terai – Pinedo Rehabilitation Undergoing USD 111 Million
Brazil projects undergoing. Ramal Ferroviario C12: Avia Terai – Metán Rehabilitation Undergoing USD 603 Million
14 passenger rail Ramal Ferroviario Zárate – Posadas Rehabilitation Planned USD 347 Million
2018 projects in feasibility Cargo Rail Network Rehabilitation Planned - by 2035 USD 15 Billion
Belgrano Cargas Renovation of trains Undergoing
study phase.
Ferrocarril Jujuy - La Quiaca Rehabilitation Pre-execution, by 2020 USD 62 Million
Ramal Ferroviario C14: Salta – Socompa Rehabilitation Undergoing USD 26 Million
Colombia is Ferrovía Artigas – Posadas Construction and rehabilitation Pre-execution, 2019 USD 150 Million
investing COP9.1 Bolivia Cochabamba light-rail transit (LRT) line Construction Undergoing
9.1 trillion trillion for the Corredor Ferroviario Bioceánico De Integración Pre-execution, finish
Construction USD 700 Million
(Tramo Boliviano) end 2024
construction of the
Brazil Sao Paulo Commuter Rail Network Procurement of new eight-car trains Contract awarded BRL 316 Million
Bogotá Metro Light Rail Transit LRT Salvador Construction Tender
Sao Paulo Metro Lines 5 & 17 New operator
431-km long inter-city passenger rail network Construction Planned USD 5,5 Billion
Argentina foresees São Paulo Metro Line 5 Extension Undergoing USD 2,82 Billion
14187 m USD São Paulo Metro Line 6 Construction Planned - by 2021 R$ 9,69 Billion
14187 investment in
São Paulo CPTM Line 9 Extension
Undergoing - by Q2
R$ 790 Million
suburban network 2018
São Paulo CPTM Line 13 Construction Undergoing - by 2018 R$ 1,8 Billion
São Paulo CPTM Line 14 Construction Public Tender
São Paulo Metro Monorail Line 15 Partial extension Undergoing - by 2018 R$ 7,1 Billion
São Paulo Metro Monorail Line 17 Construction Undergoing - by 2018
Line 3 of Metro de São Paulo Metro Monorail Line 18 Construction Planned USD 1,23 Billion
Panama is a $2.6bn São Paulo Baixada Santista VLT Phase II construction – DONE Undergoing - by 2018 USD 3,5 Billion
Monorail monorail project. Ceará Fortaleza Metro: East Line Construction Undergoing - by 2019 R$ 173 Million
Ceará VLT Fortaleza Partly operation - final phase construction Undergoing - by 2018 R$ 60 Million
Metro Recife Upgrades Planned
Cuiaba VLT Construction – RESUMED Undergoing - May 2019 R$ 922 Million
VLT Rio (Porto Maravilha) Construction Finished 2017
VLT of the Brasília Eixo Monumental Construction Planned
Quito metro line 1 VLT of the Brasília W3 Construction Planned
Highest will be one of the Train Brasília-Goiânia Construction Planned
metro highest metro lines Train Brasília-Luziânia Construction Planned
in the world. Line 1 of the Curitiba Metro Construction Planned
Train Londrina – Maringá Construction Planned

This list is a representation of new and proposed projects and is not exhaustive. Disclaimer: This document is a promotional event release and is not contractual
Outlook: Some of the Ongoing | Upcoming Projects

