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Employees' Provident Fund Organisation
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(Ministry of Labour and Employment Govt. of India)
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Bhavishya Nidhi Bhawan,l4-Bhikaiji Cama Place, New Delhi - 66; www.epfindia.nic..irJ
No. HRM-VJ221212004NOl-~\l,'" Dated:

To .

All Zonal AddL Central Provident Fund Commissioner,

Director, NATRSS,

All RPFC In-charge of the Regions & ZTIs

All Officers-in-Charge of the Sub-Regional Offices,

The RPFC (ASD) Head Office.

Sub - Reimbursement of expenses incurred on use of Mobile Phone for official purpose to Staff
Car Drivers.
I am directed to convey the decision of the Executive Committee, CBT, EPF in its 620d meeting
held on 16.04.2008 permitting reimbursement of expenses incurred by staff car drivers on use of mobile
phone to meet the functional needs.
2. The reimbursement will be regulated as follows: ­
(i) All Staff Car Drivers will be provided with mobile phone facility.
(ii) The Staff Car Drivers as a one-time facility in their entire service will be reimbursed upto
Rs.2000/- for purchase: of a mobile handset.
(iii) Reimbursement of maximum Rs.300/- p.rn or the actual expenditure whichever is less
will be permitted for post-paid bill of service providers for which the cost of connection
shall be borne by the Staff Car Drivers.
The reimbursement facility will be allowed w.e.r. 16.04.2008.
3. The individual officers shall also explore the feasibility of obtaining connection with lowest
tariff by entering into corporate arrangement with service provider for extending the facility to
the Staff Car Drivel$l.nd other eligible officeIS .L
\ j '
(N. A.NcS·l'l:.I--­
Regional Provident Fund C tter (HRM)
Copy to:
1. PS to CPFC
2. FA& CAO
3. Chief Vigilance Officer
4. Website Administrator with the request to post the circular on the website.

Assistant P.F. Commissioner (HRM-V)