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FFPN: Rough Timeline

January, 2014: Red Cloud arrives at the Garbage, beginning adventure in frostburnt
February, 2014: met Antwon the bird man for the first time. Was in the city, offered courier job
in exchange for my bar tab to be paid, am given a hot tip for resources in the sewer. Here is
when I first encounter the beasts of the land, and bart saves me;nurses me to health takes me
under his wing.
February 15th 2014: meeting with cap and the lone scount Mathew, eternal friendship (Pripyat)
-residence in Pripyat hotel for a short time
Feb. 22nd 2014: before making the car, trapped in a desert gully on the dam map surrounded by
antlions, shoot flare up and Jonathan comes to rescue me in an APC with Rebecca
-after that first meetings with Veronica, Jonathan and Rebecca, everlasting friendship
March 8th, 2014: run into crow from TBU days again, form faction with Antwon, called ourselves
The Sane
-crow put duped resources into the stockpile, almost ruined all of us, try to think of a lore
reason for his ban
March 25th, 2014: bart helps me make my first car, the Firecracker
April 2014: bart gives me more money, and my first sr-25’s, then he leaves and I never see him
again, but am always thankful for his guidance
sometime before may, after April 2014: riding around with Rebecca on Gm_canals having a
grand ol time
may 2014: Mr. Clay makes his triumphant return, off of a train platform in City
beginning of June 2014: fubar incident, clay’s old world solutions
mid June 2014: the complete disbandment of Titan Corp, assets split between Red Cloud,
Spartan, J. Shinoda and Policia, go off to make BoS and Whiteclaw
(between these two) red cloud wanders aimlessly, learns how to pilot little bird, becomes ace
pilot in his free time. Where here he reads about Ukraina Cossacks in an old world book
beginning of July: Mineshaft Pact is signed, the beginning of Nova Ukraina starts
July 4th: first meeting with Duncan, rescues me from a Golden Cross beatdown
July ~16th, 2014: FUBAR raids our gas station base on new vegas
between these two dates, the first Triple Alliance was formed

-somewhere here, Yakov is executed for Treason

August 10th: the first successful repel against a raid by deadline+golden cross
August 15th: the rooftop raid, fatal mistake by me lets Patrick mcPaterson and Vano take full
control of a counter attack, cripple NU, whiteclaw and BoS
September 2014: the sacking of the BoS, Fubar and friends siege a brotherhood headquarters
and completely ransack the stockpile
September 12th 2014: Sparta begin making moves, mass recruitments and the like
October 13th, 2014: the opsan incident, rally against sparta in the center of town, opsan stages
an assassination by Nova ukraina, switches sides and Sparta begins the war
-devastating effects unto Nova Ukraina, little assistance from the already crippled Brotherhood
and Whiteclaw
-wipes out essentially 80% of NU’s stockpile trying to repel Spartan attacks and subterfuges
-finally, on October 18th, an unsteady peace is reached

-So starts the Nova Ukraina Depression

-marked by absolute economic stagnation, drunkenness of the prime minister, absence of an
oligarch, little recruitment and no settlements

-during this time NU still tries to flex its architectural might, is raided and taken over by Raksho
and his gang

-lasts until the end of November, beginning of December 2014

-during this time is when fubar was banned as well in meta, in game, took a break from
harassing the wasteland
- in this time period, biggie smalls joins NU as a tradesman to try and revitalize our economy
-during this time Scouton is promoted from Cossack to General, revitalizes military

-finally, beginning of December, the raids calm down, and biggie increases the national surplus
10 times over, is promoted to Grand Hetman
December 4th 2014: DC Stevenson leaves the BoS to create the UAR
December 12th, 2014: things are looking up. Whiteclaw has been vanquished, but BoS becomes
The Eastern Chapter to mark a new age. NU becomes Republic of NU. Triple Alliance turns into
NUTEC Alliances

-around this time Riktov and Policia start Atlas Corperation, homage to titan from the old days

January 2015: tensions rising with UAR, as they begin to overstep their boundaries, talking big
and making strides

-cloud untrusting of UAR, sends in old friend, professor nano, to spy on them

-reported to cloud in broad daylight on UAR frequencies, while DC and Bruce were

-around this time Johann was honorably discharged from service as grenade leader, founds
Liebert Supply Company

-during this time Golden Cross and Sparta also make a return, artik takes over atlas and guts it

-i50 becomes a thing, created by Raphael

-after atlas fell, wasteland insurgents, led by nespo, originally airman for the AC (inspired by red
cloud), caught the eye of i50 and TEC

January 15th, 2015: First International Faction Summit held, small but efficient

February 2015: the Brotherhood forms, between i50, WI, TEC, and Nightmare’s mercs

-liebert supply is booming, providing massive, cheap supplies to the wasteland, monopoly,
everyone wanted to be allied with johann for trade networks