PARTICIPANTS Country Project What?
VLT of Rio de Janeiro South Area
Ministries of Transport
Canoas Atmospheric Railway Construction Planned
Ministries of Economy & Finance Line 1 of the Porto Alegre Metro Construction Planned
Associations Chile Santiago Metro Line 7 Construction Planned - By 2025 USD 2,5 Billion
Operators Santiago Metro Line 3 Extension Planned - 2017 – 2020
Investment Companies Santiago Metro Line 2 Extension Planned - By 2020 USD 978 Million
Financial Institutes High Speed train Santiago – Valparaíso Construction Feasibility Concluded USD 2,5 Billion
Design & Engineering Institutes Metro Valparaíso Extension Planned - By 2022
Public Transportation Agencies Colombia Bogotá Metro Line 1 Construction COP 9,1 Trillion
Medellín Metro Network Expansion Planned COP 15 Trillion
City Planning Agencies
Medellín Metro Procurement Of 22 New Trains MXN 40 Billion
Consultants Bogotá urban rail lines Construction Planned USD 5,1 Billion
Law Firms Barranquilla Metro Construction Feasibility Studies
Rail Companies/Administrations Medellín Tranvía de la Avenida 80 Construction Feasibility Studies USD 1 Billion
Construction Companies Regiotram Occidente (Light Rail Bogota - Facatativa) Construction Planned - By 2022 COP 5,6 Billion
Architects & Design Companies Costa Rica Electric tram from Alajuela and San Jose city Construction Preliminary Design
Transport Planning Agencies Metro San José Construction Planned COP 6 Billion
Rail Infrastructure Administrations Ecuador Quito Metro Line 1 Construction Undergoing USD 660 Million
El Salvador Passenger train San Salvador – Sitio del Niño Feasibility Study
Equipment and Service Suppliers
Guatemala LRT Metro Riel Construction Tender 2017 USD 770 Million
Mexico Express train connection to the new Int. Airport New Train Preliminary Studies
Mexico City Metro Line 9 Extension Bidding Process MXN 90 Million
JOB TITLES Monterrey Metro Line 3
Monterrey Metro Line 3
Completion Of Construction
Construction Of Stations
Contracts Awarded
MXN 300 Million
USD 65,4 Million
Government Officials Monterrey Metro Line 3 Procurement Of 26 Trains MXN 2,3 Billion
Chairmen | Presidents | CEOs Mexico City Metro Line 12 Extension Planned MXN 8,5 Billion
Director Generals Mexico City Metro Line 12 Earthquake Repairs
Managing Directors | General Mexico City Metro Technology Projects Planned
Managers Guadalajara LightRail Transit Line 3 Construction Undergoing - Mid 2018 USD 1 Billion
CFOs | CIOs Tren interurbano México – Toluca (1st HST in LATAM) Construction Undergoing - Apr 2018 USD 2,6 Billon
Directors of Project Development Panama Metro de Panamá Line 4 & 5 Construction Tendering prefeasibility
Metro de Panamá Line 3 New Monorail Prequalification USD 2,5 Billion
Business Development Directors
Metro de Panamá Line 2 Construction Undergoing - By 2019 USD 2 Billion
Procurement Directors Paraguay LightRail Project suburban train Asunción – Ypacaraí Planned USD 300 Million
Director of Engineering Ferrovía Ciudad Del Este – Ñeembucú Construction Pre-execution, By 2022 USD 2,8 Billion
Director of Security Peru Lima Metro Line 1 Upgrade & Maintenance USD 316 Million
Engineers & Architects Lima Metro Line 1 Extension USD 6,8 Million
Consultants & Lawyers Lima Metro Line 1 Construction Of 5 New Stations Undergoing, By 2018
This list is a representation of new and proposed projects and is not exhaustive. Disclaimer: This document is a promotional event release and is not contractual
Outlook: Some of the Ongoing | Upcoming Projects

Lima Metro Lines 3 & 4
USD 11 Billion
Commuter rail Lima – Ica Construction Planned By 2021 USD 1,5 Billion
Arequipa Light Rail Construction Planned USD 400 Million
« sector overview » | « Lima Transport Plan
35km Metro, 35 Stations, 42 Driverless Trains,
Undergoing USD 5,5 Billion
financing & investment » | « Lima Metro Line 2 Extension Ate (East) - Callao (West) Undergoing - By 2022 USD 800 Million
multimodal inclusion » | « Lima Metro Line 2 Extension Until Tocumen Airport
Environmental Impact
USD 125 Million
new trends & technologies »
| « fleet maintenance » | « Uruguay Tramo Ferroviario Piedra Sola - Salto Grande Rehabilitation Undergoing - By 2019 USD 127 Million
Ramal Ferroviario Algorta - Fray Bentos Rehabilitation & Construction Undergoing U$D 110 Million
train design » | « rolling stock New railway between Montevideo & Paso de Los Toros Construction On Top Of Old Railway Planned - Start In 2018
» | « economical & political
analysis » | « cross border
rail development » | « case
studies » | « new rail projects
» | « security & safety » | «
operational security » | «
service quality » | «
operation models » | « urban
planning » | « critical
infrastructure situation » | «
awareness & prevention » | «
signalization & control
systems » | « cargo rail » | «
massive transport systems » |
« metro & rail upgrades » | «
light rail & monorail »

This list is a representation of new and proposed projects and is not exhaustive. Disclaimer: This document is a promotional event release and is not contractual
Confirmed Speakers Include

Lic. Martín Machain Gilberto Quintero Zapata Sergio Rayo
Director Secretary of Infrastructure Operations and Maintenance, Argentina Government of Antioquia, Colombia Management Consultant
Metro de Panamá

