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July/August 2002 Edition 19

Welcome to the 19th, and maybe the most unique edition of the Solaris Sentinel! For the
first part of this Sentinel, I have lined up the first ever Swimsuit edition of the Solaris
Sentinel! After that, it’s a “how to” on detailing those fine ladies, another of Pidge’s
great scenarios, a look at the new Record Sheets: 3067, two ‘Mechs of the Month and a
few other things as I think of them. Might even toss in another editorial and rant. Who
knows? Thanks for your participation in the Sentinel! If there is something you would
like to see, but don’t, send me an e-mail at!

Ross “Koga” Hines

Editor and Chief

We are proud to take you to some of the most exotic places in the universe! Feel the
radiant warmth from destroyed BattleMech reactors on the beaches of New Avalon or
take a tour of the beautiful smoldering countryside in the Draconis Combine. We’ll
uncover these and many more exotic mysteries as we go on location with some of the
most beautiful hand painted girls to be found on the sides of BattleMechs anywhere. Our
first stop will take us to Tukayyid and the elite Invader Galaxy of ComStar!
Artist: Ross Hines
Paints: Testors Model
Master and Reaper Pro
Paints, selling for 1.50 to
Brushes: Plaid 2/0 Liner
Pen: Micron .005
Photo: Ross Hines
Note: See how-to after the
swimsuit edition

The scars of battle are still being

healed, even 15 years after the
famous series of battles that
effectively saved the Inner
Sphere from the threat of Clan
invasion by stalling the
invincible invaders and set them
up for the Star League Defense
Forces. With all of this
beautification going about, Adept Richard Selvy had this beautiful lady paint on the side
of his captured Toyama. The word on the streets of ComStars capital is that Richard’s
family was killed by Word of Blake and he went on a bloody rampage that only ended
when his commander and a few other mechs from the unit escorted Richard and his
captured Toyama back to the dropships. The man has become a shell of himself and
some have hinted that the woman on the side of his mech is his late wife. Richard was
unavailable for comment though regarding this super sized pin up which was too bad. A
lot of other pilots had plenty to say about their gorgeous women!

Our next stop: the war torn region of the Peshet district in the Draconis Combine. Here
we have Chu-sa Masayuki Saigo of the Eleventh Legion of Vega and his beautiful No-
Dachi. The Eleventh Legion of Vega has the distinction of fielding the most No-Dachi’s
in the DCMS and the Chu-sa is no exception. The beautiful woman that adorns the front
of his mech is rumored to be one of his many mistresses, perhaps his favorite. For
whatever the reason, recent battles between the Eleventh and elements of ComStar have
shown that many warriors won’t fire on the No-Dachi for whatever reason. We here at
the Sentinel tend to believe it’s some sort of chivalry that prevents the men pilots from
opening up on the Chu-sa. The lady mechwarriors don’t have a qualm with it though and
seem to even draw nearer to the Chu-sa, trying to send him to his grave. Their attempts
have so far failed!
Artist: Drew Williams
Photo: Drew Williams

It seems that the newer

JagerMechs are gaining
infamy for their bold
Artist: Calvin Keith
pin up designs, with
this one being no
exception. This
JagerMech III out of
the 42nd Avalon Hussars
has been painted a little
different than their
standard field scheme,
but the pilot, Leftenant
Calvin Richards,
assures us that the
scheme is ment to make
his JagerMech look less
intimidating. Well, we were a bit skeptical at first, but after reviewing a pile of battle
records, the good Leftenant has been able to acquire a decent amount of kills, with quite a
few coming from back shots! Seems that opposing pilots can’t get enough of his pink
and cream paint job or his beautiful model painted on the giant war machine.
“I linked up with Jennifer a few months ago, right before the civil war ended. She
was doin’ underwear commercials on New Avalon and I thought it would be nice to have
her on my mech. She agreed and I got the units painter to do the necessary photography
and painting to make it happen. Best thing I’ve ever done in my life!”

The other JagerMech, this

one stationed on the
radioactive beaches of New
Avalon right after the civil
war, is apart of the Davion
Heavy Guards Regimental
Combat Team. Dismayed
by the ugly nature of his
JM7-F JagerMech, Sergeant
Tim Waltrip had one of his
friends painted on to the
front torso. What happened
after that is stuff of legends.
Apart of the New Avalon
assault, Tim accounted for
near ten kills in some of the
pitched battles. All they
while he had his friend,
Jennifer McDougal, painted on his mech. Even when paint was running low, his
battalion painter would manage to touch up
the patch worked armor before Tim’s lance
was recalled out to meet the Loyalist forces.
Since those chaotic days, Tim has kept
Jennifer Waltrip, now his wife, painted on
his JagerMech despite her protests

Our next place to visit is the outreaches of

humanity, in the Taurian Concordact. This
Longbow is part of a Pirate band and we
were barely able to get any photos of it. The
only story we could get out of the pirate or
his comrades was that the woman on the side
was his favorite prostitute. We don’t doubt
that. During the interview, he had two
women under his arms and cut us short after
reviling that much information. Oh well, we
did manage to smuggle the pictures out!
Our next hot honey is based with the 3rd Crucis Lancers, who have been rotating duty.
How they managed to get a hold of a Clan Turkina Assault OmniMech is outside of our
understanding, but it is here and it has been painted to say, “I’m one bad mother*****”
though the pilot, Marcus George never said that. A Family man, Marcus had his wife
painted onto his Mech, dressed in very skimpy attire. His wife, when she saw it, slapped
him, and then laughed, leading him by the hand back to their barrack quarters. He has
reported to us that he has painted his wife on his Mech to remind him he must make it out
of ever battle he mounts up for, and that the psychological warfare is great!

Interview with Chris Lewis

Never heard of him? Good, get ready!!
I got the chance to sit down and talk to Chris Lewis, the
man that has been tasked with redrawing the unseen so that
we can have miniatures and include them in future
publications! Since I got wind of the project a little
before the release date, I decided that I wanted to get the
scoop from the man who was responsible!

1) What would you call your work? Your job to be precise.

Well, Illustration is what I do mostly. I sketch in pencil

then I ink the images with a steel nib (also known as a
quill) dipped in ink. In this modern age I'm still using
technology centuries old, but it's the best way to get
truly expressive lines.
2) How long have you been doing this?

