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Promax – evaluación 12 pts - 45´

 Insert the crude oil identified by the teacher in Promax (TBP) 2 pts
 Create a process stream 1 with 100% of the crude oil
 For this process stream (1 bar abs-20°C-1t/h), draw the diagram phase, TBP curve identify with Promax the following properties : critical point, °API,
pour point, viscosidad cst & compare with dataSHEET 4 pts
 Connect the process stream 1 with a centrifugal pump (efficiency 75%) to have at the discharge of the pump 15 bar r. 1 pt
 Connect the pump to a simple heat exchanger (0.3 bar pressure drop) in order to warm up the crude oil to 80°C. (input energy stream) 1 pt
 Connect the heat exchanger to the inlet of a 2 phases vertical drum which have 2 outlets & a pressure fixed at the gas outlet at 10 bar r. (rename the
flows inlet / outlet liq / outlet gas) 1.5 pts
 For each steps, with a call out function, display the properties (P, T, results on the diagram and do a screen shot -> report • For the liquid and gas
outlets of the drum, display the following properties in Promax : molecular weight,% vapor, specific gravity, 1.5 pts • What is the energy required for
the pump & heat exchanger 1 pts

Mijhail Anatholi
Romero Mamani

Víctor Hugo