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ISE I - Reading & Writing Exam

Task 1 — Long reading

Read the following text about sleep and answer the 15 questions

Paragraph 1
Exercise is important in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We must exercise in order to
keep our muscles and brain young and active. The appropriate level of exercise can
differ for people, but in general 30 minutes of movement is necessary to maintain a
healthy lifestyle. It is important to have a daily routine to keep yourself fresh and lively.

Paragraph 2
In a new study, researchers have shown that ability and strength exercise may help
prevent cognitive decline, keeping your brain working fully as you age. Researchers
found a pattern between a person's cardio Hitness and brain function in middle-aged
adults. The result? People who exercised also displayed better vascular function, or
blood Hlow in the brain, than the inactive individuals.

Paragraph 3
Early age exercise helps not only to lose weight later but also exercise in adulthood, says
a study. "This may have implications for the importance of physical education in primary
and secondary schools," said a professor of biology. "If kids exercise regularly through
the school years then they may be more likely to exercise as adults and have positive
effects on their health."

Paragraph 4
Exercising can have multiple beneHits in one’s life. Many people go to the gym to improve
muscle, and of course for getting a ‘perfect body’. Working out has other beneHits, too.
Scientists have researched how exercising can increase brain function. Some other
beneHits of exercise include: mental health, and relationships which leads to a healthier
and happier life overall. Therefore, exercise and physical activity are a great way to feel
better, gain health beneHits and have fun.

Paragraph 5
First, by reducing stress, taking quick walk can increase the chemicals in the brain that
help with stress and raise levels of happiness, and aid in relaxing after a long day at
work or school. Another beneHit is improvement of self-conHidence, exercise can uplift or
raise a person’s perception of his or her self-image. By choosing to go for a run or walk
outside you can appreciate the world around you, the sunshine, trees, water and fresh
Questions 1–5
The text has five paragraphs (1–5). Choose the best title for each paragraph from A–F
below and write the letter (A–F) on the lines below. There is one title you don’t need.
A. Kids should exercise
B. We have to exercise
C. Exercise helps your brain
D. Not only muscles
E. How to exercise
F. The ways exercise helps
1. Paragraph 1: B
2. Paragraph 2: C
3. Paragraph 3: A
4. Paragraph 4: D
5. Paragraph 5: F

Questions 6–10
Choose the Hive statements from A–H below that are TRUE according to the information
given in the text. Write the letters of the TRUE statements on the lines below (in any
A. Half an hour of exercise keeps you healthy
B. Exercise can help your brain stay active
C. Exercise as a child can have beneHits later in life
D. Exercise only helps with muscles
E. You can reduce stress by walking
F. Exercise can reduce self-conHidence
G. Active people have better blood Hlow than inactive
H. Exercising outside helps you enjoy sunshine.

6. B

Questions 11–15
Complete sentences 11–15 with a word, phrase or number from the text (maximum
three words). Write the word, phrase or number on the lines below.

11. Exercising helps keep our body and brain ___YOUNG AND ACTIVE.
12. Those who exercise regularly show better BLOOD FLOW in the brain.
13. Exercising can help LOSE WEIGHT as a child.
14. Working out has MULTIPLE benefits other than weight loss.
15. Reduce stress by taking a QUICK WALK.
Task 2 — Multi-text reading
In this section there are four short texts for you to read and some questions for you to

Questions 16–20
Read questions 16–20 Hirst and then read texts A, B, C and D below the questions. As you
read each text, decide which text each question refers to. Choose one letter — A, B, C or
D — and write it on the lines below. You can use any letter more than once.