How long have I been doing art or how long have I been
doing this type of illustration? I've been drawing as long
as I can remember. I've been doing professional
illustration since I was 19, when I got a job as the
assistant inker to Art Thibert. That's pronounced Tee-Bear,
not Thigh-Bert.

3) What are some other projects you’ve worked on (inside

and outside of BattleTech)?

Well, I've never worked on any BTech projects previously,

so I guess I'll mention some of the titles I've worked on
outside. When I started we were working on The Adventures
of Superman with Dan Jergens, The Fantastic Four with
Arthur Adams and The Uncanny X-Men with Jim Lee and Whilce
Portacio. Latter we worked on X-Factor with Whilce, X-Men
with Jim Lee. When Jim Lee left Marvel we were penciling
and inking the entire thing. Arts own project Black & White
was after that.

Since then I've been working on my own personal projects

and trying to work on games.

4) Do you play BattleTech? If so, how long have you


Yea, I do play BattleTech and Mechwarrior. I've played

BattleTech since 1985, and MechWarrior since it came out.
It's been a very long time indeed.

5) How did you happen to chance such an incredible

assignment with the redrawing of the unseen?

Well, it was Warner Doles. He'd been trying to get FASA to

send work my way for about 2 or 3 years and though the
response was always good, no work ever came of it. Finally
Warner’s asked me if I would redesign the "Unseen". There
was no money in it, and considering the Harmony Gold fiasco
Wiz Kids was understandably gun shy, but I figured if
nothing else they'd see what I was capable of.

Warner had other ideas; he tenaciously went after Randall

until he would honestly consider it. After Randall was
convinced he carried the project all the way through. Well,
all in all I got what I wanted out of it as well.
6) What was it like to resurrect the Unseen?

When the lawsuit happened I believed it was just a matter

of redrawing the machines till they no longer could be
considered those images, but it was obvious the solution
was to be avoidance. Actually redesigning the look of the
machines is not easy. You have to make it look completely
different while still making it look like that machine.
Giving it the feeling that yes, that is the Phoenix Hawk,
for instance. Don't know if I achieved just that, but I
hope I've at least come very close.

7) How do you go about a redrawing? Use a stat sheet and

draw? Use a picture of the original?

The first consideration is always what the actual official

layout of the machine is, so I always consult the Record
Sheets. As long as I don't mix up my Left from Right
everything should be in its proper place. The second
consideration is the distinctive elements that make those
machines, like the Marauders mitts and the T-Bolts bulky
and unsophisticated shape. Third is the machine should be
able to move like as per the game mechanics, that means
torsos that can twist, making sure the proper actuators are
present and consistent and things of that nature. After
that, the specific shapes are all in my head. If I can
bring them all together it's a happy day.

Having said this now I'm sure all my work will be greatly
scrutinized. I apologize for any inconsistencies. I'm far
from perfect. Hehehe

8) Is there any chance we will see more of your art in

future Fan Pro/Wiz Kid productions?

Well, as I stated earlier I got what I wanted. I've signed

a contract to work on the upcoming MechWarrior Companion,
and that is going very well. It's really nice to finally
be working on BTech and Fan Pro has been just great, but I
hope to have work from Wiz Kids in the future as well. ;)

9) Of the ones you’ve done so far, any favorites?

Of the four released I'd have to say the Marauder is my
favorite one. It was the first one I did and it is the
largest departure from the original and it still seems to
hold up as that machine, so I'd have to say that's my

10) Any you are looking forward to redrawing?

I think that's going to be the Rifleman. Of all the

machines I think that one will be the most difficult, and I
like the difficult ones.

11) How does it feel to significantly influence the

BattleTech universe in this manner?

I don't know if we're significantly influencing the BTech

universe. What I do know is that we're putting back into
the universe what should have been there all along. What
we’re adding as hopefully some areas of great storyline.
Art is great to look at and it really helps to visualize,
but it's the writing that is the home of the universe.
Ultimately it is the writing that influences the universe
and thus the art; this is a temporary shift in the norm.

12) Here’s the open ended question: You can basically say
what every you want about the community, the experience
with the legends (read unseen) ect. It’s all up to you!

BattleTech is a greatly varied community. From the ex

military to the ones still in school, from here in the
states to all over the world. I've met them here in LA and
talked to them all the way over in the formerly Soviet
Union. It's an interesting group, and when they talk about
BattleTech it's interesting to see all the points of view.
From the technical specs of machines to the Geopolitical
intricacies of the various houses. From silly to
passionate, and like any other community in debate, it can
get downright uncivil. Hehehe

All in all, I think we're all most glad that CBT is

continuing to be developed. We're also waiting to see how
MW:DA develops.
How the Heck Do They Do That?
The Detailing How-To
Okay, after letting you feast on the swimsuit edition, I decided to include a little how to
so that anyone can give this style of detailing a try! Basically, you will need to have you
miniature fully painted before starting with this process. For me, that means my figure
will be weathered (dry brushed). Check out edition 15 for my painting how to if you like.
At any rate, we will get started with this!

Step 1: You will need a Mircon .005 or so technical pen to sketch out the figure that you
intend to detail on to your mech, tank or aero fighter. I suggest using figures that have
large, flat spaces. For this example, I will use an Avatar F model. For my pin up, I’ve
copied a few Victoria’s Secret and Frederick’s of Hollywood pictures. For the Avatar, I
copied a cammo pattern that Drew Williams did for one of his Cestus’. Here is the model
I chose and here is the first sketch:

Now, this picture (no, quit looking at the girl silly!) of the mech doesn’t show the
sketching well (had some lighting problems) but it gives you some idea of what I’m

Step 2: Now I go in a paint the skin of the model. Think of the skin as the base of
whatever you chose to paint. You can do red dragons, brown rats, whatever your fancy
is. But for me and this demo, we are doing a human model, so the skin is the first thing
that is painted. Try and smooth out the paint so that there is no lines in your figure. Will
help later on. I use a small 3/0 brush to get the paint in the right places. Makes it like
painting between the lines.
Step 3 and 4: I took the liberty to combine these two steps as I painted (mainly because I
got carried away painting and forgot to take the pic for step 3!) Now I go in and paint the
clothing that the model has on. Again, try to keep everything smooth so that the paint
won’t clump up and caste shadows on the miniature. Depending on what else you are
painting, this is your
second or third color
to add. For step four,
we want to give each
color proper shading.
For the paint that I
used on the skin, I
was forced to take a
slightly lighter hue to
give the shadow
effect. Another way
to accomplish this is
to mix a lighter or
darker color with
your base color to
achieve the shadow
effect you want. For
this model, I would
(if I had more space)
add in a grey to the
white to simulate the shadows on the models clothing. The hair is also painted with a
dark brown, then a lighter brown is added in.
Step 5: This is the high detailing
that will make the figure stand out
and not become a senseless blob of
paint that has slight definition. Take
your technical pen and outline the
figure and you can use it to do the
heavy shadows of the figure. Use the
pen to draw in the small details, like
eyes, mouth, lips, ect. I also painted
in on the lips to add some color
there. From here, you can decal and
dualcoat your figures to take away
the shine that is in inherent with
painting to make the miniature look
like a try war machine.

