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1. I hate salesmen who ________advantage of elderly customers

2. Politics is boring. Can we _________the subject, please?

3. When you’re choosing a career in science, you need to take a lot of things into ____________

4.You shouldn’t play football out in the rain. It’s just ____________ sense.

5. Will you ______ an eye on the children until I get back? I will be back soon.

6. We’re moving to a smaller house, so we have to get r______of a lot of our furniture.

7.Advertisements have a lot of influence _____ children’s decisions.

8. He still loves her, ____________the fact that she left him.

9.If you don’t want to come with me, I’ll go on my __________.

10.Do you still ________in touch with your college friends after so many years? That’s fantastic!

10 marks


1. It's difficult for me to keep up with a driver that's moving _____speed.

2. We deleted all the files on my dad’s computer _____ accident.
3. The coffee machine in the office has been out ____ order for al least two weeks.
4. We were all late this morning and we left the front door unlocked because we left ____ a hurry.
5. Don't worry, I've got everything _______control here at the office.
6. I'm sorry about breaking your ruler! I didn't do it _____purpose.
7. Make sure you leave _____ time the day of the examination or you will not be allowed in.
8. We’re trying the new Thai restaurant on the corner ______ a change.
9. Joe somehow managed to get hold of some concert tickets ______ free.
10. Give me a hand, Ben! I can't clean the house and take care of the children _____once.
11. The two of us drank from the bottle of milk ______ turn until it was empty.
12. The students had to know the poem ___heart.
13. The U.S. is, ______far, the largest producer of corn in the world.
14. The Council voted in favour _____a £200 million housing development.
15. The field trip is canceled _____account of the rain.
16. She was determined to win the competition ____ all costs. Losing just wasn’t an option for her.
17. We will announce the results of our investigation _____due course.
18. These strict measures will put many small businesses ____risk.
19. These were people who helped people for nothing– volunteers, _____other words.
20. We should try to play the game according ____the rules.

20 marks