Which text…
16. describes the cleanest modes of transportation? C
17. explains how you can save money while travelling? B
18. suggests that taking a car can be better than riding the bus? D
19. shows that most people use their car to get to work? A
20. says that taking a train is better than airplane? C

Text A

Popularity of mode of transportation to go to work in the summer in London

Text B

I have been traveling around Europe for the past three months. I had a inancial plan of
spending $4000. Some tips and tricks I have collected for you to save money when you
travel are the following:

1. Find a cheap place to stay, and plan day trips. This way you save on the daily cost of
new hotels, and the additional luggage cost on airplanes and trains.
2. Travel in low-season: don’t go to Rome or Paris in the middle of the summer, but
rather in autumn when tickets and hotels are cheaper.
3. Travel with friends, larger rooms are always cheaper. For example, a room for 4
people in a hostel can be $12 a night, and a one person room may be $35
Text C


Class: 4A
Modes of Transportation

Today we learned about the environmental impact of different modes of transportation.

We compared riding a bicycle, driving a car, taking the bus, train and airplane. All of
these types of transportation have their beneHits and drawbacks in our daily life and
town. Of course, the cleanest way to travel locally is by bicycle. When traveling large
distances it is best to travel with many people, on a bus, train or airplane. You should
only drive if there are more than 4 people in the car, or if there is no public transport to
your destination.
By taking a Hlight, you'd be responsible for much higher emissions - 29 times as much
carbon dioxide! - than by taking a cleaner method, a high-speed electric train.
By continuing to develop more cars and busses with green energy, these modes of
transportation will become the cleanest way to travel. Though we cannot completely
reduce the emissions to 0, or make the journey carbon free. No matter how much we
reduce the emissions of cars, trains and planes, bicycling will always be the cleanest way
to travel.

Text D
John: I take the bus to work everyday, it is inexpensive however it takes 45 minutes from
my house to work.
Stephanie: Why don’t you drive your car?
John: I don’t want to because the trafHic is terrible in the morning and afternoon.
Stephanie: You can drive with some friends to work. By car-sharing, you will reduce the
amount of cars on the roads, and it will help you get to work quicker.
John: Thanks for the advice, I will look into my possibilities.
Questions 21–25
Choose the Hive statements from A–H below that are TRUE according to the information
given in the texts above. Write the letters of the TRUE statements on the lines below (in
any order).

A. The most common mode of transportation is the bus

B. The least popular mode of transportation is taking a taxi
C. You can save money by staying at an expensive hotel
D. Travel in low-season to save money
E. Bicycling is the cleanest mode of transportation
F. Taking a plane is cleaner than riding a train
G. Car-sharing reduces the number of cars on the road
H. It is impossible to make a car journey 100% carbon free
21. B
22. D
23. E
24. G
25. H

Questions 26–30
The summary notes below contain information from the texts. Find a word or phrase
(maximum three words) from texts A–D to complete the missing information in gaps
26–30. Write your answers on the lines below

Summary Notes

Different modes of transportation

• in the summer, almost a quarter of people (26) CATCH THE BUS

• only 12% of people take a taxi to work
• saving money when you travel is easy if you vacation in low-season
• you can (27) SAVE by sharing hostel room with friends
• it’s only a good idea to drive when you have (28) MORE THAN 4 people in the car
• taking a plane will have signiHicantly (29) (MUCH) HIGHER emissions than a train
• driving to work can be (30) QUICKER than taking the bus
Task 3 — Reading into writing

Write an article for your local newspaper (100–130 words) about why people should
ride their bike around town.
Use the information you read in Task 2 (pages 4–6) to:
• explain how riding a bicycle is a popular mode of transportation
• suggest how riding a bicycle could help save money and
• advise others on cleaner modes of transportation

You should plan your article before you start writing. Think about what you want to say
and make some notes to help you in this box:

Planning notes

(No marks are given for these planning notes)

Now write your article of 100–130 words in the space below.
Try to use your own words as far as possible — don’t just copy sentences from the
reading texts.
Task 4 — Extended writing
Write an essay (100–130 words) for your teacher about a sports competition

You should:
• give examples of what happens at this sports competition
• tell your teacher what you had to do to prepare
• explain why this sports competition is important.

You should plan your essay before you start writing. Think about what you want to say
and make some notes to help you in this box:

Planning notes:

(No marks are given for these planning notes)

Now write your essay of 100–130 words in the space below.