Now, I apologize for the crappie

example, as it didn’t turn out quite
the way I wanted. If this happens to
you, you can always paint over the
detailing and start again! Or worst
case, you can always dump it in
Lemon Fresh Pin Sol and total strip
the paint job. It’s your choice. Give this example a try and see how it turns out!

Report from the Martial Olyimpiads!

By Robert “Pidge” Pigeon

Good afternoon ladies and Gentlemen. This is Ord Mandell reporting from a
nearly flooded Austin Training area on Tukayyid. This site, a semi-desert area, has seen
more rain in the past 24 hours than was expected for the entire month of July. The ground
here is absolutely saturated with water. It is very difficult for any non-military vehicle to
get around out here without getting stuck. This was the scene for the first three matches
of the day. Those three matches have just been completed. The first match was an odd
one. A combined arms lance from the Lyran Alliance’s 1st Skye Jaegers is squared off
against a lance from the Alliance’s 4th Skye Rangers RCT.
The Jaegers were sporting a squad of Fenrir Battle Armor with medium pulse
lasers, a new Minion Tank, a Thunder Hawk assault BattleMech, and an Alliance
mainstay, a Zeus.
The Rangers’ lance consisted of Fenrir also, but instead of a speedy hover tank
the Rangers choose a Demolisher II MBT. For ‘Mechs the Rangers took a brand new
Steiner variant Archer and a Steiner variant Charger.
Both units started the match by laying minefield with their LRMs. While the
Jaegers team was laying its minefields, their Minion hover tank was skirting the far
southern boarder of the battle area. It became apparent that the Jaegers were going to use
the Minion with its pulse lasers and targeting computer to flank the Rangers and try to
wreak havoc in the Rangers rear area.
While this was going on, the Archer, Charger and Demolisher plodded up the
middle of the battlefield; the Archer firing salvo after salvo of swarm missiles at the Zeus.
Most of these missiles missed the Zeus, but their swarm technology allowed them to
home in on the Thunder Hawk and rock him early in the match.
The observers and myself, all collective held our breath when one of the Zeus’
LRM laid minefield landed directly on top of the Demolisher II. Fearlessly the tank
plowed through the mine field, taking only minor damage to its treads and road wheels.
To move into position to fire upon the Thunder Hawk and Zeus, who had taken up
concealed firing positions on a small wooded hill that overlooked the entire battlefields.
Just when it looked as if the Rangers were about to take the upper hand in the
match the Minion burst in at over 100 kph to fire at the Demolisher. The tanks already
weakened tread gave out and the tank was stuck.
As if that weren’t bad enough the Thunder Hawk finally recovered from the
pounding it had taken from the Archer to repay the missile ‘Mech, connecting with two
Gauss rifles to the left torso, apparently destroying one of the LRM racks.
Just when the observers were about to conclude that the Rangers were out of the
fight the immobilized Demolisher’s two main guns spoke for the first time. Without the
bouncing movement of the vehicle the gunner was able to connect with the Ultra
Autocannon and the LB cluster Autocannon, all on the Thunder Hawk.
When the Jaegers realized the danger that that one tank represented, the Zeus
came down from its protective firing position to engage the immobile target. Before the
Zeus could close with the Tank however, the gunner traversed the turret and connected
with the Ultra AC, carving the Zeus’ ERPPC arm clean off!
Unfortunately for the Rangers, the Thunder Hawk still wanted to get back at the
Archer, and again connected with two of its Gauss Rifles. One of them setting off the
remaining Swarm ammunition, swatting the powerful missile carrier from the field.
The Charger had not been idle all this time. The close range ‘Mech had been
doing exactly what it had been designed to do. It was able to close to with in 150 meters
of the Thunder Hawk.
As the Zeus closed in to the Demolisher, too close for the demolisher to track it,
the tank swung back in line with the Thunder Hawk on the hill. The Thunder Hawk
quickly succumbed to the combined weight of two LB cluster autocannons and an Ultra
With the Thunder Hawk toppling behind it, the Zeus repeatedly stomped on the
Demolisher. The Ranger Fenrir came out to support the besieged tank, but they were
quickly cut down but the Minion and the Zeus. They were at least able to destroy the
It was at this time that that the Jaegers Fenrir made their first show of the day
closing with the Demolisher in an attempt to help the Zeus destroy it. The tank, after
surviving 3 kicks, savages the Fenrir with its duel autocannons, and the Charger takes
aim on the Zeus.
At this point in time most observers felt that the tank that wouldn’t die and the
Charger would be able to prevail over the armless ‘Mech and Battle Armor. That is until
the previously damaged Charger took critical damage to its torso destroying it’s large
bore Autocannon, and the Demolisher finally crumples under the 5th kick from the Zeus
and the multiple medium pulse laser hits from the three remaining Fenrirs.
This time there would not another chance for the Rangers to gain the upper hand
in this battle. The severely damaged Charger was just no match for the crippled Zeus and
damaged squad of Battle Armor. It went down unceremoniously a short time later.
Surprisingly enough pilots from both sides were very pleased with the way the
battle went. Both sides agreed that the other displayed good tactical judgment, and they
also both agree that if it weren’t for a few lucky hits, by both sides, the battle would have
turned out very differently.
This is Ord Mandell reporting from the Austin Training Area on Tukayyid.


