html# Homely ugly To pen - to write something Unburthen - to unload Mere used for emphasizing that something is small or unimportant. Household - the people who live in a house or flat when they ate considered as a single unit. Expound to explain something or to express your opinion about it in detail. Hereafter starting from this moment. Commonplace something that often happens or is often done and is therefore not unusual. Awe a feeling of great respect and admiration, often combined with fear. Tender gentle in a way that you care about someone or something . Conspicuous very noticeable or easy to see, especially because of being unusual or different. Jest a joke. Fond having a great liking for someone or something. Indulge to allow someone to do what they want or enjoy. Caress to touch or kiss someone in a gentle and loving way. Cherish to love, protect and care for someone or something that is important to you. Paltry - not very good, important, or valuable. Gossamer something very light and delicate. Congenial friendly and enjoying the company of others. Partiality - an unfair attitude that you show when you support one person, group, or opinion more than any others. Procure to obtain something, especially with effort or difficult. Remarkably - used for emphasizing how unusual and surprising or impressive something is. Sagacious wise and able to make food practical decisions. Astonishing very surprising. Regard - to consider or have an opinion about something or someone.

Disguise something that you wear to change the way that you look so that people will not recognize you. for example because you suddenly fell cold or frightened. Fiend intemperance drinking excessively Suffered myself allowed to happen through indifference Intemperate behavior or speech not controlled and to extreme or violent. especially another child. Peevish easily annoyed. Malevolent showing that you want to do something bad to someone. Fiendish very evil. that shows what type of person they are. Frame the particular shape or size of someone s body. At length after a long time. Playmate a friend. with whom a child plays prevent someone or something from doing something. especially by things that are not important. Scruple a moral principle that prevents you from doing something that you think is bad. To neglect to fail to give love. Grasp to take and hold something or someone very tightly. Ill-use . Somewhat to some degree but not to a large degree. such as an eye or an arm fits. Regard respect or consideration for someone or something. Disposition the way that someone normally thinks and behaves. or support. Gin-nurtured To thrill to feel very excited and pleased. . Regardless without being affected or influenced by someone or something. Shudder if you shudder. your body suddenly shakes. To fancy that used when you are very surprised about something.To hurt or injure by maltreatment. Haunt a place that someone visits often because they enjoy going there. Restrain . Socket a curved space in the human body where a moving part. Seize to quickly take something in your hand. attention.

Noose a piece of rope that is formed into a circle at one end. Vex to make someone annoyed. Conflagration a very large fire that causes a lot of damage. Drowned to cover something completely with a liquid especially in a way that spoils it. Overthrow to remove someone from power. Grieved to make you feel sad and angry.Damnable extremely bad or annoying. often in a war.carved or engraved. Resigned accepting that something unpleasant must happen and you cannot change it. Despair the feeling that a situation is so bad that nothing you can do will change it. to complete. . Compartment one of separate parts of a container or place where things are stored. Graven . Vile shocking and morally bad. confused. Jeopardize to risk destroy something important. especially harmful smoke or gas. Thenceforward (old fashion) after that. Atrocity a cruel and violent act. Unfathomable impossible to explain or understand. to defeat To take account of to consider something when you are trying to make a decision. so that if you full the other end the circles becomes smaller. Limb a large branch on a tree. Presented to cause something such as a problem. In the teeth of something despite something such as problems or difficulties. or worried. Debauch drinking to excess Feeble not effective or good. using force. Indivisible not able to be separated or broken into parts. Consummate to conclude. Fumes smoke or gas that has an unpleasant smell. from that time forward. Irrevocable impossible to change or stop. threat or opportunity Frightful extremely serious or unpleasant.

especially in appearance. Carcass the body of a dead animal. . lime a white substance used for making cement and for helping plants to grow. metal etc. you touch ir gently several times with a flat hand in a friendly way. it makes a continuous quiet low sound because it is happy. Stupefied unable to think clearly.Bas-relief a style of sculpture in which the artist forms shapes in stone. Altogether used to emphasizing that something is completely ignored or forgotten. or attitude. Arise if a particular situation or problem arises. Behold to see something. Readily accounted easily or willingly explained. Portraiture the picture or scene. Bitterness an intense an painful l feeling. Resemble to be similar to someone or something. being known as evil. Evinced to show a particular feeling. Thereupon immediately after something else happens. or something that you imagine or dream about. Splotch an irregular shaped mark or spot. Pat if you pat an animal such as a dog or a horse. I begins o exist or to develop. clay. Infamy a bad reputation. which is used for activities not involving work . for example because of the effect of drugs. Den a room in a house or apartment. quality. Hogsheads large container for liquid. Respect an aspect of something. Domesticated adapted to the household routine. Gin a strong clear alcoholic drink made from grain and small fruits called juniper barriers to add flavor. so that they stick out slightly form their background. To purr if a cats purrs. Fancy imagination. Draw to attract attention or interest. Vile haunts despicable places that are often visited. Steady firmly held in a particular position without moving or shaking.