Vicente Abate Adonai Aires de Arruda Filho Martín Orduna
President President Deputy Secretary of Sustainable Urban
Abifer – Brazilian Association ABOTTC – Brazilian Association Mobility Planning
of Rail Industry of Tourist Train Operators Ministry of Transport (Secretariat of
Transport Planning), Argentina
Ailton Brasiliense Pires José Eduardo Ribeiro Copello Pedro Machado
President President President
Associação Nacional de Companhia de Transporte do Associação dos Engenheiros e
Transportes Públicos Estado da Bahia (CTB) Arquitetos de Metrô (AEAMESP)

David Borille Marcelo Dourado Pablo Martorelli
Director President President Presidente
Empresa de Trens Urbanos de Companhia Metropolitana de Instituto Argentino de
Porto Alegre – TRENSURB Brasília – METRÔ/DF Ferrocarriles

Joubert Flores Jean Pejo José Manoel Ferreira Gonçalves
President General Secretary Presidente
ANTPtrihlos ALAF - Brasil FerroFrente
Asociación Latinoamericana
de Ferrocarriles (ALAF)
Mauricio Anderson
General Manager
Metro Quito
Delegates to be invited from

» AAICI » AATE » Acciona » ADIF (Administración de Infraestructuras Ferroviarias) » AFD Agence Francaise de Développement » AFE (Administración de Ferrocarriles del Estado) » Agência Nacional de
Transportes Terrestres (ANTT) » ALAF » ALAMYS » Alstom » ANADIE (Agencia Nacional de Alianzas para el Desarrollo de Infraestructura Económica) » Andrade Guttierrez » ANPTrilhos » Arrigoni
Engineering and Construction » Ayesa » Bahia Ministry of Urban Development » Benito Roggio » BNDS » Bombardier Transportation » CBTU (Companhia Brasileira de Trens Urbanos) » CBTU (Companhia
Brasileira de Trens Urbanos) » CBTU (Companhia Brasileira de Trens Urbanos) » CBTU (Companhia Brasileira de Trens Urbanos) » CCR, Brazil » Center for Engineering and Industrial Development/ El
Centro de Ingeniería y Desarrollo Industrial (CIDESI) » CEPAL » Cesel Ingenieros » China CAMC Engineering » China Civil Engineering Tiesiju Group » China Railway First Survey and Design Institute (FSDI) y
FSDI Xi’An Engineering Consultancy and Supervision, y las coreanas son Dohwa Engineering y Busan Transportation Corporation. » China Railway Group International » China Railway Seventh Group »
City of Barranquilla » Colas Rail » Companhia do Metropolitano de São Paulo (CMSP) » Companhia do Metropolitano do Distrito Federal (Metro DF) » Companhia Paulista de Trens Metropolitanos
(CPTM) » Comsa » Consorcio Corsan-Alston » Consorcio Tram Asunción » Construcciones y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles (CAF) » Corporacion Andina de Fomento » CPVM Constructora de Proyectos Viales de
Mexico » CR Almeida » CRRC Sifang » Deutsche Bank » DTP Consultores » EFE » Egis » el Consorcio Roggio » Empresa de Transporte de Pasajeros Metro SA (Metro SA) » EMTU Empresa metropolitana de
transportes urbanos » EPMMQ Empresa Publica Metropolitano Metro de Quito » Euroestudios » European Investment Bank (EIB) » FCC Construcciones » Ferrocarriles de Guatemala » FEPASA
(Ferrocarriles de Paraguay Sociedad Anonyma) » Ferrovias » Financial Territorial Development /Financiera de Desarrollo Territorial S.A. (FINDETER) » Fortaleza Metro » Gobierno nacional de Colombia »
GPA » Graña y Montero (GyM) » Grupo Hermes » Grupo Higa » Grupo MPE » Hyundai-Rotem » ICA » IDOM ingenieria y consultoria » Ingenieria Servicios y Sistemas Aplicados » Instituto Costarricense de
Ferrocarriles (Incofer) » Integral » Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) » Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC) » JICA » Joca Ingeniería y Construcciones (JOCA) » La Peninsular » Louis
