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EO EDWARDS, who gave music lovers that beautiful high-class ballad, “That's What the Rese Said to Me,” is hereby offering his latest, best and most classic composition : “This Rose Brings My Heart to You,” issued for high, low and medium voice. This Rose Brings My Heart To You. Seo Mechody by Leo EDWARDS. This pet rotor 1 girs fo yom, ‘Thin of rosekinoedhy mora = tng Fa a pee ‘Aa: reused and eto aa ‘peta Taare Mans Bh Ea, tot Beaten, 5 ering ato cae bed sp A by ae Ba Me a ie Degree For Sale Wherever Music is Sold GUS EDWARDS MUSIC PUB. CO. _ 1512 BROADWAY, NEW YORK Im After Madame Tetrazzini’s Job. ‘Wants and Music by GUS EDWARDS. Fleas tell _me are you seen rem Ti sing-a Tra - w- = = dear Mis-ter Op - ‘ra-steen 1 got ae first thing right off __ the bat Wait till my ( Compright MOMIX by Gus Béwards Music FubCo. International CapyrigBt Secured, fe fure, Melody or Wis for any robs stbenase By Mare Sonate ‘Tha mukttanars reserve he a 1 Performing Right of thin avug for Ameren and all evuntries are rener vd au apply we Hos Bdwars eri Pub.Co, 544 Broadwa, et Canedatn the gear MOMIX by Gus ivarde Maalt PaB-Ce, a4 the Department of Lerieultare. A Theatriesl rer prem ‘tered securing vo the Act of Pati re in de pa- per wrote, there is ove lit - fle note Says Tet-raz-xin - 1 shes I bet-a feef- ty cents, he thinks I am immense Af-ter Ai - da I SS SSS SS SS seck Poor Mister Op - ‘ra-vtcen he must a feels mean, sing 1 do Som-num - bu- ja grr-eater than a - ay star e f iF 3 = : = = + ba —— Tears from de cyes_ on his face _ i hell no Jon = ger mourn, Al- most a rauke— you to Qroek he will make de choice, "Cause Tet -raz-rini - b gone 1 come to fake her place. Say that my gran- da voice Put Tet ruz-sin-i__ to sleep. (3 ( mutter Mtaguine bs Refrain chin Hing. just ke Tet-rax-xin| If you will just give. me one chance 1 sing Ver - di, jost like a Bir - dic 1 put them all’ in a trance,So-woult you Lento espress please, Mis-ter Hamaner-stein, let me sing Pac-ceen for the mob, Then Ill sing fer you till next = =< lin after Madame e.3