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Milana Vinn ▪ (347) 463-7957 ▪ LinkedIn ▪

CUNY Graduate School of Journalism – New York, NY
MA, Journalism, August 2016 -- December 2017
Business and Economics Concentration
 Digital and Multimedia Reporting workshop, July-August 2014

Saint Petersburg State University – Saint Petersburg, Russia
BA, Journalism, September 2011 --June 2015

Danish School of Media and Journalism – Århus, Denmark
International TV semester, fall 2014
 Won a Nordic grant for producing a documentary about a homeless man who was running for a parliament seat
during elections in Nuuk, Greenland in November, 2014.


Bloomberg L.P. – News Intern, New York, NY January 2018 to March 2018
 Reported for Oil Trading Americas team. Performed quick turnarounds of analysts’ notes, market moves, government
reports into stories for Terminal clients
 Broke story for the Businessweek magazine on how oil companies use augmented reality technology to save millions
 Reported that gasoline prices in California may reach $4 by Memorial Day. The story got over 175,000 hits and was
the second most read on the day following publication
 Reported on how blockchain technology is set to disrupt oil trading and may lead to possible job cuts
ABC News’ Specialized Units – Intern and freelance contributor June 2017 to December 2017
ABC Specialized Units include Medical, Business, Law & Justice, the Investigative, Division-Wide Booking and Breaking News
units. Summer intern, June to August; continuing as freelance contributor.
 Co-produced the story “In Chechnya, these men say they fear for their lives because they’re gay,” translated interviews
from Russian
 Tracked and booked Peter Welch, best friend of wounded congressman Steve Scalise, for a live interview on ABC’s
Good Morning America, as a story about the shooting in Alexandria, Virginia, was breaking
 Translated and recorded a voiceover for the story about the meeting of Donald Trump Jr. with the Russian lawyer

RTVi Russian TV International – Intern, New York, NY October 2015 to December 2015
RTVi is an independent television network broadcasting for Russian-speaking communities of nearly 50 million people around
the world, primarily in the U.S., Israel, Germany and Latvia
 Reported on-air about New York’s MTA Capital Plan (RTVi’s version)

Hermes-Sojitz Investment Foundation – Business writer, St. Petersburg, Russia February 2015 to July 2015
 Wrote business and financial articles about Chinese and Russian investments in African countries with growing
economies. Wrote real estate articles about construction of first skyscrapers and malls in West African region.

Kommersant Online – major business network – Intern, Moscow, Russia July 2014 to August 2014
 Wrote over 30 breaking news stories daily on tight deadlines for the publication’s website, monitored news databases
and international media
 Published a breaking news story about controversial speech of Turkish Vice President Bulent Arinc

 Fluent in English and Russian. Experienced translator from Russian to English and English to Russian.

 Bloomberg Terminal, Bloomberg Market Concepts (BMC) certificate
 Data visualization and coding: Bloomberg, CARTO, Highcharts, Datawrapper
 Video and editing: Canon C100 camera, Canon D70 (story shot on D70), Final Cut X, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premier,
Avid Pro Tools
 Permanent Resident of the United States.