Side Show
Oklahoma Training Area, Tukayyid
“This is Ord Mandell, reporting from Free Rasalhague Republic
Tukayyid. Site of the 26th Martial Olympiads. 28 June 3067
Today we are being given a rare treat, two elite
units that have never fought one another are The Rolling Thunder Lance has been
about to test their mettle and see who comes out charged with securing, and defending Clinton
on top. One the one side, a lance from the Free Hills from Smith’s Lance of the Davion Heavy
Worlds League’s famous Rolling Thunder Guards.
Company will square off against one of Davion’s The two units are to fight until one unit
finest, a lance from the Davion Heavy Guard.” controls the hills and the other unit has
“Due to the elite nature of both of these withdrawn or has been destroyed.
units it is hard to predict which one will come
out on top, although insiders suggest that the GAME SET-UP
Heavy Guard’s recent involvement in the Civil Lay out the BattleTech maps as show. Use
War will give them a leg up on Rolling Thunder, the Open Terrain #2 map from BattleTech Map
whose last major conflict was Operation Set 5, and the Woodland map from BattlePack:
Gurrero.” Fourth Succession War.
“Indeed two units are so well matched that
the bookies on Solaris 7 seem to be having a
hard time making up their minds as well. It has
been reported that just about 47% of these
experts are predicting that the Federated Suns
will be victorious, while 46% predict that the
Free Worlds League will come out on top. The
remaining 7% are unwilling to even give odds on
this event. It certainly looks like the bout to
watch this afternoon.
The attacker consists of the Command Total Point Results
Lance of the 3rd Battalion 2nd Regiment of the 51 or higher Decisive FedSun Victory
Davion Heavy Guards. 31 to 50 Substantial FedSun Victory
11 to 30 Marginal FedSun Victory
Smith’s Lance –10 to 10 Draw
Hauptmann Peter Smith (P 3, G 2) –11 to –30 Marginal FWL Victory
MAD-7D Marauder (BV: 2,373) –31 to –50 Substantial FWL Victory
Sergeant Ross Hiens (P 3, G 2) –51 or lower Decisive FWL Victory
WVR-8K Wolverine (BV: 2,222)
Sergeant Tim Waltrip (P 3, G 2) SPECIAL RULES
JM7-F JagerMech (BV: 2,343)
Sergeant George Scott (P 3, G 2) Physical Attacks
PXH-3PL Phoenix Hawk (BV: 1,647) Due to the fact that the Martial Olympiads
are “wargames” rather than real combat, Physical
Attacks are expressly forbidden. Any unit that
DEPLOYMENT conducts physical attacks will be banned from
The attackers enter from the western edge competition, and their faction will receive a
of the Open Terrain #2 map on turn 1. sever penalty for the rest of this year’s
The defender consists of the Command Retreat
Lance of the Rolling Thunder Company of the Units that are damaged or crippled may
First Regulan Hussars Regiment. retreat from their home map edge. Any unit that
retreats will be assessed a penalty for retreating,
Rollin Thunder Command Lance and any crippled ’Mechs that retreat will be
Captain Kevin Shirley (P 3, G 2) penalized for being crippled and for retreating.
ON2-M Orion (BV: 2,450)
Staff Sergeant Tyler Smith (P 3, G 2) AFTERMATH
OTL-7M Ostol (BV: 1,941) “The battle was waged savagely for the last
Sergeant Tim Reynolds (P 3, G 2) few hours, testing both side’s patience and
P1D Perseus (BV: 2,037) abilities, but it was the Davion Heavy Guards
Sergent Sara Baker (P 3, G 2) that came out on top of this one.
CNS-5M Cronus (BV: 2,156) The Hussar forces began divided, two
Mechs to each hill at the edge of the plains. The
DEPLOYMENT Davion Guards advanced under the cover of dual
The defender may set up his/her ’Mechs ECM suites from their heavy mechs, keeping the
anywhere on the Woodland map. The eastern Hussar Artemis IV FC systems inoperable. The
edge of the Woodlands map is the home edge for Guards drove to the center of the Hussars’
the defenders. formation, splitting them and using combined
fire to bring down the heaviest Hussar mechs.
VICTORY CONDITIONS At the end of the battle, all Hussar Mechs have
been put down, while the JM7-F piloted by
ACTION VICTORY POINTS Sergeant Tim Waltrip is mauled almost beyond
Federated Suns recognition. He was able to maneuver the Mech
Per FWL ’Mech Destroyed 20 off the field though. Hauptmann Peter Smith (no
Per FWL ’Mech Crippled 10 relation to the Peter Smith who is a battalion CO
Per FWL ’Mech Retreated 5 with the Red Lancers) accounted for 3 of the
Free Worlds League Hussar kills. We hope to see more action as the
Per FedSun ’Mech Destroyed -20 Olympiads continue on!
Per FedSun ’Mech Crippled -10 “This is Ord Mandell from Tukayyid signing
Per FedSun ’Mech Retreated -5 off.”
Written By: Robert “Pidge” Pigeon
Slight input from: Ross “Koga” Hines
© 2002

By Lou Myers

Outreach is the brightest of the Mercenary Stars and the Vertigo Lounge is its twinkle!
We are located in the great city of Harlech’s south stretch area between the Mech
Holding Pens and the Harlech’s Penitentiary on Yancy Street.

We serve anyone and everyone! All colors, all attitudes! Your weapons will be left at
the door as you come in to experience each other at the Vertigo Lounge!

The Vertigo Lounge is an old Gas Works building converted in 3066 by a sometimes
active mercenary named Lou Myers. The building is filthy looking two story brick round
house that sits mid block in the worst crime ridden area in Harlech’s South Stretch,
Yancy Street. Its flavor is what makes it popular. The Vertigo Lounge caters to all
people, so the mayhem of culture helps anyone walking in feel at home.

Like it’s motto states; “From the Kerensky Cluster to Last Post, we serve you all!”
Too Many Gauss Rifles….

Joe Pino thought he saw it all. A middle aged ex Davion Infantry man who survived the
Clan Invasion with many raids under his belt and now the end of the Civil War, he
dropped out of the fractured Davion Military for greener pastures. But a month on
Outreach, and seeing clanners again sent his mind reeling in flashbacks that he blew
through all his money in all the bars in town to help him forget the flashbacks and
nightmares. Now the grizzled and stinking drunk Pino was at the end of his rope down
on Yancy Street on a Friday night at 11 PM, soaked with rain standing in front of the
Vertigo Lounge.

