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Keiser MUSE375 Palmer

Concert Curriculum Project “Heart’s Cry” CM Lesson Plan


MU:Pr4.3.E.IIa Demonstrate how understanding the style, genre, and context of a varied

repertoire of music influences prepared and improvised performances as

well as performers’ technical skill to connect with the audience.

MU:Cr6.1.E.IIIa Demonstrate an understanding and mastery of the technical demands and

expressive qualities of the music through prepared and improvised

performances of a varied repertoire representing diverse cultures, styles,

genres, and historical periods in multiple types of ensembles.

MU:Cn11.0.T.IIIa Demonstrate understanding of relationships between music and the other

arts, other disciplines, varied contexts, and daily life.


 Students will demonstrate their understanding of the meaning of the symbols and lyrics

of the song “Heart’s cry”

 Students will connect the similarities and differences between the original chorale and the

brass choir arrangements

 Students will participate in discussion to determine how the information learned about

“Heart’s Cry” will affect their future performances


 Baton; Score of “Heart’s Cry;” lyrics to “Heart’s Cry” chorale; Copy of “Heart’s Cry”

melody with words underneath; Some form of presenter (projector or TV); pitch pipes;

Pitched Drone app; Speakers; Students responsible for instruments, accessories, etc.

 Optional: tuner, metronome

Keiser MUSE375 Palmer

Students will be led in the following:

Warm-ups and Sound-before-Sight preparation (4-6 min)

 Play concert B-flat drone over speaker system, loud enough to fill room (but not so that

you cannot hear yourself)

o Have students sing a B-flat scale in unison

o Have students sing a B-flat scale in a round (3 to 4 groups; 4 if strong group)

o Sing through excerpts from “Heart’s Cry” on solfege, perhaps tricky intervals or

strange melodies to assist students

 Pass out “Heart’s Cry” melody with words

o Listen to a recording of a choir sing the song

o Have the group sing through the melody

Heart’s Cry as both a Chorale and Brass Feature: Learn about the words (11-14 min)

 Ask students to write down on a piece of blank paper for about a minute or 2 their

thoughts on who the speaker of the lyrics might be.

o Once done, ask a few students to give their interpretations

o Have a short discussion about the two main figures represented: salmon and

eagles -> womanhood (old Irish vision)

 Does this piece have a recognizable form?

o Hopefully, quick to answer ABAB

 Let’s Play through Section A

o Then Sing it – based on the words and how the piece sounds, where might we

want to put our emphasis?

Keiser MUSE375 Palmer

o Do the same for Section B – it translates in the chorale to the next two sections!

 Wait! Is the chorale the same as the instrumental version?

o There is a difference in the last section B – Let’s figure out how it is different.

 Run the piece through with the emphasis that was decided earlier.


 Formative: fix any issues that might appear in either the singing or the playing. Also,

collect what the students wrote down on the paper to put in their portfolios.

 Summative: Have students complete a short paragraph after done with the lesson

describing the meaning behind the song and one way they might convey that meaning in

how they play.