-NUTEC is peacefully dismantled

February 26th, 2015: UAR and RNU put differences aside, decide to work together

February 28th, 2015: the first massive faction summit is created, attendees include i50, TEC,
UAR, NU, Sparta, Ghouls United, meeting dirty bombed
-the ghoul who planted the bomb was captured, brought to NU prison in the mines

March 1st, 2015. The Beginning of the End:

-biggie leaves NU peacefully, thanked for years of service
-largescale ghoul persecution by UAR, to the unease of NU

March 6th, 2015: Bruce, the vice president of UAR, goes under cover into the mercenaries after
nightmare makes verbal aggressions towards UAR. Ends up joining with marcel, saw what was
March 8th, 2015: Red Cloud is kidnapped by Spartan forces, tortured and beaten to try and get
information about Nova Ukraina and UAR movements and radio frequencies. Is shown a forged
letter by Sparta from UAR, saying they surrendered. Red Cloud stays vigilant, is eventually able
to escape by a Cossack disguised as a guard

March 12th 2015: Marcel’s Mercs strong arm rob a UAR patrol, steal 500res worth of materials

March 14th, 2015: in agreement with Mike Nespo, DC establishes an uneasy peace with Ghouls
United, swearing not to persecute as long as they stay out of UAR territories

March 15th, 2015: Red, while driving, is pulled over and escorted by marcel’s goons to a
warehouse, is commanded to not help UAR in any way, while power armor and m60’s are
pointed at his head. Stays strong to fact that they are allies, doesn’t bend

March 16th 2015: both veronica and red warn DC of what nightmare plans
-between these two periods, the mass gate is discussed for the first time by Chacon

March 22th, 2015: due to subterfuge and deceit utilized my marcel, a UAR soldier commits an
act of war against the Mercenaries, giving them trickful reason to attack UAR

March 23rd 2015: Marcel requests a diplomatic meeting with DC. Obviously on edge, DC sends a
robot with a two way radio to meet him
-demands the complete dismantlement of the United American Republic, or a ridiculous
payment of 20,000kg of resources
-thinly veiled claim that this was because of his prejudice against ghouls, but it was clear as day
Marcel wanted the UAR to die

-DC through the radio is speechless, commands the robot to uppercut Marcel right in the jaw
-robot gunned down
March 25th, 2015: The war begins, DC’s new vice president Marcus Saint flees with a large
portion of the national surplus at the first gunshot
-DC’s 1776th Brigade gunned down in a hail of fire my marcel and his gang in a trap
-DC leads the last remaining fighters in a ragtag guerilla fight against the Mercs
-ends poorly, DC and a few soldiers are all that stand
-DC orders full evacuation of UAR forces, complete withdraw from the Wasteland
-make note of how Red Cloud rose from his desk when he heard the news, comes across fields
of slaughtered UAR soldiers, by the time it happens its already over, cursing that he couldn’t do
anything to stop it

April, 2015: not a single UAR soldier is left in the wasteland

April 10th 2015: the great recruitment. RNU begins massive recruitment efforts, sets up
outposts throughout all wastelands to bring in new soldiers. Such soldiers included: Morty,
Vonkyle, Kartoshka, Vulcan, Daniel, Tenno
-sparta begins building up numbers as well, skirmishes arise but nothing substantial

April 11th, 2015: Cloud and Cossacks have another war with Sparta, manage to catch a Spartan
offguard, beat him to death with machetes and lead pipes, take m60, riot gear, and 4 boxes of
high profile ammo
-make sure to detail the raid afterwards

April 13th 2015: Vulcan betrayal, guns down i50 while we were still allies
April 16th 2015: joint effort from i50 and RNU on a refugee camp, consult for more details
April 26th 2015: Grant Scouton requests a demotion, Johann Liebert is honorably discharged
-laith returns as Oligarch
May 1st, 2015: RNU officially makes the change to Oligarchy of Nova Ukraina, dictatorship type
-Scouton leaves ONU for good, honorable discharge
-all power belongs to Cloud now
May 5th, 2015: Scouton joins the ranks of the Eastern Chapter
-initial aggressions begin
may 7th, 2015: Wargz, our primary Oligarch, begins to distrust the i50
-revealed that he vandalized their signs and banners, to bemusement of Cloud and ire of i50
May 8th 2015: i50 refuses to accept alliance with ONU until Wargz is removed from office
-anti i50 sentiments begin to rise from ONU

May 12th 2015: Kartoshka, by his own volition, chooses to complete espionage missions against
-with trust from Scouton, he is openly left to wander i50/TEC bases, reported back to Cloud
with everything he sees

May 15th 2015: the great lie is told by Marcel to Red cloud, about raphael wishing to destroy
ONU and TEC in secret
-initial distrust of Marcel for what he did to UAR, but it makes so much sense Cloud doesn’t
think to doubt the authenticity
May 20th, 2015: Embargo against the i50 carried out, no services from ONU are given to them,
Cossacks are told to stay vigilant, are also given upgrades to their current weapons
-Kartoshka for his service, is given title Head of Energy Weapons

May 25th, 2015: Tensions are palpable, Mercenaries are more drawn apart from i50/TEC
June 5th, 2015: the last confrontation. Red cloud, zealous in anti-i50 rage, puts up several
propaganda pieces around the main town calling i50 expansionists liars who want to take over
the wasteland. TEC/i50 joint operations, surround red cloud at the foot of a sand dune, with
motor powered armor and m60 machine guns pointed at him.
June 7th, 2015: the bean war, i50/TEC vs Golden Cross and Sparta. I50 wins. Pivotal point for
wasteland history.

