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Map it Out Being Precise when we Speak and Listen

Data Dive:
10 min Date on speaking and listening:
 What is the impact of our focus on speaking and listening?
 Students are invested in language of speaking and listening (agree, disagree)
 Saw silence when each other were speaking during 1st week of instruction
 Repeated teacher language

 What do we see in student actions?
-students pushing themselves to listen
-agree/disagree language
-turning and tracking
-leaning in
 What can we push for the next two weeks?
-push that we speak up (volume) -
-what does a 3rd grade speaker speak?
-understanding air time - fairness and how to share during a turn and talk
-push building as adding something new (direct teaching)
-clarifying someone else's idea
 Who will write the prep skills plans for 12/4 and 12/11?
12/4 - speaking like a 3rd grade speaker -
12/11-sharing air time - waiting my turn to speak, don't speak again until everyone has
spoken -

Prep Skills Teaching Points:
-repeat back what question is being answered, repeat what another student said before answering
-show a model of excellence and ask "what made that class so great?"
-build rationale of why listening is most important
-not answering is not an option - teach options for after turn and talk - repeat what partner said, ask
clarifying question, or answer
-hearing test - listen hard for a tiny sound
-teach what our body is doing while listening - hands folded so we can focus and not play with things.
Classroom 100%:
Culture How are you achieving 100% in your classes?

5 min

Positive Narration:
What are some ways you can use positive narration in your blocks?

What are some examples of positive narration?

How are you bringing the joy?
-more cheers and chants -transition song (I am a DC Preppie)
-brain breaks between blocks
-teachers have transition songs
-reinvesting in Team Points
-December to Remember - attendance incentive - daily treats and joy!
Dec. 1 - pop up school store in 1st
Dec4 - double dollar days
Dec.6 - milk and cookies
Dec. 7 - pizza party for 5 days of perfect attendance
Dec. 11 - SPIRIT Week
Mon- merry Monday - holiday cheer in wardrobe
Tues- pop up school store if you have the highest attendance
Weds - bundle up- warm accessories
Thurs - Pajama Day
Friday - Winter Arts

How are you investing students in your class?

How are you leveraging incentives?