The two story filthy brick round house flashed its marquee in Pino’s eyes. He grumbled
and walked up to the double doors.

“No Doorman? Weird, just a bum.” Until he opened the doors. A huge 50. caliber
Machine Gun nest sat dead center in the make shift lobby. Three skittish bouncers
manned the gun.

One called out “What‘ya here fer?” Shocked and drunk, Joe replied “To drink!” “Any
weapons?” the bouncer called back.

“Bad breath and dirty fingernails.” Joe replied drunkenly and half laughing. The bouncer
yelled “Walk through the weapons detector!” Joe stumbled through it. No problem, now
I can get a damn drink! He thought.

Assaulting waves of hard stomping Rocka Billy rocked Joe’s buzzing brain as he
stumbled toward the first bar. No one seemed to notice him or pay him any mind as Pino
threw a crumbled D-bill up on the bar in front of a rather annoyed bar keeper.

“Gauss Rifle!” Joe shouted. He got his Gauss Rifle, complete with silver dragees. The
rum was sweet but good and further buzzed Joes tortured mind. The place was alive like
a colony of ants. Joe immediately picked out a sword and sunburst shoulder patch and
headed right for it through the packed bar.

The patch was on an olive field jacket draped over a chair where a woman sat at a table
with three rather mean looking men, playing 21. They all turned and looked up at Joe,
who took a slug from his Gauss Rifle and asked, “Room fer one more survivor?” The
women, brushing her wavy brown hair behind her left ear replied “Got any money?”
“Oui” Joe answered.

Joe sat down and threw a 20 D bill up for ante’. He knew he had only another 20 left
before he was broke. Maybe his fellow country woman would help him out, maybe not.
The other three men looked just as desperate as he did. He could tell the blonde man
with a deep tan was a Draco just because he didn’t speak but his eyes darted all over the
place, watching everything, a Draco trait in its own way. The other guy, dark red head
was a damned Lyran, a Skye Marcher, a Scotsman. He made Joe’s blood boil. The third
one, an indigo, a Cappie Chinese, stared at Joe intently. He didn’t like that. As the cards
where dealt, Joe watched the Lyran with smoldering eyes. “S.O.B.”, he thought over and
over. Jack, nine of diamonds and a deuce of hearts! 21! The 100 in bills richer didn’t
distract Joe’s hatred for the Lyran.

Two more winning hands and another Gauss Rifle. The woman was helping him out he
thought. Maybe it was because of his 5th Davion Guards RCT patch on his olive green
field jacket. “I’m a survivor”, he thought. “Maybe that’s why.” The Draco folded and
left broke. But the stinking Lyran seemed to have a lot of cash…. figures. The Indigo
smirked a lot and that drove Joe nuts. But the Lyran bothered him more. The Rock a
Billy blasting turned into three Asian women screaming into a microphone. Karaoke!
Oh man! Their version of some Xin Sheng song. Ugh!

“Waitress!” Another Gauss!” Joe shouted.

The Gauss Rifles were hitting Joe just as hard as the culture shock. He had won the
fourth and fifth hand and lost the sixth. But the loss wasn’t a hard one. Joe was doing
OK in this game so far.

An Asian woman, dressed in black leather and gold chains strutted over to the Cappie.
Her long, gold nails brushed his chin and the Cappie folded his hand and left. The
stinking Lyran remained. He now appeared blank faced, probably getting low on cash.
“The bum”, Joe thought.

Pino turned to the woman finally. Pretty, brown wavy hair, about 30 and in shape. Her
brown eyes were sharp as tacks and her hand reflexes dead on. “A Mech Warrior?” he
asked. She turned her left eyeball on him. “5th Crucis Lancers out of Demeter. The
Indigo was a contact of mine there. A mole. Very helpful, but, creepy just like all of

Joe burped up a laugh that smelled like Rum. The Lyran scoffed and called the hand.

“21 ya stinkin’ Fed Rats!” Joe didn’t like that and his across the table drunken punch
missed the Lyran. Pino rolled out of his chair and hit the floor. The Lyran was swift to
put a blade to Pino’s throat. A ceramic blade, night desert camouflage in color and very,
very sharp.

“FedRat Abschaum! Scumbag!” Joe knew that even in his bloto state that he was done
for. The Gauss Rifles seemed to deaden any fear of dying though. He smiled up at his
executioner and laughed, “Do it! I have nothing but nightmares to live for!” As Joe
closed his eyes to feel the blade slit his throat, he only heard the packed room roar with
laughter. He opened his eyes to see what they laughed at. The Lyran slumped backward,
the knife falling away from Joe’s neck. Behind him stood the Asian woman that was
with the Capellan. Droplets of blood adorn her leather clad right arm. Her right index
fingernail, long, sharp to a fine golden point now dripping in blood.
Joe sat up and kicked off the dead Lyran. Standing up, he nodded in thanks to the Asian
woman, who smirked
at him and walked
into the crowd. His
country women stood
up, took a last swig of
her beer from the
bottle and smiled at
Joe. In her right hand
a stack of bills,
mostly Kroner, some
others. She said “You
won almost five
hundred Davion Bills
here. Got a room?”
Joe Pino smiled
broadly, almost
perversely and asked
“What’s your name
Girly?” Taking Joe’s
right hand and
stuffing money into it,
the brown haired
women laughed softly.

“My name is Amanda Tompkins. That’s Captain to you and I don’t do drunks. You’ve
had too many Gauss Rifles my friend. Get a room and sleep it off.”
Joe stuffed the money in his pocket and said “I lived through too much to know when to
cut my losses. Thanks. Can I get you a drink?” Amanda replied, “I’ll be here tomorrow
Art work by Lou Meyers!
Capellan Confederation to trade advanced
technology for mutual defense use. The
Capellans (lead by the paranoid Romano
Liao) were hesitant to enter into any deal
that might erode their “national sovereignty,”
but eventually agree to trade a number of
Raven ‘mechs for upgraded Jenners and
other light ‘mechs.