June 15th, 2015: Bruce makes a return, gives Red Cloud massive armaments, APC and thousands
of resources, including power armor, guns and ammo. Supports his fight against the i50 and TEC
-from this beginning, cloud gets support of many veteran warlords from the wasteland, namely
golden cross

June 25th, 2015: The first war by proxy. A puppet faction named Communist Line declares war
on ONU, and requests help from i50 and TEC
-Red Cloud wipes them out, with the help of FUBAR of all people
-i50 reinforcements move in afterwards, ONU puts up valiant fight, but loses many men and
resources due to their numbers
June 26th, 2015: End Times
Red Cloud is piloting his helicopter with Oligarch wargz, scouting out potential staging zones for
surprise attacks on i50. Flying very far out of the known wasteland, but wargz is an expert
cartographer and knows the way back.
Thousands of feet in the air, a dust storm starts. No big deal, begin preparations for descent.
Suddenly, something hits the side of their chopper. A missile, could have only come from an i50
all systems fail, Cloud tries his best to steer the heli but only succeeds in careening forwards as
the rotor gets slower and slower.
Cloud awakes, the dust storm has stopped. All around him are rocky desert crags, and to his left
is the jagged remains of his helicopter. Frantically, he calls out for Wargz, to no avail. Cloud in a
delirious state, checks the crash for Wargz’s body, only to find nothing. He could have been
thrown out while they were thousands of feet in the air, maybe wandered off with head trauma
during the dust storm, but he wasn’t there.
Cloud gets to his feet, dusts his torn suit, and begins walking, trying to find his way back to the
for 300 days, Red Cloud wandered the desert, finding food and water in abandoned shacks and
forgotten caches, just barely scrapping by. Hoping one day, to see a familiar part of the
Finally. He succumbs, and drops in the hot desert heat.
Awakes to see DC of all people, crouched over his delirious body
turns out he was back on a routine visit to see his old friends in the wasteland
nurses Cloud back to health, and drives him to the familiar planes

July 1st, 2016: canonically, years since Red Cloud has last stepped foot in the wasteland
-everything predicted has happened
-still finds all his riches in place, but nearly every Cossack soldier in his roster is gone
July 5th, 2016:
-dejected, in a tattered suit just barely sticking together by DC’s needlework, cloud sits by a Fire
at night, and looks over the wasteland, at a Brotherhood base
-brotherhood alerted, a potential raider scout, only to find Red Cloud
-crucible and price arrive
-begin poking jest at Cloud, the pathetic man without a man to his cause
-this is where the philosophical talks began, lasts for hours, tells price and crux about what
marcel said
-turned out it was completely false
-they both help cloud back on his feet
-for the price of his entire faction, Cloud had peace
-several things happened then. Cloud was in what might be called retirement for a little bit.
July 16th, 2016: a faction summit meeting occurs about the mass gate
-Cloud is brought in by an old friend, try to remember his name
-gives extremely heart felt speech about his past faction, mistakes that shouldn’t be made, and
to stick together in the face of a larger threat
August 12th, 2016: Cloud grows bored of the easy life
-the new wasteland was completely unfamiliar, all his friends and Cossacks had left far before
him. He made a few new soldiers out of the current stock, but it was nothing compared to what
once was.
-Cloud tasted greatness, and that’s all that mattered.
August 13th, 2016: Operation Resultant begins.
-the last of cloud’s choppers and military hardware is packed up, with all the war supplies,
medicine and food and fuel to boot
-brings the last Cossacks of this land with him
-at the mineshaft, once the seat of Titan Corporation, genesis of Nova Ukraina, now long
overgrown and nearly forgotten about, he leaves one final symbol tied to the gate.
a banner, with a blue top, and yellow bottom.
-the convoy rolls out, and Red Cloud utters one final goodbye to the wasteland he knew. The
Wasteland that he hated, cursed, spat upon, but the Wasteland he loved. Nova Ukraina leaves
this wasteland, with all that its seen, all of the memories, both good and bad, etched into the
mind of its Founder, Red Cloud. The wasteland that he loved, that he hated, cursed, cherished,
it would never leave him, and would mold for the rest of his life, wherever that may turn out to
be. Nova Ukraina leaves the wasteland a battered, beaten, and bruised version of what it once
was, and it appears the tale has reached its end. But there is an ancient chant, spoken by the
historical heroes that inspired Red Cloud’s faction at its creation.
Sche Ne Vmerla Ukraina.
Ukraine has not yet Fallen.

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