Added an added advantage benefit etc makes a bad situation even worst. Fanciful not realistic. Unutterable loathing .hatred so strong that someone cannot talk about it. Spring to move quickly and suddenly towards a particular place. Blow a hard hit with a hand or a weapon. Felon someone who has committed a serious crime such as murder or robbery. To crouch . mental illusion. . Pertinacity determination. Loathsome very bad or unpleasant. Chimaeras dreams. Partly to some degree. Pestilence a serious disease that spreads fast and kill many people. Clamber to climb something with difficulty. Former of or in an earlier time. Outline an explanation that includes the general points about something. Distinguish trait unique characteristic.To press the entire body close to the ground with the limbs bent.Hatred a very strong feeling that you dislike someone or something very much. or if a feeling or emotion heightens. but not completely. Partiality (old fashion) a feeling of liking someone or something. Withhold to refuse to give something or to keep back something. Dread to feel very worried about something that might happen or something that is going to happen. Endear . using your hands and feet. Remembrance a memory of a person or an event.make attractive or lovable. but not the details. before the present time or in the past. it becomes stronger. Heighten if something heightens a feeling or emotion. prominent feature . Deprived not having the things that are essential for a comfortable life. stubbornness. Inspire to give people a particular feeling. Dress the clothes that someone usually wears.

Hideous very ugly or frightening. Mournful very sad. Woe a strong feeling of sadness. usually when they can do nothing to solve a problem. Hatred very strong feeling that you dislike someone or something very much. Hitherto until the present time. often using a lot of skill or care. especially anger. Exasperated . including both men and women. Contemptuous showing that you do not respect someone or something at all. Alas an old word used for saying you are sad about something and you wish it had nor happened. Compel to force someone to do something. Mankind the whole human race. Unutterable extreme: used for emphasizing how strong a quality of feeling is. Feeble not strong enough to achieve the intended result. Headlong with your head in such a position that it hits something before the rest of your body. To goad to deliberately make someone feel very angry or upset so that they make someone very annoyed. Bury to push one thing into another very hard. Wrath very great anger. Hourly happening every hour. Ghastly shocking in a way that frightens or upsets you. Shake off to get away from someone or something that will not stop following you. Insufferable extremely unpleasant or annoying.To loathe to dislike very much. To fashion to make something. Wretch miserable or very upset. Incumbent weighting heavily. or to get something from someone using by force. . Outburst a sudden spoken expression of a strong feeling.

Groan a deep long sound showing great pain or unhappiness. used for forcing open heavy objects such as doors. and Lime. small. choose not to. Wall sth up . Prop to hold something in position by putting something under or against it.the fact of something not exist or not being present. Crafty clever. Mortar a substance used in buildings for joining bricks or stones. center of emotion. . Moreover (used to add information) also and. amount. more importantly. Expedient a convenient mean to and end. Blissful giving you a great pleasure. Dislodge to force something out of its position or out of the position where it is fixed. Displace to force something or someone out of its usual or original position. made by mixing together sand. especially in a dishonest or secret way. Merchandise goods that people buy and sell. Deliberate to think about. Forthwith immediately. it give you a false idea about something else. Boson the heat. or by leaning it against something else. to consider. Deceived if something deceives you. Slight small in size. or degree. Forebore refuse. water. Conceal to hide something so that it cannot be fill an space in a wall with brick or stone. Inner inside or further towards the centre of something. Minute very thin. Minutest done with careful attention to the smallest details.a metal bar with a curved end. Resemble to be similar o someone or something. Crowbar . especially in appearance. Rubbish things that you throw away because they are no longer useful. Aye a word used for saying yes by people in some parts of the UK. Absence .

Slumber sleep. Doubly by a much greater amount. Bravado a brave and confident way of behaving. To and fro in one direction and then back again. Exult to express great pleasure or happiness. Folly stupidly. excitement or pleasure. especially at someone else s defeat or failure. especially when you do not really feel like this. idea. Conjointly together an d at once. Swelling if music swells.Inquire to ask someone for information about something. Inscrutable being difficult or impossible to detect or find. Fang . Glee happiness. or to a much greater degree than usual. Quiver to shake with short quick movements. Bade Nook small corner of sheltered space. Swooning faint. become light-headed . or by a machine. Sob to cry noisily while taking short breaths. Arch-fiend the devil. it become louder. Roam to move or travel with no particular purpose. or a stupid action. Muffled a muffled sound is not easy to hear because it is blocked by something. Concealment when something is hidden.a long sharp tooth. Wail to make a long high sound. uncontrollable. etc. Render to make or cause to be. Frenzy a state of uncontrolled activity or emotion. Rabid enthusiastic. Allay to make someone feel less worried or frightened. Shriek a loud high sound made by a bird or animal.

Bodily relating to or affecting your body. or if something cots it becomes thick and stops flowing. Clot if blood or another liquid clots. Toil to work hard. Consigned delivered permanently.Staggered to walk or move with a lack of balance as if you going to fall. . Hangman someone whose job is to kill people by hanging them. Stout strong.

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