The first shipments of Ravens reach

Kurita space in late 3050, just too
late for the battle of Wolcott. The
Hellespont mechworks had
designated this design as RVL-3K,
Bleak December and the DCMS MechWarriors were
The history of the Raven outside Capellan space
disappointed to discover that the
promised “cutting edge light ‘mech”
The Raven BattleMech can trace its was in fact a ‘monkey’ version
history to the days just before the outbreak lacking most of the advanced
of the 4th Succession War; at the time, it was
a balky and ineffective prototype being
features found in the Capellan
constructed virtually by hand at several Liao version. Hellespont engineers’ claim
plants. The design itself was generally that their decision to replace the
written off as a failure in its time; in fact, electronics suite with heat sinks and
when the St. Ives Commonality presented
Type/Model: Raven RVN-3K
several working prototypes as a gift to the Tech: Inner Sphere / 3050
Federated Suns as part of their peace Config: Biped BattleMech
Rules: Level 2, Standard design
settlement, the experimental ‘mechs were
Mass: 35 tons
simply crated up and put in storage. Chassis: Hellespont Type R Standard
Power Plant: 210 Hermes XL Fusion
Walking Speed: 64.8 km/h
A generation later, the situation had Maximum Speed: 97.2 km/h
Jump Jets: None
changed dramatically. Recovered Jump Capacity: 0 meters
technology had allowed for a complete Armor Type: Hellespont Lite Ferro-Fibrous
redesign of the Raven, turning the unreliable 3 Ceres Arms Medium Lasers
1 Apple Churchill Guiding Light Narc Missile Beacon
scout into a cutting-edge electronic warfare 1 Harpoon-6 SRM 6
platform. By the time that news of the Clan 1 LFN Lindblad Shotgun Anti-Missile System
Manufacturer: Hellespont 'mech Works
invasion filtered back to the Capellan region Location: Sian
Communications System: Ceres Metals Model 666
of the Inner Sphere, the new RVN-3L was Targeting & Tracking System: Apple Churchill 2000
starting to reach front-line units.
an anti-missile system was because
The 3051 Outreach Conference was they did not know if the electronics
by most accounts something unheard of would be effective against Clan
since the days of the Star Leage: successor
lords meeting to plan a common defense ‘mechs fell for the most part on deaf
against a deadly new enemy. Most ears.
importantly for this discussion, careful
negotiations by Hanse Davion lead to a
trade pact between the Free Worlds League
and the Federated Commonwealth.
Profoundly disappointed with the
However, the First Prince’s deal with result of their exchange with the
Thomas Marik was not the only, nor the first, Capellans, DCMS authorities
deal of this kind. In 3049, agents of
Theodore Kurita had treated with the cancelled their remaining orders and
ordered Kurita firms to discontinue
shipping to Capellan space. Still, the By the end of the Clan Wars, most of
DCMS was saddled with just fewer the RVN-3Ks had either been
than one hundred –3K Ravens. destroyed or sold to mercenaries;
About half of these machines were only about a dozen of these machines
assigned to local garrisons (including remain in Kurita hands. However,
the forces on Wolcott); the other half the RVN-3K is not the only
were put into storage. “foreign” Raven in existence.

Following the battle of Luthien and As mentioned earlier, the Federated

the subsequent rescinding of the Commonwealth had possessed
“Death to Mercenaries” order, the detailed building schematics for the
“spare” Ravens were offered to RVN-1X Raven since the end of the
mercenaries serving within Kurita 4th Succession Wars. Pressed by the
space as discounted “company store” sudden Clan invasion to produce as
items. Despite the reduced many new ‘mechs as possible, the
capabilities of this machine Fed Com contracted TharHes
compared to the “L” version, the Industries, maker of the popular
RVN-3K proved to be popular as a Wolfhound, to set up an
raider and fast skirmisher.
experimental production wing for the
Raven design.
3K Ravens saw relatively little
action during the Clan Wars, though
The difficulties of reworking the
a number were used during a 3058
RVN-1X into a workable ‘mech
raid on Mannendorf in the Ghost
rapidly became apparent to the
Bear Occupation Zone – the details
TharHes workers. Despite the initial
of this raid remain classified, but it
setbacks, however, two production
appears a number of 3K Ravens were
prototype designs were rolling off
dropped onto a Ghost Bear base as
the lines. Designated RVN-3J and
part of an attempt to destroy an HPG
RVN-3P respectively, both had a
installation. Reports are unclear, but
promising array of weapons, along
it appears all of the Ravens were
with an excellent electronics suite.
obliterated by the superior Clan
The RVN-3J also possessed an array
troops. A few months later, more
of jump jets with a 180-meter range,
Ravens were reduced to slag during a while the –3P (from the deutch term
punitive long-range raid by the Bears
‘panzer’ – armor) carried 2.5 tons of
against Wolcott.
extra armor and was equipped with
Once again, the details of the
Wolcott raid remain unknown, but
Both designs were met with mixed
immediately after, General Ano
feelings by the AFFC – not only was
Rentoshi was reassigned from his
the Raven a design associated with
post in command of the Wolcott
the hated Capellans, but pilots
complained that they lacked
Type/Model: Raven RVN-3D
firepower compared to other 35-ton Tech: Inner Sphere / 3055
Config: Biped BattleMech
‘mechs. TharHes engineers Rules: Level 2, Standard design

repeatedly pointed out that both Mass: 35 tons

Chassis: Defiance RX Standard
RVN models outgunned and Power Plant: 210 Hermes XL Fusion
Walking Speed: 64.8 km/h
outperformed the popular COM-5S Maximum Speed: 97.2 km/h
Jump Jets: None
Commando, but these arguments Jump Capacity: 0 meters
Armor Type: Starshield Light Ferro-Fibrous
failed to generate any real interest in Armament:
2 Defiance B3M Medium Lasers
the design. 1 Defiance Sting Streak SRM 2
1 BlazeFire Systems Large Laser
1 Wunderland Beagle Beagle Active Probe
1 Norse Guardian Guardian ECM
Manufacturer: TharHes Industries
Eventually, the bulk of the prototype Location: Tharkad
Communications System: Telestar Model XTD-67A1
units ended up in the various Davion Targeting & Tracking System: Angst Clear View 2A