Berger Group » Metro Caracas » Metro de Bahia » Metro de Bogotá » Metro de Medellín » Metro de Panamá » Consorcio Línea 2 (Construtora Norberto Odebrecht, S.A y la española FCC Construcción
S.A.) » Consorcio Línea 2 (Construtora Norberto Odebrecht, S.A y la española FCC Construcción S.A.) » Metro de Quito » Metro de Santiago, Chile » Metro de Valparaiso » Metro DF Brazil » Metro Lima 1,
2 and 3 » Metro Rio » Metro São Paulo » Metro Valparaíso » Metrofor » Ministry for Transport » Ministry of Cities, Brazil » Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MTC) » Mizuho Bank » MTOP
Ministry of Transport and Public works » Nippon Koei » Nuevo León state government » OAS » OHL » Peruvian Transport Infrastructure Regulator (Ositran) » ProInversión Peru » Public Agency for
Transportation and Circulation (EPTC) in Porto Alegre » Queiroz Galvao » Sacyr Concesiones » Santiago Metro » São Paulo Metro » Scomi Engineering » SCT México » Secretaría de Hacienda y Crédito
Público (SHCP) » SEINFRA » Sener » Sistema de Transporte Colectivo (STC) » Sistema De Tren Eléctrico Urbano (SITEUR) » SMP, Metro Secretariat » SOFSE (Operadora Ferroviaria Sociedad del Estado) »
SPTrans in Sao Paulo » STM São Paulo » Strukton International » Subterráneos de Buenos Aires SE (SBASE) » Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation » Supercemento » SuperVia Brazil » Systra » T.Y. Lin
International » TC Linha 4 Amarela » Techint Dycasa UTE » Technology Construction INC » Temoinsa » Thales » TIISA infrestrutura e investimento S A » Tonichi Engineering » Transconsult » Transports
Metropolitans de Barcelona (TMB) » Trensurb » ViaQuatro » VLT Carioca Consortium » Geocontrol » Ardanuy » CIS Asociados Consultores en Transportes » Merval, a unit of EFE » Fondo Nacional de
Desarrollo » Secretaría de Obras y Servicios (SOBSE) » Metro de Lima Línea 2 S.A. » Autoridad del Tránsito y Transporte Terrestre (ATTT) » Asociación Empresarial para América Latina » China Railway
Group Limited (CHINA RAILWAY) » Consorcio HP Joint Venture – Hyundai Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd. – POSCO. » Consorcio ACPC Línea 3 Acciona Construcción S.A. y Power
Construction Corporation of China Limited. (CHINA POWER) » Consorcio Oriental Metro Línea 3 – China Harbour Engineering Company Ltd. y Beijing Urban Construction Group Co. (CHEC) » Consorcio
Panamá Obrascon Huarte Lain, S.A. (OHL), Andrade Gutierrez Engenharia, S.A. y Mota-Engil, Engenharia e Construcao, S.A. (sucursal Panamá – Mota-Engil). » Ministerio del Interior, Obras Públicas y
Vivienda » Ministerio de Obras Públicas y Comunicaciones » Ministerio de Transporte y Obras Públicas » Ministerio de Obras Públicas, Servicios y Vivienda » Consejo Suramericano de Infraestructura y
Planeamiento (COSIPLAN) » Colegio de Ingenieros y Arquitectos de Costa Rica (CFIA) » Secretaria da Infraestrutura – SEINFRA » VLT Consortium Cuiabá - Várzea Grande » Ministerio de Obras Publicas »
Ministerio de Transporte » Banco Santander Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires (GBCA) » Gobierno de Cundinamarca » Asociación Nacional de Transportadores – Asotrans

Disclaimer: This document is a promotional event release and is not contractual
Partners and Sponsors
Attendees coming from
8:15 Registration & Welcome Coffee Case Study: Metro Of Santiago.
How did the metro of Santiago de Chile transform itself into a model for
8:40 Opening Address By Noppen
12:00 the region? Best practices and advice for other metro systems in Latin
Welcome Address By Chairman America.
8:45 Automation of Line 1
Martin Machain - Director - - Argentina
8:50 Opening Speech Reserved For Regional Government Of Sao Paulo 12:30 Networking Luncheon

