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K 224: Teaching of Dance Lesson Plan

TEACHER NAME: Max Frausto DATE: 4/5/18


NAME OF DANCE: Lummi Sticks - Perm

● (S1.E1.4) Uses various locomotor skills in a variety of small-sided practice tasks, dance,
and educational gymnastics experience.
● (S1.E5.3) Performs teacher selected and developmentally appropriate dance steps and
movement patterns.
● (S2.E1.1) Moves in self-space in response to designated beats or rhythm
● (S4.E1.K) Follows directions in group settings

FUNDAMENTAL and/or DANCE MOVEMENTS- Zig Zag motion, grapevine, clapping,
moving up and down, moving forward and backwards.

SOCAL OR ACADEMIC FOCUS: feel confident in activity, follow instructor, respect your
own space, ask questions when you just don't know

EQUIPMENT NEEDED: large open area, cell phone/iPod, speaker, auxiliary cord to plug in

MUSIC: Perm by Bruno Mars

● Stay in your own space
● Be aware of the people around you
● Be careful when moving so you do not trip
● Don’t throw the Lummi Sticks

● Have students line up in front of the instructors on the front two white lines.

● OBJECT of this dance is to help children build logical thinking skills and learn patterns of
● Have each student grab a pair of Lummi sticks.
● Once students grab sticks, have them line up on the white two lines in front of the
● Make sure students are an arm’s length away from each other.
● Inform students that each part of the dance will be 8 count.
● Inform the students that each part of the dance will start with your right side.
● Once students have settled in, instructor will demonstrate the first part of the dance
which is the up-down-apart-together motion
● Instructor will then demonstrate the next part of the dance, which is the raising knee
and moving hands back and forth motion
● Instructor will restart the steps learned from the top.
● Instructor will then show students next part which is the grapevine to the right and
clapping four times.
● Students will then grapevine back to the left and clap four times
● Instructor will start the dance from the top of the
● Students will then do the zig-zag motion for 8 counts
● Start from the top
● Teacher will then demonstrate to students the next part of the dance. Students will take
two steps forward, clap high twice, take two steps back, and hit the ground twice.
● Start the dance from the top without music.
● Start the dance from the top with music.

- Clap up by R shoulder, clap down by L hip, clap up by L shoulder and clap down by R hip
(1-4 counts).
- Spread hands apart, bring hands in and clap sticks together, spread hands apart and
clap hands together. (5-8)
o Up, down, up, down. Apart, together, apart, together.

- Lift R knee and clap hands under the leg, step on R foot and clap hands over the R leg.
Lift L knee and clap hands under the left leg, step on L foot and clap hands over the L leg
- Clap hands behind the back and in front of the body. Repeat claps behind and in front
o Under, over, under, over, back, front, back, front.

- Grapevine to the R (counts 1-4). Clap hands together 4 times. (counts 5-8)
o Grapevine right, clap, clap, clap, clap.

- Grapevine to the L (1-4), Clap together 4 times (counts 5-8)

o Grapevine left, clap, clap, clap, clap.

- Zig zag motion, clap top right, move across to top left, clap low right, move across to the
left. Repeat sequence (1-8)
o Zig zag, zig zag, zig zag, zig zag

- Walk forward 2 steps, clap high 2x. Walk back 2 steps, clap the floor 2 times.
o Forward, forward, high, high, backward, backward, low, low.

● Students can offer suggestions to the instructor on how to modify the grapevine to
better suit them.
● Rather than using the song Perm, the instructor can use the song “Call Me Maybe by
Carly Rae Jepsen
● Instructor can have students find a partner and have them mirror each other to extend
the lesson.

Perm – Bruno Mars