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Assessment Task

Template for Task 3 - Observing a Maths Lesson

Teacher (activity and Student (activity and Purpose / objective of the

Activity Time Interaction
actual language used) actual language used) activity

T-SS T explains the StS work in a group but To check StS

Group SS-SS activity, and moves each student answers understanding.

Worksheet 15 around to check individually on a

min answers. question based on her StS are not afraid of
level ‘’color’’. Then the asking their mates if they
entire group can don’t know something
correct the mistakes of StS can teach each other
their groupmates and
explain what is the
correct way of doing it.

T-SS T explains the S solve equations To check each S’s

Solving S-T Equations alone understanding with no

Equations 9 min T moves around and S shows her work to help,and if they need any

Individually check their answers. the T to check. help to improve.

Online T-SS T reads the StS solve the equation StS enjoy having online

game SS-T Questions StS hold their cards up games it is a fun way to

11 T gives four options so the T scans to check learn and to track

( Plickers) min to chose which their Answers. students Understanding.

answer is correct
T scans the answers
with an Ipad