Guards regiments, where they served

through first the Clan Wars and then
the Civil War with distinction – In addition to its AFFC service, the
despite this, they remain unpopular RVN-3D was sold to the St. Ives
‘mechs and are now being gradually Compact and the Styk Commonality
farmed out to regional militias in the in large numbers starting in 3058;
Federated Suns. due to this trick of fate, the Capellan
Confederation has a fairly large
number of RVN-3D Ravens in its
TharHes’ final production model, second-line inventory at the time of
coded as RVN-3D, met with this document’s writing in 3067.
somewhat more acceptances. Based What will become of these ‘mechs is
on the complaints about the J and P unclear, but so far they remain in
types, TharHes removed the active service.
Coventry SRM and Thordyne jump
jets (a move that would push
Thordyne into bankruptcy) and Following the Lyran withdrawal
installed a large laser in the left from the Federated Commonwealth,
torso. While still regarded with one final version of the Raven
dislike due to its “Capellan” nature, walked off of the TharHes
the RVN-3D was produced in small production line. Dubbed, RVN-3S,
numbers until 3061, and saw the new machine represented an
extensive action in the Clan Wars almost complete rethinking of the
throughout the AFFC. Raven concept. For the first time on
any of the TharHes Ravens, the Narc
Missile Beacon was featured in the
weapons load of the ‘mech. Further,
the short-range missiles were
replaced with a single Starfire long-
range missile rack; at the same time,
the medium lasers were downgraded
to smaller close-in-defense types.
Type/Model: Raven RVN-3S
As of 3067, the Raven remains
Inner Sphere / 3062
Biped BattleMech
primarily a Capellan machine; in
Rules: Level 2, Standard design fact, since the early 3060s the new
35 tons
Defiance RS Endo Steel
RVN-4L has been marching off of
Power Plant: 210 Hermes XL Fusion
Walking Speed: 64.8 km/h
the Sian production lines in large
Maximum Speed: 97.2 km/h
Jump Jets: None
numbers. Whether or not the future
Jump Capacity: 0 meters
Armor Type: Starshield Lite Ferro-Fibrous
will remember the “foreign” Ravens
2 Maxell Small Pulse Lasers
remains to be seen, as no factories
1 Octagon Missile Magnet Narc Missile Beacon
1 Coventry Star Fire LRM 15
produce these orphaned designs and
1 Defiance B3S Small Laser
1 Cyclops-Beagle Sensory Probe Beagle Active Probe
no industrial groups have expressed
1 Norse Guardian Guardian ECM
Manufacturer: TharHes Industries
interest in reviving them.
Location: Tharkad
Communications System: Telestar Model XTD-67A1
Targeting & Tracking System: Angst Clear View 2A

It is likely that of these machines, the

RVN-3J and RVN-3P will be the
The RVN-3S model did not actually first to disappear from the Inner
roll out until 3062 – delays in Sphere. Both designs were produced
retooling the line halted Raven in only small numbers and suffered
production on Tharkad between heavy losses during the Clan and
February 3061 and January 3062. Civil Wars. The RVN-3K cannot be
This new model did not see action far behind, with their numbers
until the “police action” against dwindling thanks to the difficulty of
Kentares IV, where elements of the importing replacement parts from the
Donegal Guards executed the royal Confederation.
family and imposed martial law.
Combat experience during the
Kentares campaign and others If any non-Capellan Raven will last
proved that the RVN-3S was a strong into the immediate future, it is
match for Federation Valkyries, but probably the RVN-3D. The RVN-3D
the ‘mechs were still lost in great was produced from 3055 to 3061,
numbers. twice as long as the RVN-3S, and its
lower overall cost resulted in larger
orders from first the AFFC and then
In 3064, Allied guerillas detonated the LAAF.
explosives in the Raven wing of the
TharHes factory, halting further
production of Ravens. To date, the
Raven wing has not been rebuilt, and
it seems that production of Ravens at
TharHes will probably not be Scenario
“Assault on Mannendorf”
Ultimately, the Ghost Bear ‘mechs devastated the
Raiders, forcing them into retreat. While the Raiders
X Day, X Month, 3058 were not done with their assault on Mannendorf, the
quick victory they had hoped for had eluded their grasp.

The defender consists of an
understrength quick-reaction Star from Lay out three standard BattleTech maps side-to-side.
The center map should be flipped over so the blank side
72nd Assault Trinary. is showing.

Mannendorf is a frozen iceball; all water is treated as

Elements of Quick-Reaction Star level zero open terrain and all woods are treated as open
Executioner Prime (gunnery 1, piloting terrain of the level indicated.

Place a two-hex level 4 hardened building with a
Phantom A (gunnery 3, piloting 3) construction factor of 200 on the left-most map; this
facility must have level 1 or higher terrain directly
Grizzly (gunnery 3, piloting 4) adjacent to its left.

The Ghost Bear ‘mechs begin in any hex adjacent to the

Base Defenses hardened building.

Two gun emplacements, each containing

two Clan LRM-20 racks. (see special The attacker’s heavy lance can set up anywhere on the
rightmost map; see special rules for the setup of the
rules for more details regarding the other attacker ‘mechs.
LRM-20 turrets). One turret occupies
each of the two hardened building hexes
Mission Objectives
(see setup).
The objective of the attacker is to destroy a hyperpulse
generator that is about to be activated at the
Mannendorf garrison facility. The survival/destruction
of any Ghost Bear ‘mechs is also desirable but is not an
actual mission objective.

For every two points of damage the attacker inflicts on

the hardened building, they receive one victory point. If
the building is actually destroyed, they automatically
Ghost Bear Occupation Zone receive a decisive victory.

Thanks to a well-executed stealth approach on Planet For every attacker ‘mech that is destroyed, the defender
Mannendorf by the mercenary 1st Newtown Square receives 20 victory points. For every attacker ‘mech
Raiders, their initial landing party caught the defending that retreats from the board, the defender receives 10
72nd Assault Cluster by surprise. victory points.

Unfortunately, after this point very little went right. The The scenario ends after 15 turns; at this point subtract
forces of the Raiders were scattered by a poorly- defender victory points from attacker victory points
orchestrated orbital drop, and scrambled Bear fighters (unless the attacker automatically wins).
managed to destroy the unit commander’s Banshee
before it even reached the ground.
+75 or higher: decisive attacker victory

+25 to +74: marginal attacker victory

Despite this, the surviving three members of the
0 to +24: marginal defender victory
Raiders’ heavy lance thought they had their job cut out
for them – when the doors of the Bear base opened to any negative score: decisive defender victory
reveal a heavy star, their opinion quickly changed.

Special Rules
Attacker arrival: The attackers have been badly
scattered by their contested orbital drop; as such their
arrival occurs gradually over the course of the mission.

