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HaSS Skills: A B C D E
Excellent High Satisfactory Limited Unsatisfactory

Questioning Develops multiple questions Develops multiple questions Develops questions in relation Develops a basic question. Does not develop questions.
about related events, that relate to the topic. to the topic.
developments and issues and/or

Researching Collects and organises Collects and organises

information, evidence and/or information, evidence and/or
data from primary and secondary data from secondary sources. Collects information, evidence
sources. and/or data from secondary Collects information. Does not collect information.

Analysing Interprets information, evidence Interprets information, Interprets information, Interprets information, Does not interpret information.
and or data to identify key points evidence and or data to evidence and or data to evidence and or data.
or ideas, points of view, identify key points or ideas, identify key points or ideas.
perceptions and interpretations; identifies the purpose of
identifies the purpose of sources sources.
and determines their accuracy
and reliability.

Communicating Presents findings in appropriate Presents findings in Presents findings in Presents findings. Does not present findings.
forms for different audiences and appropriate forms for different appropriate forms for different
purposes using subject specific audiences and purposes. audiences.
Reflecting on conclusions/
Reflecting Reflecting on conclusions/ findings.
findings to consider Reflects on conclusions. Briefly reflects on Does not reflect on conclusions.
consequences. conclusions.

Evaluating Propose explanations for events, Propose explanations for Provides explanations for Provides explanations for Does not provide and
challenges, developments, issues events, challenges, events, challenges events, challenges explanations or draw evidence
and/or phenomena; draw developments, issues and/or developments, issues and/or developments, issues based conclusions.
evidence based conclusions and phenomena; draw evidence phenomena; draws evidence and/or phenomena.
explanations; and suggest based conclusions and based conclusions.
courses of action in responses to explanations;
events, challenges,
developments, issues and/or