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Personal Development pursue an interest, a vision or a

1. What is the reaction of the body - PASSION
and mind to a stimulus that disturb
the well being of a person? 13. An act of deciding to consistently
- STRESS fulfill and live by agreements made
with anotherperson, entity or cause
2. Very important mechanism in and where the values of integrity
dealing with stress. and respect serve as a guide to
- COPING one’s behavior and thinking.
3. What part of the brain was
performing tasks that were 14. When a person is influenced by
intuitive, creative and synthesizing? someone he/she likes or look up to.

4. Stress hormone 15. A type of social influence that

- CORTISOL involves a change in behavior, belief
or thinking to be like others.
5. Part of the brain which is more - CONFORMITY
adept with analytical, logical,
reasoning and critical thinking. 16. When a person is able to own a
- RIGHT BRAIN certain belief or act.
6. 3 distinct part of the brain which is
composed of the neocortex, limbic 17. Things such as behavior, actions,
systems and reptilian complex. attitudes as a result of the action/s
- “THE TRIUNE BRAIN THEORY” of another person.
7. Key word for Upper Left Cerebral
Mode. 18. Type of leadership is about
- ANALYTICAL motivating and inspiring other
people to reach for higher goals, for
8. Key word for Upper Right Limbic bigger and greater things.
System. - HEROISM

9. What is the diagram used to

represent ideas branching from a 19. Used by one person/group to
central key word or idea. influence another to change their
- MIND MAPPING beliefs, actions attitudes by
appealing to a reason or emotion.
10. The way which 2 or more - PERSUASION
people/groups/countries talk or
behave towards each other. 20. Leaders are consistent of what they
- RELATIONSHIPS say and what they do.

11. Author of emotional intelligence 21. There are times we meet people
- DANIEL GOLEMAN who we immediately like/dislike.
(defines emotional - TRANSFERENCE EFFECT
intelligence as “the
ability to motivate ENUMERATION:
oneself and persist in
the face of a) What are the 5 ways of using mind
frustrations.”) maps effectively.
12. The intense state of being that
drives and consume a person to 1. Use single words/simple phrases
2. Print Words
3. Use color to separate different
4. Use symbols and Images
5. Use cross-linkages

b) 12 major components of wellness

1. Sense of worth
2. Sense of control
3. Sense of humor
4. Realistic beliefs
5. Emotional awareness and coping
6. Problem solving and creativity
7. Nutrition
8. Physical exercise
9. Self-care
10. Stress management
11. Gender identity
12. Cultural identity

c) 5 steps to improve and well-being being

propositioned around the world.

1. Connect
2. Be active
3. Keep learning
4. Give to others
5. Take notice

d) 5 domains of emotional intelligence

1. Knowing one’s emotions and self-

2. Managing emotions
3. Motivating oneself
4. Recognize
5. Handling relationships

e) 7 types of intelligence by Howard


1. Verbal linguistic
2. Mathematical-logical
3. Spatial
4. Kinesthetic
5. Musical
6. Interpersonal
7. Intrapersonal


1. Explain how heredity and environment

plays an important role in personal
2. How do family structure influence the
personal development of an