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Centrilift 538FLEXPump47 Pump

Improve ESP performance in dynamic well conditions

538FLEXPump47 pump offers:

Higher efficiency Applications
Conventional oil fields
Wider operating range
Unconventional oil and gas fields
Longer run life
Horizontal or deviated wells
Mature oil fields
Features and benefits
Patented-pending technology
– Reduces thrust profile
Higherpump efficiency
– Reduces power costs
Wideroperating range

Patented technology
– Expands operational flexibility in
dynamic well conditions
hydraulic design
– Increases system run life by
Expanding possibilities Advancing innovations reducing thrust

The new Centrilift FLEXPump series multistage The new design of the 538FLEXPump47 pump Heavier vane and wall construction

centrifugal pumps have the industry’s highest was developed using Computational Fluid – Decreases erosive wear
efficiency and widest operating range, providing Dynamic (CFD) simulation software. The simulation Floater construction
operators with the operational flexibility work resulted in patent-pending design concepts, – Increases reliability in the event
required in dynamic well conditions. The which reduce the thrust profile throughout the of high gas inflow
advanced-engineering hydraulic designs of pump. This increases the operating range to the
the pump stages maximize production while widest in the industry at this flow rate.
extending electrical submersible pumping (ESP)
system run life. The new design concepts also include heavier vane
and wall constructions to reduce pump wear over
Improving operating range and efficiency the life of the well. Mixed-flow stages, which have
The 538FLEXPump47 pump, a model in wider vane openings, improve the dependability
the FLEXPump family, delivers unmatched of the pumps when solids are entrained in the
performance for flow rates from 6,000 B/D to as production stream. For abrasive or scale-prone
low as 2,400 B/D. This hydraulically proficient applications, the FLEXPump series of pumps
mixed-flow design lowers the horsepower are available in Stabilized Normal Duty (SND),
requirement over the entire flow range, producing Stabilized Heavy Duty (SHD), Stabilized Severe Duty
higher efficiency than pumps from competitors. (SSD), and Stabilized Xtreme Duty (SXD).

Specifications for 538FLEXPump47 Pump 538FLEXPump47 Pump Performance Curve 60 Hz, 3500 rpm
Curve tested for one stage in fluid 1.00 sg
Series 538
72 (22) 20 (15)
OD, in [mm] 5.38 [136.65]
65 (20) 18 (13)
Standard stage alloy Ni-Resist™
58 (18) 16 (12)

Head, ft (m) & Efficiency, %

Stage geometry Mixed flow
50 (15) 14 (10)
Flow range, bbl/d at 60
2,400-6,000 [318-795] 43 (13) 12 (9)

BHP (kW)
Hz [m3/d at 50 Hz]
36 (11) 10 (7)
Head per stage at BEP, ft
50.3 [10.7]
at 60 Hz [m at 50 Hz] 29 (9) 8 (6)

Power per stage at BEP, 22 (7) 6 (4)

2.6 [1.12]
bhp [kW at 50 Hz] 14 (4) 4 (3)
Efficiency at best 7 (2) 2 (1)
efficiency point (BEP), %
0 0
Burst pressure, psi [kPa] 5,627 [38,797] 0 1,000 2,000 3,000 4,000 5,000 6,000 7,000 8,000 9,000
(159) (318) (477) (636) (795) (954) (1,113) (1,272) (1,431)
Standard housing alloys Carbon steel and 9Cr-1Mo Capacity - BPD (m3/day)
Standard shaft alloys Monel® and Inconel®
Shaft diameter, in [mm] 0.875 [22.225]
Operating Flow Range Efficiency at BEP
Abrasion resistant options SND, SHD, SSD, SXD 3,600 72
Radial and axial bearing 71
Tungsten carbide 3,000 70

Pump Efficiency, %
Flow Rate, bbl/day

Floater (No shimming 2,400
Construction 68
1,800 67
1,200 65
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learn more about how the FLEXPump series 538FLEXPump47 Competition 538FLEXPump47 Competition
pumps deliver operational flexibility in dynamic
well conditions.

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