On turn 5 the strike lance arrives; they deploy by orbital

drop following the normal drop rules – the landing zone
target must be within three hexes of the hardened The attacker consists of elements of the 1st
building. Newtown Square Raiders, a green
mercenary unit in the employ of the
Draconis Combine.
On turn 10 the assault lance arrives from the “top” or
“bottom” of the middle (blank) map. The assault lance Attacker
Elements of Heavy Lance
was damaged by aerospace fighters on the way to the AS7-D Atlas (gunnery 5, piloting 6)
planet; assign four 5-point damage blocks to each VTR-9B Victor (gunnery 5, piloting 5)
‘mech. RVN-3K Raven (gunnery 6, piloting 7)

Strike Lance
Base turrets: The Mannendorf garrison base is RVN-3K Raven (gunnery 4, piloting 5)
suffering from maintenance problems, and at the time RVN-3K Raven (gunnery 3, piloting 5)
the attack starts they are both offline. After turn 5, roll RVN-3K Raven (gunnery 5, piloting 5)
2d6 in each end phase. The target for turn 6 is 12+, RVN-3K Raven (gunnery 5, piloting 4)
reducing to 11+ on turn 7 and so forth. Once this roll
succeeds, both turrets are online and can engage the Elements of Assault Lance
enemy freely. RVN-3K Raven (gunnery 2, piloting 2)
STK-3F Stalker (gunnery 4, piloting 5)
VTR-9B Victor (gunnery 5, piloting 6)
Clan Honor: due to the dishonorable stealth approach
of the Raiders and their mercenary roots, the 72nd Defender
Assault Trinary’s forces are not bound by any Clan Elements of Quick-Reaction Star
honor rules in this battle. Executioner Prime (gunnery 1,
piloting 3)
Notes Phantom A (gunnery 3, piloting 3)
This scenario is an adaptation of the second mission
from Mechwarrior 2: Ghost Bear Legacy.
Grizzly (gunnery 3, piloting 4)
Place four light construction factor 5 buildings
Scenario anywhere on the “paved” area – these represent ammo
dumps. Place a medium CF-40 building on the “paved”
Guten tag, mein schwester area to represent a barracks building.

The defending infantry start in the barracks building,

May 15, 3065 and the APC starts in any adjacent hex.

Lyran Alliance The attackers start along the far row of hexes on the
map chosen by the defender.

The attacker consists of a special raiding

During the heavy fighting part from the 4th Crucis Lancers.
between the 4th Crucis Lancers The scout lance arrives on any single
and the 2nd Donegal Guards on map edge at the beginning of turn four.
Raider Lance
Giausar, stand-up battles were RZK-9S Razorback (gunnery 3, piloting 4)
quickly replaced with guerilla RVN-3D Raven (gunnery 4, piloting 5)
conflict. In this “dirty” style of RVN-3J Raven (gunnery 4, piloting 4)
war, one of the most terrifying LCT-3D Locust (gunnery 4, piloting 5) Mission Objectives
situations that could be
experienced was a surprise The objective of the raiders is to
‘mech raid against conventional Defender destroy the ammunition dumps and the
troops. The defender consists of elements of the 2 barracks; the defender’s mission
Donegal Guards. objective is to defend the ammunition
dumps and to hunt down and destroy
Base Defenders the attacking raiders.
Just such a thing occurred on
2 foot laser infantry platoons
May 15th of 3065; a light striker
1 jump rifle infantry platoon
lance from the 4th Crucis
1 APC (gunnery 5, driving 4)
penetrated Lyran lines and raided For each ammunition dump destroyed
a supply depot. Only infantry by the attacker, they receive 25 victory
Scout Lance
defended the supply station, and points. For destroying the barracks,
PXH-1 PhoenixHawk (gunnery 4, piloting 5)
the Allied troops expected a they receive 50 victory points.
RVN-3S Raven (gunnery 3, piloting 5)
fairly easy mission.
COM-7S Commando (gunnery 4, piloting 5)
WSP-1S Wasp (gunnery 4, piloting 1)
For every attacker ‘mech destroyed,
Unfortunately for the Allied the defender receives 30 points. The
raiders, a Loyalist scout lance defender receives 15 points for any
was also passing through the area, and quickly the hit- undestroyed attacker ‘mech that is unable to leave the
and-fade attack had turned into a ‘mech slugging map by turn 10.

Attackers can leave the map off any edge of the map
Like so many situations during the Civil War, the May chosen by the defender. If for any reason they leave the
15th skirmish on Giausar was laced with tragedy – the map from the standard BattleTech map, they are treated
commander of the Lyran scout lance, Leutnant Greta as destroyed.
Melissa Schiffer, was the sister of one of the Allied
raiders – MechWarrior Inga Katrina Schiffer. Both
warriors died in the engagement, and after-action
At the end of turn 10, tally the victory points, then
review of the mission revealed that Inga’s large laser
subtract the defender VP from the attacker VP.
destroyed the cockpit of her sister’s Raven.

It is unknown if Inga Schiffer even knew that she had +100 or more points: decisive attacker victory
just killed her older sister. +50 to +99 points: marginal attacker victory
0 to +49 points: marginal defender victory
Set Up
any negative score: decisive defender victory
Place one standard BattleTech map next to one map of
the defender’s choice. The water on the standard
BattleTech map is treated as level zero paved terrain in Notes
this scenario.
“Guten tag, mein schwester” is deutch for “Good day,
my sister.”
Well, this about wraps it up for this edition of the Solaris Sentinel! Next issue, I plan to
have an interview with Berhle Hubbard, one of Iron Wind Metals sculptors; the man who
brought you the Fefnir and Sagittaire! I’m still looking for more story and scenario ideas
and I might just turn it into a look back at the past. Yup, that’s right, taking a time trip
back to good ol’ 3025 and everything that that stands for! As is, I would like to thank
Warner Doles for his tenacity in getting the unseen redrawn for us and Chris Lewis for
taking the time to field my questions… oh and those wonderful pictures!!

Ross Koga
Solaris Sentinel

Iron Coyote battle armor drawn by Ross Hines

And before we go, here’s our final mech babe! This Capellan Jinggau serves in one of
the lower reserve regiments who have been lucky enough to get a few of the new tech
Capellan pride mechs. No story seems to be behind this machine; though it is rumored it
is like a few of the others that we have spotlighted: good luck and a reminder of the
times spent on leave!

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