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AC: Year 3 AC: Foundation EYLF

English English Outcome 1: Children have a strong sense of identity

They read texts that contain varied sentence structures, They identify connections between texts and their
a range of punctuation conventions, and images that personal experience.  Children feel safe, secure, and supported
provide extra information. They use phonics and word They identify and describe likes and dislikes about
knowledge to fluently read more complex words. familiar texts, objects, characters and events Outcome 4: Children are confident and involved
They identify literal and implied meaning connecting learners.
ideas in different parts of a text. They select Mathematics  express wonder and interest in their
information, ideas and events in texts that relate to By the end of the Foundation year, students make environments
their own lives and to other texts. They listen to others’ connections between number names, numerals and  are curious and enthusiastic participants in
views and respond appropriately using interaction quantities up to 10.  their learning
Health and Physical Education Outcome 5: Children are effective communicators
Students create a range of texts for familiar and Students use personal and social skills when working  Children interact verbally and non-verbally
unfamiliar audiences. They contribute actively to class with others in a range of activities. They demonstrate, with others for a range of purposes
and group discussions, asking questions, providing with guidance, practices and protective behaviours to  Children begin to understand how symbols
useful feedback and making presentations. keep themselves safe and healthy in different activities and pattern systems work
Mathematics Music
By the end of Year 3, students recognise the Students improvise, compose, arrange and perform
connection between addition and subtraction and music.
solve problems using efficient strategies for
multiplication EYLF

HASS Outcome 1: Children have a strong sense of identity

By the end of Year 3, students identify individuals,
events and aspects of the past that have significance in  Children develop their emerging autonomy,
the present. They identify and describe aspects of their inter-dependence, resilience and sense of
community that have changed and remained the same agency
over time.
They identify connections between people and the
characteristics of places and recognise that people
have different perceptions of places.

Digital Technologies
Students identify needs, opportunities or problems and
describe them.
They safely create solutions and communicate ideas
and information face-to-face and online.

Health and Physical Education

Students apply strategies for working cooperatively
and apply rules fairly. They use decision-making and
problem-solving skills to select and demonstrate
strategies that help them stay safe, healthy and active

Students improvise, compose, arrange and perform