General Outlook Technology
Keynote: Interregional Rail Development Within Latin America Presentation: Technology And Sustainability
How to facilitate cross-border cooperation in technological, financial How Latest technology in rail transport can contribute to a lower energy
9:00 and institutional fields consumption and reduced emission of Greenhouse gases.
Actions needed to strengthen performance on policies, regulations,
Sponsored Business Case: Advanced Technology In Fleet Maintenance
supervision of concessions and appropriate selection of public 14:30
Engineering. Solutions that help reduce the cost of train fleet life cycle.
investments and subsidies
Case study: Lima’s Metro.
Host Country Focus – Brazil
15:00 Successful implementation of new technologies for both operation and
VIP Keynote: How Rail Development Has A Direct Impact On Public
9:30 Policies?
Ailton Brasiliense – President - Associação Nacional de Transportes 15:30 Networking Tea-Break And One-one Meetings
Públicos - ANTP -Brazil
Presentation: Rail Solutions And Services Designed To Achieve Constant
Case Study: Extension Of The Sao Paulo Commuter Rail Network. The 16:00 Improvement In Traveler Control, Information, Economic Management
massive passenger transport system between cities and metropolitan And Monitoring Of Resources
10:00 areas.
Project In The Spotlight: Bogota’s Metro By 2022
Pedro Armante Carneiro Machado - President - Associação dos 16:30
Projects and plans: what has been done, which tenders are following?
Engenheiros e Arquitetos de Metrô (AEAMESP) - Brazil
Closing Remarks By Chairman And End Of Day 1
10:30 Networking Tea-Break And One-one Meetings 17:00
Martin Machain - Director - - Argentina
Rail Design and Planning
Case Study: Interurban Train México – Toluca.
How to guarantee sustainable development?
A closer look into the construction process of the first high speed train
in Latin America
Presentation: A Closer Look At Customized “Design-build-operate-
maintain” Transportation System Solutions Disclaimer: This document is a promotional event release and is not contractual. Speakers &
Marcelo Dourado – President – Metro Brasilia - Brazil Topics can be different in the final agenda
8:15 Registration And Welcome Coffee Case study: Medellin’s Metro.
One of LATAMs best mass transit systems: best practices and keys
Opening Address By Chairman
8:50 to success
Martin Machain - Director - -Argentina 14:00
Gilberto Quintero Zapata - Secretary of Infrastructure -
Presentation: Cybersecurity For Critical Infrastructure Gobernación de Antioquia - Colombia
9:00 Covering end-to-end advisory, protections and monitoring
services to digitally secure railway operations
Presentation: Operational Security
Project in the Spotlight: Red De Expresos Regionales, Buenos Latest control and signaling systems
9:30 Aires.
Procurement Of Rolling Stock
Vial Network Hierarchy and Modal Hierarchy.
Ensuring good adaptation of new rolling stock to the existing rail
Case Study: Metro Of Panama. network
Future inauguration of Line 2 Introducing sustainable energy supply
Construction of Line 3 monorail
10:00 15:30 Networking Tea-Break And One-one Meetings
Sergio Rayo - Operations and Maintenance Management
Consultant - Metro de Panama - Panama
16:00 Case Study: Updates On Rio De Janeiro’s VLT Project
Presentation: Cargo Rail Networks
10:30 Networking Tea - Break And One-one Meetings
Further development of cargo rail within Latin America
Financing Case study of Uruguay: rehabilitation of the cargo network within
Keynote: Allocating Resources To Strengthen Existing the country
Infrastructure And Develop New Rail Networks
17:00 Case Study: Construction Of Guadalajara Light Rail Transit Line
Using public agencies as private contractor
Closing Remarks And End Of Day 2 By Chairman
Discussion Panel: Financing 17:30
Martin Machain - Director -
Allocating funds through traditional budgetary procedures.
Financing passenger rail projects in Latin America. PPP
11:30 feasibility.
Finding creative solutions for financing difficulties
Understanding the different banking requirements for financing
and credit
Disclaimer: This document is a promotional event release and is not contractual. Speakers &
12:30 Networking Luncheon Topics can be different in the final agenda
Series Sponsors

Disclaimer: This document is a promotional event release and is not contractual
Latin America Passenger Rail Expansion Summit
Series` Speakers

Pablo Martorelli Ing. Guillermo Fiad Ignacio Segovia
Presidente Presidente Director Técnico
Instituto Argentino de Ferrocarriles Trenes Argentinos Infraestructura Consorcio GMQ (Gerencia Metro de Quito)

Dr. Arq. Martín Blas Orduna Horacio Faggiani
Mr. Arturo Papazian Gerente de Control Técnico Ferroviario
Subsecretario de Transporte Ferroviario Subsecretario de Planificación de la Movilidad
Urbana Sustentable, (Head of Technical Control for Railways)
Secretaría de Gestión de Transporte; Comisión Nacional de Regulación del Transporte
Ministerio de Transporte, Argentina Ministerio de Transporte, Argentina
(CNRT), Argentina

