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Paragraph 1

I would like to introduce myself. My name is Selly, my full name is SellyNovita

Sari. I’m come from in Indonesia. I was born on Bekasi, 10 Nopember 1998. I’m
eighteen years old. I live atJln.perjuangankp.TelukBuyung RT001/ RW 002 number
43. My hobby is reading a book and swimming.My dream of becoming a
prosecutor.My father’s name is EddyNgadirun, my father worked a private employee.
My mother’ name is Kasinem, she is a household. I have one sister. Her name is
YuliAstuti, usually called Yuli. She is worked at PT. Toyo Denso Indonesia (since
2004 until now) andI don’t have brother.

Paragragph 2

I was elementary school at SDN MargaMurya III. I graduated from Elementary

School in 2010, when I was elementary school, most memory I remember that when I
don’t understand many things and the most important thing is to play with friends to
forget the time. I was Junior High School at SMPNegeri 3Bekasi. I graduated from
Junior High School in 2013. Since then I was active in organizations Red Cross, I
often a race to get the trophy. I was Senior High School at SMANegeri 2Babelan and
graduated in 2016. When I graduated from Senior High School, I choose the
University ofBhayangkara located in Bekasi. I choose the campus because of it’s
location adjacent to my house. It’s supported by my mother. And I choose law school,
because the faculty are my ideals, which became a prosecutor.
Paragraph 3

My goal for the future is to work in the field of law, specifically to become a
prosecutor. But, my father I wanted to be a notary. Starting from now I learned to
deepen aspiration to become a lawyer, with emphasis on reading a book about the
law. I think there is a problem that can’t be eliminated, that I have to learn on their
own with no one to guide when at home. But, i don’t despair, because I studied at the
campus should really understand, not to cause regret the time at home because they
have to learn on their own. People who have always supported me up to defend
education up here, namely my parents and my sister. They are always there and
always pray for me.

Paragraph 4

Since the age of six years, I started learn English until now.Starting form
elementary school to college student. I also had some training in PEC ( Practical
Education Center ) private elementary school until learning the English
language there are some problems in my opinion, that is a little difficult to read
sentences and memorize vocabulary. However, I continue to learn step by
step.Begins with the reading of English on the book and social media and search
vocabulary is hard for me to understand and practice with my friends without practice,
a very imperfect process of learning. Learning English is very important and should
be, because the language included international language. Besides, I think a lot of
other advantages, I would like to continue his education and work abroad are the
English language. Therefore, I’m pleased to learn English because I have a dream
graduate school to continue their education there. I love English lesson.