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AMERICA NEVER TOOK WATER AND AMERICA NEVER WILL WORDS ™“ 5 a /KEIRN BRENNAN = y* GUS EDWARDS AND MUSIC PAUL CUNNINGHAM ue 2 America Never Took Water And America Never Will By J. KBIRN BRENNAN GUS EDWARDS Brightly (Not too fast) & PAUL CUNNINGHAM ry _—— ——— Slow-ly but sure - ly One fight-ing Yank ~ said,‘Ir Docked at her pier tip the bay. “Tel us the news Tim go-ing back ‘transport Of joy, such’ is the cage, — ‘This is no place then for me! — ola pal, we've Been a- way!” “That what each boy = ‘a-gaih, back o'er the sea, | Where I can live They list-ched then they dil be-gan fo Tt seems to us its’ time you ought to Copyright MCMXIX by M.Witmark & Sons MW.ASONS 15058-2 International Copyright Secured a nev - er took wa - -ca nev - er took wa - Efg-land gave us Ale and 2 0 drink their wines the Eng-land gave us Ale and Port - ‘To drink their wines the Frenchhave taught us how. Of _wa-ter in the trenches, We sure-ly had bur fill, So Frenchhavetaughtus how. Old Jack and Jill took wa- ter, That's why they took a spill, The We carit tin-der-standwhy youshould hind it to us still, For A-mer-i-ca nev - er took wa - same things apt to hap-pen to this fa-mousdrinkeing bill, Fyr A-mer-i-ca nev - er took wa- ter, And A-nler-i- ca nev-er ter, And A-mer-i-ca nev-er a MASONS 15955~2