José Villafañe Lic. Franz Hochstatter Dubravcic Sergio Rayo
Secretario General Sub Gerente Comercial Empresa Ferroviaria Asesor de la Dirección de Operaciones y Mantenimiento
Andina S.A. Metro de Panamá
Asociación Latinoamericana de Ferrocarriles
La Paz – Bolivia

Germán Bussi Francisco Mosquera Santiago Guillen
Secretario de Planificación de Transporte Subgerente General Ingeniero de Sistemas Ferroviarias
Ministerio de Transporte, Argentina Ferrocarriles del Ecuador IDOM Ingeniería y Consultoría

Ing. Ezequiel Moure Jose Eduardo Ribeiro Copello Ing. Alberto Valdez
Coordinador Vía y Obras; Linea Mitre; Gerencia de Director – Presidente Gerente General
Ingenieria Trenes Argentinos Infraestructura (SOFSE) Companhia de Transporte do Estado da Bahia PeruRail

David Borille Gilberto Quintero Zapata
Pedro Armante Carneiro Machado
Director Presidente Secretario de Infraestructura de Antioquia Presidente
Empresa de Trens Urbanos de Porto Alegre – Secretaría de Infraestructura Física, Gobernación Asociación de Ingenieros y Arquitectos de Metros
TRENSURB de Antioquia

Antonio Olague López Alexander Ellwanger Tomás Varano
Gerente de operaciones Aerotrén Vice Presidente Gerente de Proyectos, Calidad y Benchmarking
Associação Brasileira da Industria Ferroviaria Asociación Latinoamericana de Sistemas Integrados
para la Movilidad Urbana Sustentable – SIMUS

❖ Interesante, se replanteo bastante la modernización pero poco la expansión - Metro de Lima- Línea 1
❖ Muy informativo y actualizado - Astaldi
❖ Organization was perfect, place and features were really good - ZF Do Brasil
❖ A great time to discuss the upcoming opportunities of the sector - SNEF
❖ Wonderfull experience - Verint
❖ En líneas generales, buen evento - Gerencia Metro de Quito
❖ Excelente evento y muestra de la actualidad ferroviaria - UNSAM
❖ Sumamente interesante - Tren a las nubes
❖ Formidable evento, interesante hasta ultimo minuto - Hoppecke
❖ Muy interesante y constructivo - Empresa Ferroviaria Andina Bolivia
❖ Buen resumen del sector - Teyma Abengoa
❖ Destacamos la organización y los oradores - DAHUA
❖ Aprovecho para felicitarlas por la excelente organización - PeruRail S.A.
❖ Muy interesante con problemática y temática especifica - Tren a las nubes
❖ Un evento de buena calidad y buenas presentaciones - Geoconsult BASA
❖ Muy buen oportunidad para relacionarse con actores claves para el sector - SIMUS
❖ Muy Importante en la realidad de nuestros países y muy bien organizado - Espe Innovativa
❖ Excelentes temas de presentación, buena temática y disposición de los expositores - Metrovías
❖ Muy instructivo del panorama general - Ministerio de Transporte (Secretaría de Planificación de Transporte)
❖ Agradezco mucho la oportunidad de participar en el evento, para nosotros como FERROVIAS fue sumamente importante pues
logramos establecer contactos que nos ayudarán en nuestros proyectos aquí en Guatemala. Ferrovías Guatemala
❖ Excelente el nivel de las experiencias y exponentes, buena asistencia y atención del personal encargado - INALOG - Uruguay Logístico
❖ Muy bueno falto profundización en ciertos temas, pero es comprensible por el poco tiempo que se tienen en el evento – Ferrovías
❖ Se observaron diferentes perspectivas en la operación de trenes de pasajeros en América Latina. Área Metropolitana del Valle de
Venue Information

Hotel Pullman Sao Paulo Ibirapuera Local gastronomy, luxury and French hospitality around the world The
Pullman São Paulo Ibirapuera is located next to the largest urban park in São Paulo (Ibirapuera Park), close to
the main business and leisure centers of the city, just 5 km from Cogonhas Airport (CGH) and 25 km from the
airport of Guarulhos (GRU). The Pullman São Paulo Ibirapuera is ideal for holding meetings or enjoying a family

Pullman Sao Paulo
Ibirapuera Hotel

Rua Joinville, 515 – Vila Mariana,
São Paulo – SP, 04008-011, Brazil

Phone: +55 11 5088-4000
Fax: (+)1150884000

For accommodation and visa
assistance please kindly

Ana Luísa da Silva Regadas
Operations Manager
Lnoppen Latin America

+57 1 390 4687
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