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Daily Trading Bites

10th January 2018
I Equity Derivatives I

Market Round Up F&O Statistics

Domestic bourses opened on positive note in yesterday’s session but
thereafter nifty continued to trade in narrow band of 30 points with no Nifty Call Put Concentration PU T CA LL

clear direction. From higher levels, profit booking was seen in banking, 10900
telecom, auto and capital goods sector that kept indices under pressure. 10800
However, pullback in last hour of trades helped nifty to close around 10637
with gains of 13 points.


• Nifty fut. saw long accumulation whereas bank nifty fut. added fresh 10500

short positions in yesterday’s session. 10400

• From higher levels profit booking pressure was seen in banking, auto 10300

pharma and telecom sector Major unwinding were seen in stocks like -8 -7 -6 -5 -4 -3 -2 -1 0 1 2 3 4 5
niittech, jet, wockpharma, ifci, rcom and jindalstel. Open Interest (Millions)
• Pcjeweller, ceat, ncc, chennaipetro, bergepaint and dcbbank were
some of the selected stocks that saw long buildup.
• Short positions were initiated in stocks like balkrisind, pageind, nmdc, Nifty Fut. OI Vs PCR
Ni fty OI (Mi lli on s)

rpower, zee and havells.


30 1.8
Markets are expected to open on flat note in today’s session and thereafter

Nifty OI
will trade in narrow band of 10610-10660 levels. On higher side, nifty will

see minor resistance around 10660-10680 and from those levels profit 1.3
booking can be seen. However, overall sentiment remains bullish and any 20
dips towards 10550-10500 levels can be used to initiate fresh long
positions. 15 0.8
2-Jan 3-Jan 4-Jan 5-Jan 8-Jan 9-Jan
ambujacem, Recommendation
Nifty Futures Support / Resistance
Script Action Initiation Target SL
IGL SELL Around 326 314 330 RESISTANCE 10665 10683
ASAINPAINT BUY Above 1200 1233 1185 SUPPORT 10620 10594

FII Action ( Rs. Crores)

Buy Sell Net(Cr) OI (Cr.) Gainers / Losers
Index Fut. 1355.70 1064.04 291.66 18307.70 Top OI Gainer
Index Opt. 40308.39 40410.16 -101.77 67010.07
OI Price OI
Stock Fut. 9819.54 9459.24 360.30 71518.34 Scrip Cl. Price
Stock Opt. 6965.25 7142.71 -177.46 6943.67 Chg. Chg. %Ch
Total 58449 58076 373 163780 BALKRISIND 1181.2 296000 -28.2 27.0
PAGEIND 24115.2 6650 -393.4 17.8
NMDC 154.6 4404000 -7.7 15.2
Most Active Nifty Options
CUMMINSIND 938.9 82800 -24.1 15.0
Strike Option Contract Open
Scrip RPOWER 57.5 8047000
Price Type Traded Interest -4.3 14.0
NIFTY 10600 PE 170057 3588075 Top OI Loser / Least Gainers
NIFTY 10500 PE 146297 6928200 SREINFRA 107.2 -1755000 3.8 -7.9
NIFTY 10700 CE 135150 3908550
ARVIND 466.7 -928000 17.2 -11.0
Most Active Stock Options
PVR 1488.7 -64800 19.4 -11.1
RELIANCE 940 CE 6603 1999000
RELIANCE 960 CE 6403 2454000 NIITTECH 690.9 -100500 -14.4 -11.3
TATAMOTORS 450 CE 5919 3901500 UBL 1147.7 -727300 -9.9 -29.2

Sector OI Change

OI ( Millions)



Capital Goods


Oil & Gas







Se ctors OI Change

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Daily Trading Bites
I Equity Derivatives I



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